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  1. I'm excited for pause screens, but this will come in handy on my cab.
  2. Thanks. I hope you still add the pause to resume thing. WL would be just about perfect for me at that point!
  3. OMG! It works! So I didn't realize I couldn't just drop the old plugin in a folder named old and leave it in the plugins folder while I tested out the new one. I do this kind of thing a lot when I test new stuff, but I guess Bigbox was picking up the dll anyways. It didn't even dawn on me this could be the issue. I was thinking the plugin needed to be in a certain path to be picked up. Sorry I wasted your time (again). It's working great now, thanks! This log looks a lot better. WL 2019-03-21 20-57-56.txt
  4. OK. Just downloaded the older RetroArch 1.7.2 and tried that. I got the exact same results. I tried the 64 bit and the 32 bit versions to see if that was maybe doing somthing weird but they both did the same thing. Maybe you will see something in my configs or logs that ive set up incorrectly. I give up for now.
  5. OK. Just tested again. Saves work. Loads work. Reset game works. Just not getting the game to pause with the pause menu. I added the relevant files here for you to look at. Next thing I'm going to try is a different version/revision of RetroArch. BTW, the genesis_plus_libretro config file is the one used in the test with this log file. The other cores do the same thing however. No pause when pause menu opens. Ao.Bigbox.Dropins.dll.config RETROARCH.cfg WL 2019-03-20 19-50-45.txt genesis_plus_gx_libretro.cfg
  6. OK I get that. The reason I made the pause key in Retroarch the same was because the pause menu key was bringing up the pause menu but it was not actually pausing the game. I could still hear the game running in the background. This was sort of a work-around. I think I need a flowchart to understand how this all works. Below is my understanding of how it is supposed to work. Open a game. |____Wootlauncher runs fade screen and Retroarch or (insert emulator here) game opens. |____Press Pause key(s) assigned in Ao.Bigbox.Dropins.dll.config - Alt+A |____ Wootlauncher checks for Retroarch.cfg in wootlauncher config folder. Wootlauncher sees that +p is set as HK_PAUSE and sends shift + p to Retroarch to pause game and simultaneously brings up pause menu - assuming shift is the hotkey set up in Retroarch. |____ Pause key (Alt+A) is pressed again to exit pause. |____ Wootlauncher checks the Retroarch.cfg in wootlauncher config folder. Wootlauncher sees that +p is set as HK_RESUME and sends shift + p to Retroarch to unpause retroarch and simultaneously closes pause menu. It seems like there is a disconnect in the Woot RetroArch.cfg. No actual pausing, no f11 mouse hiding, etc. Perhaps I'm over thinking this whole thing? Maybe I need to test with a different RetroArch build and see if it captures the +p as the pause key when Alt+A is pressed, assuming i set p as the pause key and shift as the hotkey in RetroArch. It wouldn't be a timing thing would it? Like it might need a 300ms delay after Alt+A is pressed to submit the +p to Retroarch? That would be great! I just need one key to pause and unpause, but others might need a combo. The same with the exit scenario in the past. I don't want to have to navigate the pause menu to go back to the game when I can just press my dedicated pause button. OK I think I get it. Bigbox is noting when the button combo is pressed and sends the keyboard equivalents of whatever is set up in BigBox (PageDn^PageUp^Select^Back+Up). Woot notices that key combo is pressed and runs the pause menu. At least I think that is how it works. But actually now Woot Launcher lets me set that as something else if I don't happen to have BigBox.
