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  1. Jason. I can confirm that the pause screen works in fullscreen mode on my Windows 10 PC. It's simply an issue with the Windows 7 operating system it seems. Problem solved. Thanks for your help. Just note that the pause screen has problems on Windows 7 PCs in RetroArch.
  2. Yeah I have that setting checked. I have a Windows 10 PC that I can try to transfer my LB setup over to and I'll test it there, but I just wanted to give you a heads up in case you think it's something worthy of investigating on Windows 7 PCs in particular.
  3. @Jason Carr Hey Jason. It's been a while since I said hello. Loving the new additions to LB/BB. You are truly a wizard Just wanted to report a bug I'm encountering on using the pause screen within RA. For some reason the pause screen isn't working when I go into full-screen mode within RA, but it works perfectly fine outside of full-screen mode. I've re-downloaded the latest version of RA just to make sure that it wasn't a problem with my config files, but the pause screen works completely when the game isn't in full-screen mode for both LB and BB, but full-screen mode somehow overrides the pause screen config, even though all of my settings are correct and I've enabled the check box 'Forceful Pause Screen Activation' within my RA emulator configuration within LB. I've tried everything and have watched ETA Prime's tutorial on the new pause screen feature in his tutorial on your YT channel and followed his instructions exactly. Just for your knowledge, I'm using a Windows 7 64-bit PC, in case that makes any difference. I made a thread about this earlier in case you want more details https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/50731-having-trouble-with-pause-screen/
  4. Yes sir. I have it enabled. Do you know of any other settings in the video folder that could be affecting my config?
  5. @neil9000 I figured out the problem. There seems to be an error when entering full-screen mode where RetroArch overrides the LB pause screen. Here's some pictures to show you... 1) Launching a game out of full-screen mode to windowed mode: 2) Toggling the pause screen successfully in windowed mode: 3) Changing windowed mode to full-screen mode 4) Attempting the pause screen but it's not working and RA is overriding the controls. As mentioned before, I've disabled all keyboard inputs in RA so it seems to just be a bug I'm encountering when entering full-screen mode and not that RA's keyboard controls are overriding my LB configuration. I've tried adjusting all of the other settings in RA and LB, but it seems that the problem is simply full-screen mode in RA. Do you know a workaround Neil or do you think this is a bug that should be reported to Jason to hopefully patch out by next release? Btw don't know if you're an American or not, but happy Independence Day!
  6. Yeah man I went through with those settings and couldn't get it to work. Maybe it's because I'm on an old Windows 7 PC lol. I can't figure it out. Oh well
  7. If you mean the loading game screen with the cartridge and the game over screen then yes, they do work.
  8. Using Tab + Alt does work, but it brings up the same pause menu in my first post. Do you think using a script would solve this issue as a failsafe?
  9. I've enabled it on the controller as the Select (hold button) + Start to enable the game pause. I had it configured to the keyboard for testing purposes and set it to the spacebar. Both work, but with the results on the image shown above,
  10. Yes sir Neil. I have all of those boxes ticked. Btw I noticed within the default folder of pause themes there is an Arcade.xaml file and a Default.xaml file. Is it the case that I need to direct towards the Arcade.xaml file? If so, how?
  11. Hey guys, I'm hyped about the additions of pause screens. LB's constant updates are the reason I think it's the best front end available. However, I'm a bit confused on how to get the pause screens to function the way I like. After watching ETA Prime's tutorial video on getting the pause screen functioning I've gotten it to work, but only in this state: As you can see the pause function works, but it doesn't pull up the menu like in the LB tutorial video. That's what I'm trying to get done. For reference, the only emulator I'm using is RetroArch and I followed the video's instructions to a tee, but with no results. The script Google Docs document also states that RetroArch doesn't need the use of any scripts. Lastly, note that I've disabled all keyboard functions within RetroArch besides opening the RA menu and exiting the program so I can play computer games without accidentally saving/loading states and doing various hotkeys with a keyboard input. Just wanted to note that in case that's the reason something is broken.
  12. @Jason Carr I have two request for small things that can make managing LB a whole lot easier. The first is adding a "Manual Path" column on the audit platform interface that acts just like the "Video Path" column. I have many game manuals but am also missing plenty and there's currently no easy way to check which manuals I'm missing without painstakingly opening the edit window and checking manual path for every single game. This would be a quick fix I believe. Secondly, I have lots of images for games I imported and deleted and also have no way of removing them or the videos and manuals associated with them when I decide to remove games from my library. Can you add an option where once you delete a game from your library on top of the pop-up asking you if you'd like to delete the rom associated with the game, also give an option asking to delete all media associated with the game (images, manual, videos and additional applications)? Maybe another idea would be allowing you to audit your files associated with a platform and any media that isn't associated with a game would then be deleted. Both would be ideal. Loving 8.0 so far and these two small additions would make managing my LB collection SO much easier. Can't wait to see what features you have on the next poll.
  13. I wanted to report a bug. It seems that when you go to the separate view types (i.e. View Genres, View Developers, View Series etc.) the alphanumeric shortcuts get stuck on the first instance of a value beginning with the word "The". I've got two examples of this below. The first is when I scroll through the View Developer option, it gets stuck on "The Edge". The next issue is under the View Series option where I get stuck on the developer "The Addams Family". As you can see, even though I'm currently on the letters M and J and in the examples above, I'm stuck on the first instance of a value beginning with "The". When I scroll down to the letter U, it automatically fixes this problem. Therefore the issue is that it recognizes values that begin with "The" as beginning with the letter T, not E for "The Edge" or A for "The Addams Family" and it won't fix itself until the next letter value U appears. I've tried doing with with "A" and "An" prefixes, but this issues seems to only happen with the "The" prefix. This happens for all of the view types. Can you please fix this? Edit: Just created a BitBucket ticket for this issue if you care to look: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/3590/alphanumeric-navigation-glitched-on-view
  14. @Styphelus lol idk either. @ETAPRIME can you make this your next tutorial please?
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