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  1. Regardless of your unhelpful "advice" this is a troubleshooting thread and LaunchBox leaving out half (or more) of the games you told it to import without a prompt because it doesn't approve of your choice of emulator is a major issue. Now either be helpful or go away or I'll report you for thread derailment since you can't seem to say anything on topic or productive.
  2. Your comment is the only one that isn't true. Nonmame lists mame as being the best option (or tied for the best) for the following systems: Acorn (Series) (Computer) ADAM (Computer) Alice32 (Computer) Altair 8800 (Computer) Amstrad CPC (Computer) Apple II (Non-IIGS) (Computer) Apple IIGS (Computer) Aquarius (Computer) Arcadia 2001 (Console) Archimedes (Series) (Computer) Atari 400/800 Series (Computer) Atari 2600 (Console) Atari 5200 (Console) Atari 7800 (Console) CD-i (Console) Central Data 2650 (Computer) ColecoVision (Console) CPS Changer (Console) CreatiVision (Computer) Cybiko (Handheld) Dreamcast Visual Memory System (Handheld) FM Towns Marty (Console) Game Boy (Handheld) Game Boy Advance (Handheld) Game Gear (Handheld) Genesis (Console) Instructor 50 (Computer) Intellivision (Console) JR-200U (Computer) Lynx (Handheld) Macintosh (Non-PowerPC) Master System (Console) MC-10 (Computer) MO Series (Computer) MSX Series (Computer) MZ (Series) (Below 2000) (Computer) MZ-2000 (Computer) MZ-2500 (Computer) Neo Geo AES (Console) Neo Geo CD (Console) Odyssey2 (Console) Othello Multivision (Console) PC-6001 (Series) (Computer) PC98 (Series) (Computer) Pico (Handheld) PIPBUG-based Systems (Computer) PocketStation (Handheld) RX-78 (Computer) Sega Computer 3000 (SC-3000) (Computer) Sega Game 1000 (SG-1000) (Console) Sega Super Control Station (SF-7000) (Computer) Studio II (Console) SuperGrafx (Console) SuperVision (Handheld) TO Series (Computer) TurboGrafx 16 (Console) TurboGrafx CD (Console) TV Games Computer (Console) VC 4000 (Console) Vectrex (Handheld) Videopac+ G7400 (Console) WonderSwan (Handheld) X1 (Computer) X68000 (Computer) ZX Spectrum (Computer) Also you seem to think the disclaimer they put before most systems means mame is bad for them. In many cases the disclaimer is there to let you know that there is some minor audio glitch in some games (games that don't run at all or have more noticeable glitches in other emulators). The people at mame are simply so ocd they give you warnings if mame only covers 99% of the system's library of games perfectly. They literally have a warning to give you a heads up for everything that isn't perfect by their standards. And none of that even matters tbh because if people choose to use mame they should be able to without over half their games not being imported without any warning/prompt from LaunchBox as to why.
  3. Thanks for requesting the fix and yea I figured out how to avoid it but it sure would have been nice if it gave me a heads up it wouldn't include games it doesn't recognize.
  4. Whenever possible I use Mame because it supports many systems either the best or on par with the best. Also Nonmame which lists the most accurate Emulators only lists mame on the systems where it is the best/tied with the best. http://nonmame.retrogames.com/ I don't know why they would make it so the mame importer breaks when used on any other the dozens of platforms mame emulates to near perfection. That's a serious oversight.
  5. Update: Just tried importing the Atari 2600 pack and it imported... 3 games. Just 3 games out of the entire pack. What is going on?
  6. I'm using the SmokeMonster Atari Lynx rom set and when I set it to import the A-Z game collection and homebrew folder it only imports 45 out of the several hundred games included. I've turned off every mame exclusion option on the importer and selected "Import all clones" and even selected "force importing duplicate games" on the option screen before that. I don't understand why LaunchBox refuses to recognize these games.
  7. Actually that isn't really true. People have basically realized consoles are just computers with fixed hardware now and if they want better graphics they get a pc because the limit of your performance in games is only set by your wallet. Not to mention the mods and hacks. With every major game coming to the pc, xbox, and ps4 the only reason to pick up a modern console would be if something exclusive came out... *cough* ZeldaMarioSmash *cough* Or maybe if the console offered a feature your pc couldn't replicate... *cough* switch *cough*
  8. I cared more about things like Mortal Kombat having blood in it. The extra power and "cool looking" console were just bonuses. But if I had to pick between the snes and gen then I would have to go with the snes. Dat A Link to the Past yo. Not to mention Mario. Huh just realized my reasons for preferring Nintendo have basically staid the same for 30 years lol. Dem exclusives.
  9. Well it still mattered a lot. People named their consoles after it like the Turbografx-16, Turbografx-CD, Sega 32x, Sega CD, Nintendo64. And consoles like the NeoGeo existed and still sold relatively well despite being 3 times the cost of any other console with games 15 times the cost. And don't forget "Blast processing"!
  10. Well the fact that it still used cartridges actually did matter to a lot of people because they cost more to produce than cds so game developers didn't want to produce for the system as they would get smaller markups. I'm unsure if that spilled over to the consumer end as well or not and resulted in inflated game prices because I wasn't buying my own games yet.
  11. Yup, but I said it in advance so it is futuresight not hindsight. Went full Nostradamus on you. To be fair I said it would be a system seller but I didn't predict it being "the" system seller. I wonder if this is how people felt about Ocarina of Time when it released? "Wow this is a fantastic, breathtaking, touching game, but man the console it runs on is pretty underpowered." I was worried with it not even doing native 1080p despite coming out years after the Ps4 and Xbox1. Just like I'm sure people were worried about the N64 still using cartridges when everyone else had moved on to cds. Funny how the Switch is the first console back to cartridges now that cds are outdated. Anyways just wanted to bask in the glow of Zelda. I still have 70 more pictures to take and like 750 Korok seeds to find but I can say this is easily the most fun and most time I've sunk into any game that isn't a mmorpg.
  12. Well the beta feature youtube vid of it looks very good. I would especially love it if I could go with something like: Consoles < Nes, Snes, N64, ect Nintendo < Handhelds < GBC, GBA, VB, DS, ect Because right now I just have too many systems =p
  13. Thanks very much. I kept looking for it in "options". Also I got confused, saw their beta feature vid for nested filters and thought it was out already haha oops.
  14. Just returning to this topic now that Breath of the Wild is out and it has sold more copies than switches exist and that statistically enough people bought a switch with a copy of BotW that it rounds to every switch sold with 1 copy of BotW to tell you that I was right. Zelda sells systems.
  15. I'm having problems with 2 features. I'm trying to set launchbox to automatically unzip compressed games but I can't find the option for it anywhere, could anyone point me at it? Also for organization I'm trying to make folders in launchbox but can't figure out how. I want to have a folder like "Nintendo" and then have the Nes, Snes, N64, ect platform folders inside of it.
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