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  1. Well done chaps I really do like Cujo design I'll buy that one hehe although I really dont like jmdbcool design , personal preference please dont kill me lol ! Cujo you owe me $20 for the order i'll be making it's your fault ! lol
  2. True dos yeah apologies forgot to mention that.
  3. I'll give some input on this subject as Windows is something I am very experienced in. I was a beta tester for windows 10 from the start and my cousin is a big shot at microsoft so i'll give honest feedback. In regards to security issues in Windows 10 there is very few so not sure in what regards you talking about here but I can confirm that there is now a lot of security issues present in windows 7 due to various things. Windows 10 in my opinion is the best OS ever , Windows 7 will always be fantastic but now the tide has turned. Windows 10 is a lot faster firstly , no software required to mount iso's ( it's built in ). Windows store is still rather lackluster and Microsoft know this. I would honestly tell you to upgrade to Windows 10. Install Webroot Antivirus ( I highly recommend ). Do not touch IE use microsoft Edge which is progressing nicely and also pop on chrome but take chrome with a pinch of salt as lot of cpu hogging in the current version ( It's my main browser ). Then I would install Launchbox , Kodi and have a lot of fun. Anything else just ask. Darren
  4. scree said Hi Darren. There are lots of emulators out there for the Spectrum. The best by far is Spectaculator. Unfortunately, this emulator comes with a price tag. You can use it on a 30 day fully enabled free trial. If you decide to buy, you have a choice of buying the current version or buying it with lifetime updates. You could also try a selection of free emulators and then make your mind up. Thanks Scree really appreciate it I shall check that out :D
  5. Good afternoon guys. Today I wish to add the final system I wish to play into my Launchbox collection but it is the one thing I have no experience in when it comes to emulation of it. The system in question is the Spectrum. Now the spectrum brings a lot of memories back to me as it's when my grandparents were alive and I used to play it up there house every day , a specific game was fruit machine simulator. I used to play it for hours upon hours with my superb grandad. I just wish to know which is best emulator to go with in regards to the spectrum and any specific things I should be doing when setting up with launchbox. Thanks as always Darren
  6. Regarding my idea - the t-shirt is just a template I found. The font is royalty free as is the lightning strike. I have the files on my pc. And nice ideas Cujo also I like I like :D I'm gonna need $100 to buy all these dam t-shirts behave Cujo haha :P
  7. Ok guys as I said not the best with art / design stuff ( about the only thing in IT I am not trained in lol ) . Anyways here is another idea of mine , ( I tried ) , a simplistic design which I like. Sorry if it's not up too scratch lol.
  8. Good evening friends. I have not been here very long but my time with the software , the forum and the Launchbox team has been nothing but pleasant. Just wanted to say a big thank you to the whole Launchbox team and the community for being so welcoming and designing such a user friendly and fantastic piece of software. I am yet to get premium but only because I dont have much money so purchases are far and few between at this point in my life due to various reasons. But I hope when I have the cash in the near future to upgrade to premium and check out the big box feature which looks fantastic. Once again thanks everyone and keep building not only the great software but the great community. Darren
  9. Jason Carr said Nice! That is an awesome idea. :) Thanks Jason hopefully someone with an arty brain can bring it to life for me :D
  10. In regards to a design. I am not very good at computer based design but still would like to say what my idea is for a t-shirt. I would like the box you currently use in centre of t-shirt , then a rocket coming out of it with sparks coming out of bottom of the box. Then above the rocket in an arc shape the words Launch Box in a Modern Font. I would choose red for the rocket. Sorry not very good at explaining things sometimes lol but I have tried.
  11. I think it's a great idea and gets people involved in a little something for fun. It's little things like this rthat can give people confidence too. Well done team.
  12. DOS76 said No it really isn't that hard it can feel very overwhelming at first but you are basically just assembling it the documentation that comes with your board will tell you everything you need to know. I'm assuming this will be your first build just follow the directions especially the one about not popping of the cover that goes over the CPU slot I missed that one on my first build and then the board didn't work. I'm not sure if I did anything to it or if it was DOA but I haven't had any problems with boards other than the one that I made that mistake with. Thanks for the confidence lol i'll be honest I understand all the different parts it's only what wires go in what places I dont , so as long as there is some type of guidance in the instructions I should be be fine i believe.
  13. DOS76 said Yeah a few years ago they were prohibitively expensive but since then the prices have started to drop (I got 2 480GB ones over Christmas for $150 per). Now I'm waiting for the PCIe SSD's to come down in price as they are supposedly much faster than the SATA III versions. Wow $150 that really is cheap ! We certainly cant beat them prices here in the UK right now lol. I'll probably turn to someone like yourself to help me build the dam thing when it comes around to it via skype or something as known my luck i'll blow the thing up lmao.
  14. FastFeet said Still down....... Yeah pal I keep checking every hour or so. Cant beleive it's still down tbh and cant get any contact with them on fb or twitter. Very strange.
  15. DOS76 said SSD is a must have upgrade (In my opinion) for every computer. If you don't install a lot of programs you could probably get away with 120GB which would be even cheaper (not maybe cheap enough to justify the loss of space though). Well Programs I have are kodi , my emulators , antivirus etc I never have a load , less than 15. I think the SSD is definately something i'll go towards the more you talk about it as looking at the prices now they seem relatively decent.
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