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  1. @Jason Carr I have two request for small things that can make managing LB a whole lot easier. The first is adding a "Manual Path" column on the audit platform interface that acts just like the "Video Path" column. I have many game manuals but am also missing plenty and there's currently no easy way to check which manuals I'm missing without painstakingly opening the edit window and checking manual path for every single game. This would be a quick fix I believe. Secondly, I have lots of images for games I imported and deleted and also have no way of removing them or the videos and manuals associated with them when I decide to remove games from my library. Can you add an option where once you delete a game from your library on top of the pop-up asking you if you'd like to delete the rom associated with the game, also give an option asking to delete all media associated with the game (images, manual, videos and additional applications)? Maybe another idea would be allowing you to audit your files associated with a platform and any media that isn't associated with a game would then be deleted. Both would be ideal. Loving 8.0 so far and these two small additions would make managing my LB collection SO much easier. Can't wait to see what features you have on the next poll.
  2. I wanted to report a bug. It seems that when you go to the separate view types (i.e. View Genres, View Developers, View Series etc.) the alphanumeric shortcuts get stuck on the first instance of a value beginning with the word "The". I've got two examples of this below. The first is when I scroll through the View Developer option, it gets stuck on "The Edge". The next issue is under the View Series option where I get stuck on the developer "The Addams Family". As you can see, even though I'm currently on the letters M and J and in the examples above, I'm stuck on the first instance of a value beginning with "The". When I scroll down to the letter U, it automatically fixes this problem. Therefore the issue is that it recognizes values that begin with "The" as beginning with the letter T, not E for "The Edge" or A for "The Addams Family" and it won't fix itself until the next letter value U appears. I've tried doing with with "A" and "An" prefixes, but this issues seems to only happen with the "The" prefix. This happens for all of the view types. Can you please fix this? Edit: Just created a BitBucket ticket for this issue if you care to look: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/3590/alphanumeric-navigation-glitched-on-view
  3. @Styphelus lol idk either. @ETAPRIME can you make this your next tutorial please?
  4. To be honest, I can see how some can be disappointed by this, but I'm not for two reasons: 1) Jason is a business man so he wants to maximize his profit. There's nothing wrong with that. He can double his money by making more software and therefore make LaunchBox better because he can reinvest that into the business. 2) He said he's going to hire Vlansix full-time by the end of the year so he'll have another highly skilled programmer working full-time. Remember, Jason was doing all of the programming solo just a few months ago. At the end of the day, this will appeal to many more people. Emulation is great, but it is something technical that you as a consumer need to learn in order to benefit from it. Music is something that has a higher potential audience. I want Big Box to be as good as possible, but there is a great business opportunity for this so I don't mind him pursuing it.
  5. @neil9000 Thanks for the link. This looks like a great resource. Gonna have a busy weekend
  6. @damageinc86 I've considered taking the dive into RocketLauncher. Not gonna lie, I'm a little intimidated. I know that there's a universal pause button, native PDF viewer and really good save state support. I'm not the most technically savvy and I need to upgrade my PC. It's a crappy 32-bit Windows 7. Do you need a high-end PC, and would you suggest using RocketLauncher in my case? If so, is there a tutorial series that you recommend? It'd be a fun weekend project.
  7. @neil9000 Thanks for the help anyways! @damageinc86 I agree. You kind of have to deduce from the video tutorials what the commands do. There needs to be a master command line thread. I want to know every trick I can use in LB to have the best experience possible.
  8. Lol @neil9000 it's fine. The issue is that the Game Boy gallery games have 10-20 games per cartridge so if you just auto load a save state, then you can only load one state per rom as opposed to multiple states on different LaunchBox titles with the same root rom if you catch my drift. There's another possibility however. I could just copy each game multiple times and load each state from its own individual rom and then create a RetroArch config file that auto loads each save state that I've set up. I'll try that honestly. Sorry if it sounds complex haha. However, does anyone else out there know any other command line parameters for future reference? I just want to know them so I can leverage them if I run into a snag later down the road.
