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  1. Hi @terryy Correct, I have some extra files that need to be dropped into the theme for those back end views to display correctly. Its one spot I wish the devs would fix for vertical users, as the backend is practically un-usable with the default settings. Either that or ask @y2guru to issue a module in the theme creator that addresses this. He is very busy keeping up with the other BigBox stuff so I can't fault him for not doing anything with it. Open the zip here (unblock it first) and drop the files into the root of the Vertical Aspirations theme. Keep in mind, you'll need to do this each time you publish with the theme creator as it over-writes the whole folder each time it publishes the theme. Another option is to download @C-Beats TrueVert theme and pull out the nessessary backend views from that and use those if you want something different. His looks like the default backend stuff but text is centered and fits on the screen. I'll send you a seperate note about the 2 screen mod. Vertical Aspirations - Theme Extras.zip
  2. Sorry, I don't mean to hijack the thread with my stuff. I'm just excited for marquees!
  3. Can be done in the community theme creator already. The problem with banners though is there is no standard size, where marquees are mostly all in a similar size/ratio. Not a huge problem if you grab the right media. On the flip side, there are no platform marquee images. This requires platform banners to be used as platform marquees. Not a deal breaker, but it does make theme creation with platform marquees interesting. Below are a few marquee views I've been working on. Platform Marquees 2022-01-08 19-01-42.mp4 Games View Marquees with Video marquees, image marquees, and Platform Banner/marquee fallback if neither image or video exists 2022-01-08 19-05-17.mp4
  4. Nice to see Marquees getting some love!
  5. Hey sorry to bug you but you had  an old post on this thread; 

    I'm trying to do the same thing (at least i think).  I have an arcade system within Launchbox, under that I have both Arcade platform (FBNEO roms) and MAME (MAME2003 roms).  Is there a way to move the "MAME" platform roms into "ARCADE" without using the FBNEO core?  I see you did this, but wouldn't changing the platform for MAME to arcade also move it over to FBNEO core and prevent those roms from then booting?


    Any feedback is appreciated.


    1. JaysArcade


      So you have two platforms, one called Arcade with FBNEO roms. The other platform is called MAME and it uses MAME2003 roms?

      You should be ok to move them. Launchbox keeps track of which emulator is associated with each ROM regardless of Platform. Why don't you try to move a few over and see what happens?

      I'm at work so I'm doing this from memory. I think you just right click a title in Launchbox and click edit (or select several or all titles in a platform and right click and edit) and click the Platform field (or maybe its called change platform). This will let you change the platform that rom is displayed in without changing the emulator it uses. I might be over-simplifying how to do it but that is it in a nutshell.

      You can do this the other way as well. Say you have a platform set up, lets use Nintendo64 as an example. You have it set up so all N64 roms open with Project 64. You notice a few roms don't work properly. You can set up a second emulator like Mupen64 that you know the rom works with. You go into the platform, select those roms you want to change and right click and find the edit option. Once the edit opens select the emulator field and you can change just those roms to open with Mupen64 without changing the Platform they are in. 

      Not too hard. Give it a shot.

