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  1. Ah! That would explain it. Knowing what time that update happened would be great.
  2. Is there a delay between when an update to the database is approved, and when it can be accessed by the local client? Example: Last night I added a handful of titles and images to the database hoping to fill out my library. I saw this afternoon that the changes were approved. (awesome!) But now, as I try to update those games, they still cannot find a match in the database. The naming should not be an issue, as I named both, and I have opened and closed the local client. Is there some migration of data or some intentional delay to prevent abuse or something else? It'd be useful to know as I try to organize my library and contribute to the database. As it stands it's just a little frustrating.
  3. Thanks Retro808, Unfortunately after a brief search I am only presented with the wikipedia entry for the game. (Even though this game is listed in the Launchbox DB.) Any other thoughts guys?
  4. Interesting! How can I manually remove (or select a new) ID to associate with a game? I'd be happy with a workaround that allows me to go find the DB ID and associate it manually.
  5. I have tried copy pasting the name directly from the GamesDB into that field before searching, still with no success. Secret World Legends is good! They have really streamlined the questing system, and the ability tree rework is pretty slick as well. I run into weird UI issues much less often than the previous version.
  6. I have several games that Launchbox cannot find metadata for, even though they do exist within the GamesDB. Examples include Rime, Secret World Legends, Watch Dogs 2, and others. These are in the database, and have not been recently added. My client appears to be downloading the database updates without issue, and will happily provide me with their Wikipedia page as an option- but no GamesDB data. Are there any troubleshooting steps I can take to determine what the issue is?
  7. Ah! I didn't try right clicking. Thank you! Too bad about Wikipedia.
  8. I'd like to add a custom image as a cover, but I cannot discern how to do so. I feel like there used to be a "+" symbol next to the left and right arrows in the image area of the editor, but none exists now. The 'Download Images/Media" button does not provide a way to add local media. I tried inserting the images in the Launchbox folder hierarchy, and naming them appropriately, but that didn't work either. Help? (Oh, and it seems downloading images from Wikipedia doesn't work? Occasionally it will have a cover, but if the image is checked and you click download, the dialog closes with no other effect.)
  9. Merry Christmas all! Thank you for Launchbox, it's a wonderful thing. :)
  10. s0m said Try putting the process name in quotes as Taskkill /IM "Flawless Widescreen.exe" /t /f . Command line doesn't like spaces within parameters. You also probably don't need the /t (kills child processes) or /f (forced termination) either for that program, but they don't hurt. The process name doesn't contain a space, but I'll give that a whirl. Thank you!
  11. scree said Hi Ruthalas. If these screen helper apps support a command line parameter to close themselves, then you could add this as a 2nd additional app to automatically run after the main app (the game) has finished. This is an excellent idea. Unfortunately I have looked and it seems that they do not have command line parameters I can utilize. I am currently trying to run a batch script with the command s0m notes. 'taskkill /IM Flawless Widescreen.exe /t /f' I am having trouble getting it to run after the game though, and it generates a UAC prompt anyway, which isn't ideal. DOS76 said Do either of these work with emulators or just individual games I am having some issues getting Nestopia and Kega to run in fullscreen with out black lines on the side I'm looking for some way to get them to stretch full screen Nestopia does it while maximized but that isn't the same as full screen. I suspect they won't work for that DOS76, but you can check out the websites for each where they have a list of games they support. (Plugins/profiles must be generated for each game individually.) s0m said Can launchbox run a command (like taskkill /IM steam.exe /t /f) after a game is closed? Does anyone know if steam has a supported way to close it from the command line without forcibly terminating it? I tried this- you can run a batch script (as your 'additional app') with that command. You may need make a shortcut to it to run it with Admin privileges. It works ok, but generates a UAC prompt.
  12. I use the 'additional app' to run helper programs that allows me to run games at odd resolutions (Widescreen Fixer / Flawless Widescreen). This feature is awesome, as I can now launch games that require these helper programs with a single double click. The only issue I run into is when I close one game and open another (or the same game again). The helper program stayed open from the first session, and now either has two instances running, or prompt to close the prior instance. If it would be possible to have either an option to kill the 'addition app' as the game exits, or to automatically not open it again if it is still running, that would be very helpful. Thanks regardless!
  13. (I performed a quick search and didn't see anything related to this.) I am slowly adding my collection to Launchbox and am greatly enjoying it. The ability to bring emulated games, PC game, and anything else into a single interface is wonderful. I am having a spot of trouble when it comes to adding visual novels. TheGamesDB doesn't have listings for a several visual novels in my collection. To remedy that lack of metadata, I'd like to request a a new source for metadata: the Visual Novel Database It has comprehensive listings, and my understanding is that it has an open API. I think it'd be an excellent addition that would allow Launchbox to be used (smoothly) with a greater variety of games. Whatever you decide, thanks for putting out an awesome software! (Your monetization setup is also great. I will likely be purchasing the premium version soon out of a desire to support you, rather than nagging popups or missing features.)
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