  7. I'm not really sure where to begin. I guess I should first say thanks for making whatever exit key I set, close the game and bring up the exit screen. It works great. Pause Menu and actually pausing the game: The problem I'm having is it seems that no matter what I set my pause keys to, I can't seem to get the behavior I think I should be getting. I thought it was working for me as expected before the update, but after troubleshooting over the last couple days and reverting back to the 1.1 plugin, I'm not so sure. For example, I'm in game, I have all the pause keys set up, using either the default Alt+A like you have yours, or I set them to something better suited to my cabinet's control panel (the actual keyboard pause key). I can get your pause screen to come up, but I still hear the game playing in the background. I can edit the specific Retroarch config file which in this case is genesis_plus_gx_libretro.cfg for the pause key to actually use pause instead of the p key (for some reason I have to edit the config file for this to work because when I do it in retroarch itself, when I try to map the pause key, it thinks I am mapping numlock. I hate retroarch, LOL). When I do this, I can get the game to pause AND the pause menu comes up. I believe this is how I had this set up before the 1.2 update. The problem now is the resume key I have set in the Woot Retroarch config, doesn't seem to do anything. Well actually, now I hear the game start but the pause Menu is still active. I still have to hit the enter key on my keyboard when I have the resume button highlighted to be brought back to the game. Something just seems off like there is a dis-connect with the hotkeys that are set up in the Woot custom config for Retroarch. I've also noticed when I start a Retroarch game, the f11 hotkey to hide the mouse doesn't seem to be doing anything, so this tells me the other hotkeys aren't doing what they are supposed to be doing either, like the +p to pause +p to resume. I do have the RequireCfgs set to true in Ao.Bigbox.Dropins.dll.config. I have also set the shift hotkey in Retroarch and tried the +p in the configs like your example but it still doesn't seem to do anything. I don't have any AHK scripts set up for Retroarch within the emulator settings in Launchbox so there is no conflict there. I'm completely at a loss how to get it to work correctly. Controller: I haven't really bothered yet with the controller other than to determine that the Xbox 360 controller appears to not have any button IDs for the guide button. Even in windows calibration no buttons light up when I hit the guide button. I seem to recall this being an issue in the past for the 360 controller and a lot of people were saying to use Controller Companion to program the guide button. Controller Companion is $3 and is available on the Steam store. I tried it last night just to see how it worked and I'm quite impressed. You can assign whatever you want to the guide button, which in my case will probably be the pause key. Since I have a cabinet and dedicated control panel, trying to set a controller to also work to control what you see on screen in addition to the control panel joystick and buttons can make things difficult. But I'd like to get it going if possible. I can start playing a game with the control panel and pick up the controller and play with that, set the controller down and go back to the control panel, etc. I'm just trying to get all menus I see on my cab to work in similar fashion. To be honest, the first thing a person sees when they walk up to my cabinet is the control panel. Setting up a controller in BigBox has never been on the radar so I think I need to read up on how it works a bit. Am I correct in assuming Woot Launcher uses whatever is set up in Bigbox for the buttons? I guess I'm having trouble understanding how "PageDn^PageUp+Up … buttons (as defined within BigBox) corresponding to PageDn and (^) PageUp are held down, then (+) the button mapped to Up is depressed" works. Is this what Bigbox is doing and Woot is just piggybacking off of the BigBox function somehow? I'm not as worried about the controller as it's just something I need to figure out. The pause thing though has me baffled.
  8. Just a guess, but have you tried mapping it as a keyboard instead of a controller?
  9. To disable the guide button in Steam, open Steam and click View then click Settings. In the Settings Dialog, click General Controller Settings and un-check the GUIDE BUTTON FOCUSES STEAM checkbox. Click Back and then OK. Steam will prompt you that it needs to restart for setting to take effect.
  10. OK thx. I did some looking around and it looks like it uses 13 as the controller ID. I think the guide button might do something with the windows game bar as well which potentially needs to be disabled.
  11. If I get to it I will try it. Gotta figure out what that button ID is first. I know if Steam is running in the background, pressing the guide button opens it. I'm sure there is a way to disable that though. I'll look into it.
  12. Thanks! Looking forward to trying it out when I get a chance. Question, Just curious, does the "custom mapped "function" buttons, e.g., activate pause menu via DS4's PS-logo button" work with the Xbox 360/ XBOne controllers with the xbox guide button as well? Maybe this was already a feature and I didn't realize it.
  13. I know this is an old post but someone else might need the info. The AAE page says "run AAE.EXE to start the built-in GUI, or aae gamename to run a specific game. " In order to do that, go into manage emulators, select Another Arcade Emulator and click edit. Click the use file name only without extension or folder path..... That's it. Once a game loads you can press tab to get to the menu.
  14. Hey thanks for the reply. Yeah, that would totally be useful. Not sure if you could also make the exit screen work on exit vs pause then exit. Not a deal breaker though. Thanks again. I'll look into letting mame run those bezels.
  15. So I tried this guy's dll and ahk for focus issues and it did the trick for me. Maybe not the most elegant fix, but it works. @jayjay is no relation BTW. LOL. Thanks for the utility @jayjay.
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