  9. I'm looking to auto-load a save state from RetroArch when I launch a game from LaunchBox. Before anyone asks, I understand that you can set a config file to auto load save states from RetroArch. What I'm trying to do is auto load a save state through the command line parameters field in the edit game window. Just for your curiosity, I created a Game & Watch platform and I prefer to use the Game & Watch gallery games as opposed to the standalone public domain Game & Watch games, due to them having modern versions of the game on the same cartridge. I've created save states for each game instruction screen so that when I load the state, all I have to do is select the game difficulty and play. However, as mentioned before, I want to give RetroArch a command to load the game. Does anyone know the command line parameter to do this? Furthermore, is there a reference someone can point me to that gives all of the available commands you can give LaunchBox? That would be great! I've tried something along the lines of this: -L "states/mGBA/Game & Watch Gallery (U) (V1.0) .state"
  10. After looking at the contents, I agree. It does appear to have a tab on all of the variation in game cartridge and chip types. Thanks a bunch @lordmonkus love your tutorial vids btw.
  11. Hey guys. Working with RetroArch is pretty great. I've got all of my systems working. With the Nestopia core, it works just fine for me, but on RetroArch's wiki it says that it requires NstDatabase.xml for operation. I searched my RetroArch folder and couldn't find this xml file, but everything works fine. What is this file's purpose and do I need it in some instances?
  12. I love the playlists feature. It has so much potential and is completely unique to the front-end scene. However, there is one feature that would make it even better in my opinion. I'm very strict about what games show up in my games list. For instance, I don't like mixing fan made games and prototypes with officially released games, yet a lot of these games are great and I want to play them. It just looks sloppy to me to have hundreds of SNES ROM hacks and homebrews mixed in with the officially released SNES games. What I'm asking @Jason Carr is can you add a feature within the playlists that allows hidden games to populate playlists, BUT nowhere else in LB or BB? You could just add a checkbox when you edit the playlist window that says "Show Hidden Games". This way I can easily access my ROM Hacks or Prototypes from these two playlists and not have it clutter my platforms or any other filters.
  13. This sounds like an awesome idea @davidah! Is this application going to launch native within LB/BB or will it open as a separate window? If you can get it to open native, you should pitch this to Jason. He currently wants to implement an internal PDF viewer in LB/BB, but it's low on his priority list. However, this is high on my priority list and others as well.
  14. @DOS76 Thanks for the reply. I have the game details screen activated and didn't even realize that if I activate additional applications that I can choose which game disc to select. This is great! Thanks for that. However, there is a small issue. I configure the launch game button to my start button and by habit I just hit that button without ever going to the game details screen. I only really go to the game details screen when I want to full-size the video or look at the box art (which is rare). What I'd like to be developed is a screen that pops up when you hit that button that asks you which disc you'd like to select, kind of like what Jason just implemented with allowing people to merge multiple versions of a game together (i.e. PAL, USA and/or Japan releases of the same game) and when selecting them, giving the user the option on which version to play. Ideally, this screen would only pop up when Big Box detects that there are multiple discs to the game that you just launched. Maybe I'm imposing, but I think it'd be a great feature.
  15. I prefer using Big Box over LB because it just looks sexy. However, there are two missing functionalities in Big Box that are found in LB and have been for a few months, but haven't found their way into the premium version. First, there's no way in Big Box to select which disc you want on multi-disc games. Some emulators don't have a switch disc button either so there's no way to possibly play the second disc if you have the game listed as one entry in Big Box. I have to unlock by Big Box app and switch to desktop mode which is no bueno on the HTPC that I use. Second, there's no way to structure your platform categories like you can in LaunchBox. I currently have all arcade systems nested under "Arcade", all consoles under "Consoles", Handhelds under "Handhelds" and old school PCs under "Computers". However, in Big Box all of the platform just simply appear in a long list. I understand extra development is needed to make both of these things functional in BB, but I just wanted to bring it up in case it was an oversight. Thanks for a great product
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