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  1. Akis

    GPD XD and Launchbox

    Hey there, Jason if you could look into that as well (when you can of course) that would nice for us. Thanks man.
  2. Akis

    GPD XD and Launchbox

    That sounds good. Let us know if you do so and we will try it and let you know if it worked
  3. Akis

    GPD XD and Launchbox

    No man, sorry, I can check it out though, No need to buy it just for that, perhaps anyone who has it can let us know here...
  4. Akis

    GPD XD and Launchbox

    I get it. Hopefully if the Launchbox can scrape the data in the future on it's own and not through the pc tool, maybe this can solve it. But thanks anyway for your efforts man. It's the original one, I have it for like 2 years or even more. I think now for sale is a model similar to this one called GPD XD+, which is more or less the same specs.
  5. Akis

    GPD XD and Launchbox

    Did that but it automatically recreates the folder as before. Cannot see the one in the external SD, here's what i get..
  6. Akis

    GPD XD and Launchbox

    Hey Jason thanks for replying, I install the app in the main storage of the GPD, then I export my collection as per instructions to my external SD. When I start Launchbox it simply cannot identify where the roms and media is hence there is no platform there to see. If however I move the media and roms to the main storage under the Launchbox folder it recognises them directly. The problem is that when you have a big collection of roms and media, the main storage is hardly enough that's why I prefer to have them on an external sd. Anyone with a GPD can confirm or give advise?
  7. Hello to all, This topic is for all GPD XD users who struggle with the Launchbox app. My biggest problem is that while I install the app normally, when I export my collection to an external SD, launchbox cannot find the games unless they are inside the destination of the app itself. This how my external SD looks like Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks to all and keep up the good work!!
  8. You sir are a true professional! Thank you for listening to all of us. You deserve all the credit in the world for what you do.
  9. Did the same as you did, bought it on my phone, also found it on my purchaced apps on GPD but i get this when I try to install it...
  10. How did you install it on GPD XD? I cannot event find it on Google Store, I also tried through the link on the top of the forum and it says that the devise is incompatible...
  11. I cannot find it on my GPD XD playstore while it shows on my mobile. Anyone might know why?
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