  6. Ha! Issue 43. Perfect name for this conversion!
  7. @mobius006 check your inbox for the modded theme. If anyone else wants to try it out, let me know. It uses banners where the marquees usually go on the primary screen and includes a marquee platform and games view for the secondary display if using a marquee monitor. Nothing groundbreaking, but definitely new to this theme.
  8. I can certainly add a custom marquee view for that resolution or whatever that screen ratio equates to. As for the banner image ratios/resolutions, that is a big problem with that image type as there is no standard size or ratio for banners. Its actually an issue for my theme as Platforms do not have Marquees so I had to use Banner Images. I had to create a bunch of suitably sized images for the platforms/playlists and include them in the theme. If there is a banner that is square shaped, depending on how the default marquee view is programmed, it will probably shrink down to fit the narrow monitor as I assume the image is not being stretched to fit (which would look weird too). Try using stretch instead of fill in the default marquee view you edited. At any rate, knowing that banners are all shaped weird, your best bet is probably to source your own banner images that are more arcade marquee shaped (or create your own like you did with the marquees). Marquee Priority is a relatively new thing that came out two or three months ago. What that does is if the theme calls for a marquee, it will look at the marquee priority and will send a marquee to the screen. If there is no marquee, the next image type in the marquee priority will be sent. I'm at work so I can't see my Launchbox to know for sure, but I think the next default is banner images - I could be wrong about that though. Previously, Marquee image type was buried in the box front image priorities. This made theming anything with a marquee difficult, as box front images would be displayed unless everything in box front priorities except for Arcade Marquee was turned off. What I foresee being a problem is marquee priorities taking over anything I try to do in regards to adding banners in a second area of the theme as marquee priorities will take over. This might require some creative stuff on my part to get it to work the way you want. From a theme development point of view, image priorities can be a major headache sometimes. With the marquees showing in two places and sometimes randomly, I'm willing to bet they were marquee images that you had a multiple quantity - like Super Mario, Super Mario-01, Super Mario-02. If you have multiple different images named the same like that, BigBox will randomly select from those and display whichever one it picks. In order for you to have a banner on the primary screen and a marquee on the second screen will require the theme to be programmed that way. I think you just got lucky with a few of those in that you had multiple different versions of that image named that way. Maybe tonight when I get home if I have some free time, I will try to bang out a version for you that uses a banner on the bottom and a marquee view for the secondary display.
  9. I'm glad you like it! You want to be able to use the banners pulled from the \Launchbox\Images\(platform)\Banner folder instead of \Launchbox\Images\(platform)\Arcade - Marquee folder? So a banner would be at the top of the primary screen instead of the marquee when displaying games? I'm curious, how are you displaying a marquee on a second screen? I never programmed a marquee view into the the theme. OR - are you saying you want nothing at all displayed at the top of the primary screen and you don't currently have anything (marquee view) displayed on a second monitor but would like to? If this is the case, what would go at the top of the primary screen where the marquee currently is? A blank space? If we're talking about the whole screen being moved up to fill the gap left behind from the marquee no longer being at the top of the primary screen, that would require practically making a whole new theme altogether. I've been hesitant to create a dedicated (second screen) marquee view because there is no standard size marquee screen out there. In my mind, it should be a thin horizontal monitor to more closely mimic a real arcade marquee. Unfortunately these are pretty hard to come by. I'm kind of at a loss as to how to create a decent marquee view that is suitable for everyone. Luckily, the Marquee View (on a second screen) is pretty simple to do. I could create several different sizes and add them as a separate download. You pick the one you want and just drop the .xaml file into the theme and go. This would probably be pretty easy to do and I am willing to do it, but I don't want to chase my tail trying to do something custom not knowing exactly how you need it set up. Give me some more details as to what you're looking for and I'll see what I can do.
  10. Wow, this is pretty nice. I've built a few cabinets in my time but this is next level stuff. Looks great!
  11. Excellent update! Just for fun I tried creating a cocktail theme a few months back but obviously I didn't get very far. This will expand the usefulness of BigBox to a whole new subset of power users and theme creators.
  12. This is a really cool new plugin. I had high hopes that I would be able to get it to work with this jukebox software that only runs in 4:3 format, but it doesn't appear that reshade will work with it. I don't think it uses D3D11/12, OpenGL or Vulkan. Not sure what it uses to be honest. In the past I was able to set a bezel for this with Rocketlauncher but I left that program a while ago. Here is a demo of the jukebox I made a few years ago with the bezel using Rocketlauncher. Here it is without the bezel I made for it (or much media loaded for that matter). Is it a lost cause for me to attempt to get reshade to work with something like this? Sorry if I sound like a noob but I really don't know much about reshade.
  13. Nice! I've used PBX recorder in the past. I think he had a FP recorder as well if I remember correctly. It will be nice to have this plugin directly within LaunchBox so I don't have to manually go through each table, although, at this point I've pretty much got all my videos created except for new tables that I install occasionally. Thanks for this!
  14. I was able to update RetroArch and associated cores last night. I tested a few systems and everything seemed to be in good working order. Good update so far. I like the new menu organization, but it might take a bit to get used to it.
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