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  1. My apologies: I didn't realize that Steam Link was essentially the same thing as Steam's In-Home streaming feature from one PC to another. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Hey all, There may not be a good way to do this, but I wondered if anyone else has had any success with this. I have Launchbox set up on a dedicated box in my family room and it's all set up and running exactly how I want it to. Being a big fan of Steams streaming option, I figured I would try adding Launchbox as a non-steam game on that dedicated PC so I could stream it and run my emulators from my upstairs PC every now and then. It does launch remotely, but the UI seems a little weird. Mouse clicks don't always register, which I can get around. The games launch fine and look fine, but
  3. DOS76 said I even have LaunchBox setup to launch my XBox One app and then use the streaming feature to play my XBox on my PC's. Would you mind telling how you pulled this off? I looked for an EXE or something to point to to do this, but I didn't get very far. This is something that I think would be super rad... ***EDIT*** Sorry for mucking up the internet with redundant info. Looks like you were already kind enough to put this out there: https://www.launchbox-app.com/forum/monkeys/launching-xbox-one-app-from-launchbox Thanks!
  4. Strangely enough, this issue seems to have worked itself out... I can't explain how, but I had just resorted to mapping Alt+F4 to one of the extra buttons on my logitech mouse and that worked well enough. Then today, I just happened to accidentally hit ESC on the keyboard to exit and it totally worked... I didn't change anything, but it works now. Just figured for the sake of anyone else reading this, I just let it marinate for a few days and it works ;)
  5. DOS76 said Do you have that AHK script for Demul? Click tools then manage emulator find Demul in your emulator list then click edit. When the new form opens the third tab is for Auto Hot Key make sure the script is listed there if not paste it there and then try it out. Sorry in advance if you actually know how to navigate through LaunchBox and my step by step directions are unnecessary. No apologies needed: I work in tech support, so I know how it goes! To answer your question, yes, the script is indeed listed there, but still no dice. I am starting to wonder if it's not just spe
  6. Thanks for your help! Unfortunately it still does not appear to be working. I am indeed on a newer build (Build date is 12/22/2015), but I did go back and download the same version as you to test to rule that out and it didn't seem to make a difference. I also tried two other builds just for the sake of being thorough...
  7. Awesome. Thanks! FYI, I am just playing DC games on it. And I am using the v.0.7 Alpha build 221215.
  8. Hello! Loving Launchbox, and I have it working with everything so far with few problems... Except for one: How on earth do I set up Launchbox to exit Demul with the Esc key? I am sure it's something dumb that I am missing. I have googled and googled and I have tried other scripts with Autohotkey than what it automatically sets and still nothing... Truth be told, I don't understand autohotkey at all. Do I need to enable it somewhere or is it already set up? I thought maybe paying for premium would enable the feature, but that does not seem to have helped either (though I am happy to co
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