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  1. Version of 7-Zip packaged with LaunchBox

    You're the best Jason. Thanks a million!
  2. This morning I was looking at the version of 7z located in the "LaunchBox\7-Zip" folder and noticed that 7z.dll and 7z.exe were at version 15.14 which was released 2015-12-31. The latest stable version of 7-zip which was released 2016-10-04 is 16.04. One of the bugs addressed in 16.04 has to do with RAR code which may be of interest to folks compressing some of their roms like iso files in RAR5 format (very fast to expand). Are there any plans to include the latest version of 7-Zip in upcoming release of LB/BB? Thank you
  3. Dot Framework 4.7 Blocked (SOLVED)

    I'm glad to see that this kind of toxic attitude is not welcomed on this forum. Not only was his Dot .NET Framework 4.7 blocked but his ability to post was blocked as well! Thank you guys for not tolerating unfriendly attitudes.
  4. File Path Change Causing Duplicate Games

    @Pizzaboy140 The "..\" at the beginning of a path means it's a relative path and basically says, move one directory level up. In other words, using your example: "..\SNES\Games\(Insert Game Here).smc", means move up one level from the current directory then down to SNES then Games.
  5. File Path Change Causing Duplicate Games

    Backing up is always your best friend. Thank you @DOS76
  6. File Path Change Causing Duplicate Games

    @Pizzaboy140 This can no doubt be done using Notepad++ but you need to make sure that you are going to replace only the desired matches in your xml files. I would probably include "<ApplicationPath>" in the Find what field of notepad++ Here's a theoretical example where my LaunchBox is on drive D: and I want to move my roms from drive R: to S: Edit "D:\LaunchBox\Data\Platforms\Acorn Archimedes.xml" with Notepad++ Press ctrl-h set Find what to: "<ApplicationPath>R:\TOSEC\Acorn\Archimedes\Games\" set Replace with to "<ApplicationPath>S:\TOSEC\Acorn\Archimedes\Games\" Be careful when editing xml files that you are aware of xml encoded characters such as the & character. If you're unfamiliar with xml encoding, I would suggest that you simply re-import your roms (games) using LaunchBox itself. Hope this helps
  7. Duplicate images and LaunchBox 7.10-beta-2

    I'm running the Clean Up Images process now but this will take some time to complete. Before running the clean up images, I backed-up my Entire LB folder, re-started LB and tried to reproduce the problem again to recreate those dups I had deleted myself. For some unknown reason, duplicates are no longer created when updating metadata for that game. I am speechless. lol
  8. Duplicate images and LaunchBox 7.10-beta-2

    @Jason Carr I did a little more testing regarding the duplicate image prevention feature with 7.10-beta-3 and just ran across a situation where a duplicate image comes consistently from the LaunchBox games database rather than EmuMovies. Knowing that you have a lot on your plate, I'm gonna try to provide as much information as possible so that can easily reproduce the problem from your end. This instance of the problem is happening with the "Mattel Intellivision" platform. Here's how you should be able to reproduce the problem: Replace your "Mattel Intellivision.xml" with the one I provided below. Start LaunchBox and select the game "Thunder Castle" from the games list Start the "Download Metadata and Media..." Accept all default but Exclude EmuMovies from the download process, the select "Yes, but do not replace any existing fields or media", then click Finish Each time you repeat step 3-4, a new duplicate "Thunder Castle-0x.png" will be created as seen below. Auditing Media... Duplicate CRC32: [2ed327e6] File: [\\PC-ARCADE\LaunchBox\Images\Mattel Intellivision\Clear Logo\Thunder Castle-01.png] File: [\\PC-ARCADE\LaunchBox\Images\Mattel Intellivision\Clear Logo\Thunder Castle-02.png] File: [\\PC-ARCADE\LaunchBox\Images\Mattel Intellivision\Clear Logo\Thunder Castle-03.png] Mattel Intellivision.xml
  9. Duplicate images and LaunchBox 7.10-beta-2

    I just finished re-testing the "download metadata and media" while isolating if these duplicates come from the LaunchBox games database or Emumovies. Here are the results: LaunchBox Database Only: When running "download metadata and media" and excluding Emumovies from the download process, no duplicate images are downloaded. Emumovies Only: When running "download metadata and media" and excluding the LaunchBox Games database checkboxes from the download process, 1020 images (which already exist on my system) will be re-downloaded. The good news is that the CRC32 method you created on the games database is doing job perfectly but there appear to be a problem with that method on the Emumovies API which is probably out of your control. Here is a screenshot with hash information of one of these 1020 duplicate files.
  10. Good morning @Jason Carr Yesterday I downloaded 7.10-beta-2 and started beta testing the new duplicate image prevention functionality. Prior to start the download metadata and media from within LaunchBox, I made sure that no duplicate images were present in my Images folder. After running the download metadata and media against my "Amstrad CPC" Platform using the second option (Yes, but do not replace any existing fields or media), a considerable amount of duplicate images (2040 images) were created in the "LaunchBox\Images\Amstrad CPC" folder. Here is a text file containing the list of these duplicates with their CRC32. Amstrad CPC (3).txt I will do more in-depth testing for this duplicate images problem with that same platform by re-doing these test while isolating if these duplicates come from the LaunchBox games database or Emumovies or both and post my results.
  11. Disable rom checking in v7.8 ?

    @DOS76 I believe that is correct but I'm hesitant between the filename of the xml file (in the hash folder) or the name attribute in the softwarelist tag or element in the xml file itself. Both these values appear to be the same for most if not all systems but I'm not entirely sure of that. e.g. Below is the content of .../mame_root_folder/hash/coleco.xml
  12. Disable rom checking in v7.8 ?

    Yep. That is exactly why you have to use the -cart parameter and point to an actual rom path for it to work. Not exactly. I use use CMPRO to name those roms correctly in addition to create the folder structure you need if you wish to avoid using the media parameter (e.g. -cart). I use LightSpeed because it supports the above perfectly.
  13. Disable rom checking in v7.8 ?

    @DOS76 Here are a few more screenshots to help.
  14. Disable rom checking in v7.8 ?

    That is correct @DOS76 Make sure you do your tests from the command prompt first. If it does not work from command prompt, it will certainly won't work from LB. Once you know things are working from command prompt then you proceed to LB config. You can see in my prior post that I was able to launch a game for the coleco using the "mame64.exe coleco 2010" command. This is true for all Software List consoles or devices. If it's not working for you, your coleco roms may not be named correctly or your mame.ini may not point to your software list roms. I personally keep my roms in a "roms" folder and Software Lists in a "roms_SL" folder. Therefore my rompath entry in mame.ini is set to roms;roms_SL You can check that your software lists roms are complete sets using CMPRO using the xml from the mame hash folder as dat files. I suggest you use the CMPRO batch mode to do that. Note that Missing Sets, Missing Roms are all showing that nothing is missing. That also tells me that the rom names are correct. Cheers,
  15. Disable rom checking in v7.8 ?

    @Crush You could create 2 platforms (one for MAME Arcade and one for the Software List or MESS) but enabling the "Use file name..." option works in both cases. Let's take Colecovision for example. You can start the game "2010" using the following commands "mame64.exe coleco 2010". Knowing this, if you set the LB emulator with "Use file name..." enabled. Set the Associated Platforms tab to pass "coleco" as a parameter for that console, your coleco games will start successfully. see screenshots below. Enabling the "Use file name..." option for MAME Software Lists (MESS) will give you the added benefit to launch games that don't have accompanying roms. The Sega CD console for example which only has CHDs.