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  1. Got a question for you sir I seem to be having a lot of trouble with pinball fx3 on exit, my issue is when I exit using the alt f4 technique it pauses and removes the game from big box but it's still in launcbox? Have you seen this? So a follow up is do you suggest using the steam or non steam version are you using rocketlauncher or just bigbox to launch and what type of script do you have to exit? Allot of questions I'm sorry but im haviing a terrible time with this and unfortunately don't see allot of mentions on the post. Thank you
  2. I would love to show a different marquee on top other than the clear logo on top and bottom..that would be awesome
  3. Do you think it would be possible for you to add the marquee show feature to other views other than arcade when displaying the games clear logo? i loaded pinball fx3 and only have clear logos that ive found and it doesnt look good for me when its on the top and bottom...you theme is cool but i was trying to get a look sorta like arcade vs pinball if possible. thank you sir
  4. Can someone please help im trying to go completely go to bigbox without rlauncher but I have to unzip my rom sets and im getting errors when doing so."There are some data after the end of the payload data' . Can someone tell me if this is normal with 7zip or should I unzip these files with a different program and if so which one? This is going to take a long time to get everything done and I don't want to spin my wheels if possible.. please help
  5. Im probably looking over the obvious but can anyone help with some instruction on how to map and or get my steam pinball fx2 and other games to work on my arcade controls. I do not know how to map for the specific windows games and if some one knows that how to get the buttons lit in led blinky for those games. thank you
  6. Yes I had to actually delete the original image but also having problems switching any image like box art ect in big box
  7. for some reason my big box clear logo titles keep reverting back to the original graphics even if I change the theme! I even went into Launchbox/Images/Platforms/Clear Logo renamed the original image put my new image in and some came up and some didn't. I then refreshed the images and it reverted back to the originals. Are the images being used stored somewhere else and cant be changed even if you change the theme and put the images in the clear logo folder, because ive tried with only partial success
  8. Is there a way or maybe something in the works to make a favorites only wheel of all your favorites combined or can you do a favorites only for a platform instead of seeing all the games ?
  9. Was wondering how to exit a game (only have gamecube in dolphin so far) with out seeing please confirm sign do you want to stop current emulation ...just don't know what or how to stop a game to go to another smoothly
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