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  1. Hi, I can't remember exactly which theme this first happened in. But I forgot to mention it was only broken after updating to the latest version of LB/BB. It also happens in all themes now, except default, the default theme works fine.
  2. any ideas folks? tried uninstalling launchbox and reinstalling. nothin yet, the only theme that doesn't throw a bunch of these errors is the default theme also this is installed (and was working flawlessly on an external harddrive)
  3. Hi Brad. Thank you muchly for your prompt reply. I switched to the bsnes balanced core and everything is working well now. The snes9x core I was using before was populated correctly, so that not working still confounds me. But I am none the less just happy to be up and running again, cheers mate.
  4. Hi there, I cannot, for the life of me figure out how to get my Snes Library running from my new Retroarch install, but NES is working fine... Everything seems to be pointing to what it should. What am I missing? Thx!
  5. Please forgive me for possibly seeming daft here. But could someone please list the adavantages/reasons one would want to integrate RL with LaunchBox? Im not seeing what makes it worth the hassle when LB seems to handle my needs quite well?
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