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  1. I have never looked but is there a way to have a game series tab in launch box in the same area as the platforms ?? wanted to sort and view not just systems or genre but game series as well. Example i want to add a tab for Dragon warrior megaman ,.hack and final fantasy games. Since i have them across different platforms i was wonder if i can add into one category like. platforms series> series title >display megaman: megaman 1-11 megaman x 1-5 zero x 1-6 Shin Megami Tensei : digital devil summoner 1-2 Persona-1-5 digital devil saga 1-2 Dragon Warrior/Quest : Dragon Warrior>display 1-9 Dragon Quest Heroes Final Fantasy : Final Fantasy 1-15 FF spin offs FF portables .dot hack : 1-4 gu 1-3
  2. im reading these from my email so its a bit slower
  3. i was a founding member of RIGG, we dump and translated the majority of the iso's that are out today that have been added into the redumps and darkwater collections. So if you find RIGG iso's you shouldnt have any issues.. i never have and those are the ones i use
  4. do your images run in retro arch outside of launchbox?
  5. actually for turbo/pce RIGG is the best dumps
  6. the game in the picture is most probably an iso...do your run any other emulators that use iso's? sega cd ? neo geo? plays station ? playstation 2 ? can you run a .pce game like legendary axe or bonks adventure that is not an iso ? the other question is do you have the correct super system card 3.0 in the correct retroarch folder
  7. ok then here is the question ..are you running iso's? is this where your failing ?...can you run the regular .PCE files ? I ran into this issue once before where my .iso's where launching with the wrong core . I simply made another folder with retroarch, MANUALLY add it in launchbox (i named it retroarch_pce) in it and installed only that core to run the iso's for my tg16. for some reason retroarch could not tell what iso file is running and kept launching the Sega CD with all my iso's so i have : 1 folder retroarch 1 folder retoarch_pce ---------------------------------------- manually add the second retroarch_pce and specify it only for tg16 ..should work
  8. try adding the -L in the retroach screen , that was the issue i was having
  9. I think it has to do when it deploys... it seems to over something and then it hangs up causing the wipe , i notice some time i have to re-direct my update cause i store it on my d:\ . i have a back up but man it is a pain to restore when you have over 60 systems and 10k+. if you can tell me what steps your looking for i can write it down , i thought my steps above where pretty clear >? A possible different back up method?? my main bet peavy is that all of my snes , nes ,sms ,and MD , switched regions for the box art , i need a method to remove all non US box art
  10. I recently updated to 9.10 and i had the exact same issue happen when i up the last few times, so i was wondering if anyone has had something similar . 1st>I run launch box> auto update starts >I hit cancel update> and my launchbox no longer runs >everything is wiped and then i restore from backs ups. after 2>I update metadata and all of my boxes change to the japanese boxes after i click on any games . anyone ?
  11. shadowfire36


    i have done it before for testing and it works i unzip the and rezip them , demul doesnt require them i zip to run . for marvel capcom 2 i pulled the bin file out and it works fine
  12. shadowfire36


    Honestly, i have switched from demul to retroarch reicast core. I am using the mame 2.02 version of the rom and it works flawlessly. if your have an issue with demul three things i would recommend . check the version of the rom your trying to use. make sure that you paths are correct. I have had instance that where it cannot find the the rom file do it pointing to another path not relevant path where the rom is . the last item is unzip the rom and try to run it ... good luck
  13. shadowfire36


    There was a guide with rocket launcher Video guide with LB . that's how i got it to work
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