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  1. Thanks for that info, I've tried several emulators (MAME, MAMEUI and Retroarch with different cores along with 2 Roms of 1942 and I can never get it to run, does it require a certain BIOS or similar?
  2. Latch

    Edit a theme

    Hey I'm wondering how I can edit a theme, currently I am using the Unified theme and I find that the select wheel fades away far too quickly, does anyone know where the setting is for me to change the time it takes to fade away? Cheers
  3. Im currently using MAME romset V0.202 and launching via MAMEUI's latest version .205. When I try to launch some games I get a variety of errors, for example, Moonwalker gave me "Too many textures" then when I reloaded it a few moments later, it ran... But all the 1941/2/3/xx games (That I can not get running no matter what version of the rom I download or what emulator I use) Gives me a full list of around 20 errors stating "41u_30.11f NOT FOUND (tried in 1941u 1941 1941u)" continuing with the same error and that required files are missing so I take these as a bad ROMSET? Literally all I have done is downloaded the romset and MAMEUI and booted up, is there anything that I am missing that I should do before I run into any issues later such as BIOS updates/downloads, things along those lines or has MAMAE actually become that simple now and I have just got a bad dump for the 194x games?
  4. Latch

    Remove certain games

    Ello all, I've recently started to take my collection seriously again and after some thought I have decided that I only want EU/NA official releases (There may be a few J/UNL games I want but I can always add them later) so my question is this, does anyone know a program or tool that will do all the hard work for me? If it was just the case of a few hundered games I would just do it myself but here we are talking in the region of 15k+. I've filtered some by looking for (j) and (unl) but it never gets them all as some games such as 'babys day out' for the genesis are not labled as unl but are not officially released so they bypass my filter. I was looking for a list of all official releases but again, thats just an insane amount of time. Any ideas?
  5. Latch

    Final Burn Alpha error

    Ta pal, can you access the BIOS function with the Retroarch core to add unlimited time to Windjammer etc?
  6. Latch

    Final Burn Alpha error

    The resolution change did fix it, out of interest what do you use now instead of FBA?
  7. When launching a FBA game from launch box I get this error: "Problem setting '1329517976x1329518240x0bpp (0Hz)' display mode" I press 'OK' and the box disappears then the game launches in FBA, how do I remove this error and just load up the game?
  8. Latch

    "Missing" List?

    *Forgive me if this is possible with the new audit feature* Will there be/ is there a way to compare what games you currently have Vs what games were released for the system? I just had a go comparing games I had via audit and Wiki but my God was that a pain! (Naming conventions are different for a start) I'd love to know I have completed my collection without having to spend an ungodly amount of time checking a list That's what computers are for .
  9. I haven't checked their FTP but their download section is labelled 'ScummVM' I managed to get the platform theme the usual way via the "launchbox/tools/download platform theme videos" and for some reason 'The Dig' is the only game to have a video despite having Full throttle, Sam and Max and Day of the tentacle with no videos despite being much more popular.
  10. I did the usual method of downloading images/media for my ScummVM games however, in the Emumovie section there is no option for videos. I checked emumovies to see if they have videos for the games I had and they indeed do. I have premium and have had no problem downloading videos with any other system but for some reason, this isn't working? Any ideas?
  11. I can play my games fine, they do however ALL require me to set date and time each time I go into the game and I cannot save the game/I get a warning that no VMU is detected. Is there a setting I am missing in the menu or are they still working on this feature?
  12. Thanks pal. I'll get onto that now, appreciate the help
  13. Cue+bin + Audio tracks so I guess that's the issue here. I tried a DW file, it came with these, when booting the game I get a message "Uncorrectable data at sector 0" and I get booted into the Saturn CD player part. Just another bad file(s) then? As its at least booting into the saturn emulator core^Those are the files that came with the Darkwater Guardian Heroes file
  14. Latch

    Audit feature

    I scan and I dont get any information other than the list of games that I have. I tested on all my collection too. If I can get it to tell me what I am missing this will be the best feature ever! Currently its just amazing I needed this feature after looking at the state of my GBA romset...
  15. I have all the BIOS named correctly, RA is looking in the correct folder for them, but the mednafen core just wont load. If I switch to Yabuase core then everything loads properly. Any ideas? I followed the V2 Video on youtube to the letter.
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