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  1. Thanks @Lordmonkus I saw you posted in another thread about the differences between PC emulation and MiSTer. What is your preferred method of emulation. Didn't you say it's like a quantity (PC emulators) vs quality (MiSTer) argument? Is playing on MiSTer as good as original hardware in your opinion?
  2. Thanks for the response. Is it possible to get LB to run on a Mister one day or is that a complete pipe dream?
  3. I've been a LB user for about five years now and love everything about LB/BB and don't think there's a better front-end out there. However, last night I watched Simply Austin's latest video regarding the different options for retro gaming in 2020 and beyond: He mentioned FPGA which upon further research is amazing. Hardware emulation vs software emulation is something I never really considered although I was aware of Everdrives and whatnot. The long and short of it is that I'm fascinated by the king of FPGA machines which is the MiSTer FPGA. I don't know how familiar mos
  4. There seems to be an odd new glitch that doesn't allow multi-disc games to open. It seems to only be problematic on CD based games that are in the CUE or CHD file formats. For example, multi-version roms as additional apps seem to be opening fine, but all of my disc-based games are in CHD so for example Night Trap won't open because it's a multi-disc game. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? This problem has only occurred with the latest version of LaunchBox. For the time being, I'm just going to delete the other discs as additional applications, because that's the only way the game
  5. Hey geys. Just wanted to point out a potential alphanumerical sorting issue that's only specific to only LaunchBox, not BigBox. Here are the images I've captured because pictures speak 1,000 words: As you can see, when looking through the filters, the word "The" is still in the T section meaning that alphanumerical sorting isn't functioning for the filters view in LaunchBox. In this example, the issue occurs within the Series and Developer filter. The same issue is shown when selecting the Audit tool. The platform is the Sega Genesis in this example. I'm requesting
  6. Hey all, love switching between themes in Big Box, but I don't know how to disable a few views that I don't particularly care for. Does anyone know a way to do this? I use CritizalZoneV2 - BlueBox and tried to remove the views I didn't like from the views folder, but it just made those views look weird. Is there a setting to disable which views I don't like or is there a more technical way to do it?
  7. It seems to be a problem with CriticalZone in particular. It didn't work with any of those theme variations. I haven't downloaded any other themes so I can't tell you honestly.
  8. Hey @Jason Carr. It's been a while since I've reached out. First of all, wanted to say that LB/BB has become in my eyes almost a complete product. There's nothing anything else I could ask for. Hats off to you. You've done a spectacular job in the last couple of years. There's only one small bug that's not that important, but I thought I'd share it with you nonetheless. When using the filters to find games using Genres, Developers, Publishers, Play Modes, Versions etc. and using one of the three Horizontal Wheel game views, if you select a game list under one of the filters, the initial s
  9. Jason. I can confirm that the pause screen works in fullscreen mode on my Windows 10 PC. It's simply an issue with the Windows 7 operating system it seems. Problem solved. Thanks for your help. Just note that the pause screen has problems on Windows 7 PCs in RetroArch.
  10. Yeah I have that setting checked. I have a Windows 10 PC that I can try to transfer my LB setup over to and I'll test it there, but I just wanted to give you a heads up in case you think it's something worthy of investigating on Windows 7 PCs in particular.
  11. @Jason Carr Hey Jason. It's been a while since I said hello. Loving the new additions to LB/BB. You are truly a wizard Just wanted to report a bug I'm encountering on using the pause screen within RA. For some reason the pause screen isn't working when I go into full-screen mode within RA, but it works perfectly fine outside of full-screen mode. I've re-downloaded the latest version of RA just to make sure that it wasn't a problem with my config files, but the pause screen works completely when the game isn't in full-screen mode for both LB and BB, but full-screen mode somehow overr
  12. Yes sir. I have it enabled. Do you know of any other settings in the video folder that could be affecting my config?
  13. @neil9000 I figured out the problem. There seems to be an error when entering full-screen mode where RetroArch overrides the LB pause screen. Here's some pictures to show you... 1) Launching a game out of full-screen mode to windowed mode: 2) Toggling the pause screen successfully in windowed mode: 3) Changing windowed mode to full-screen mode 4) Attempting the pause screen but it's not working and RA is overriding the controls. As mentioned before, I've disabled all keyboard inputs in RA so it seems to just be a bug I'm encountering when entering full-screen mode and
  14. Yeah man I went through with those settings and couldn't get it to work. Maybe it's because I'm on an old Windows 7 PC lol. I can't figure it out. Oh well
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