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  1. i recently updated to the most recent version and alot of my images changed location and wont appear in launchbox. they moved from games/images/platform/front/game.jpg to games/images/platform/box-front/game.jpg if i move them back to the original directory it works fine it happened to the fanart too
  2. Hey guys, im going to be wiping my computer and starting from scratch and ive ran into a couple issues for when i reinstall launch box i have a lot of games that i added manually (info,pictures,video,etc) when i reinstall launch-box am i going to have to manually add all those games again? or is there something else i can do? i tried the exporting games to zip file but when i try to import it back on a fresh install some of the games are missing. ive moved all of the games onto my external HD is there a way to auto change the games location or am i going to have to do that all manually ?
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