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  1. Here are a couple more. bally_astrocade.cfg emerson_arcadia.cfg
  2. Few more obscure ones. NEC-PC-FX.cfg NEO-GEO-AES.cfg
  3. Couple more I made in the Zaazu format. Intellevision.cfg ScummVM.cfg
  4. Not really, but I guess you could. It would be better in my opinion if Launchbox had better capabilities to run things like pinball with correct database entries and third (and fourth) monitor support without needing to launch a second frontend to run those systems properly. Sadly, I'm afraid its too niche for Jason's taste to give it the attention it deserves. To launch a single program without going through multiple menus is something I've wanted for a long time too, but I'm not holding my breath for it to ever happen.
  5. No. But this is another good example why I would like to be able to launch a single app from the main wheel @Jason Carr. The Pinball Arcade is notoriously hard to launch each table individually. I would just launch the whole program.
  6. Well I haven't messed around with mine in a while, but I don't recall having that issue when exiting tables.
  7. Let me know if you want anything tested. I'm on a Pixel 2 with 128 gigs of ram.
  8. Yeah home button support has been problematic for me in the past. This is good to see.
  9. Try changing the video driver (gl, vulkan, d3d12, etc) in RetroArch and see if it makes any difference with full screen vs fullscreen windowed. What video card do you have out of curiosity? I was having some weird issues with an integrated Intel video. I threw an old nVidia 750ti in and my problems have gone away in regards to the fullscreen vs full screen windowed stuff. If you only have an intel, don't select Vulkan or RA will crash and you'll have to open the RA config file to fix it. The gl driver looked the best on my intel card but it had a few issues with certain cores like bezel support and the like. Its something to try I guess.
  10. I put this together to show VPX running from BigBox. Sorry for the hum. Not the best mic in the world
  11. Thanks. I hope it gains some traction this go round.
  12. Jason, Please consider launching an exe from the main wheel in Bigbox an option on the poll. This is something that has always been possible with Hyperspin and I think it would be a really good addition. Not really sure how it would work in Launchbox though so that would be something to figure out. Do you still think this is something that should be done via a plugin?
  13. I always do things the hard way, LOL. I do drag and drop images in the edit dialog of roms though. Then click the dropdown and select clear logo or game play screen, etc to match the media type. I wish I could do that with videos. Well now that I think of it, I haven't actually tried dragging and dropping a video so maybe it does that already? Hmmm, I'll have to try it later.
  14. That's weird. I had never used drag and drop before last night. I read about it yesterday and thought I would try it. I successfully dragged several (25 or 30) VPX files into LB and it imported them all. I was on the latest beta. Pretty cool feature but not something I would have expected Launchbox to be capable of.
  15. Thanks. The playfield is 27 inch, the backglass is 19" and the DMD is a 7 inch. Besides the PC and monitors, it has a 7.1 surround sound for SSF (Surround Sound Feedback), Two power supplies, one of which powers the LED Matrix and the other powers the strobes, beacon, Led Wiz and other toys. Besides the PC speakers in the backbox, there are also two 2.1 mini amps that power the other speakers and sub below the playfield for the Surround Sound Feedback. A lot of the other guys that build real size pins will also include other toys like shakers, fans, chimes, knockers, solenoids, among other things to simulate real feel and sounds coming from their cabs. With my mini setup, I didn't have room for any of that so I was pleased to find the SSF stuff simulates that stuff pretty well. When the ball hits the bumpers you can hear AND feel it coming from the table. Its pretty insane. There is also an accelerator type board (KL25Z Pinscape) in the cab that feels motion so you can bump the table and see the ball move. It's really neat. For what it's worth, the frontend on the table is not Launchbox/Bigbox, but I think with some work and a good theme, @Jason Carr could easily make Bigbox cabinet ready. I'm really just showing the video to demonstrate what a proper pinball cabinet is capable of. I do have Visual Pinball set up on my BigBox arcade cabinet playing tables in landscape mode. I'll try to post some video of that next. Possibly this evening if I get time.
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