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  1. Pacman56

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    An image caching indicator is something I suggested long ago in one of the live stream and I'm super happy to see that being implemented. Can't wait to check it out! Take care and enjoy the family camp!
  2. Pacman56

    8.3-beta-3 and combine ROMs

    I understand you point DOS76. In this case though, No-Intro flags are/were properly contained within the ()[] characters. Let's keep in mind that the import process assigned the correct title "LOGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham" to all 7 roms which is what we want. The only set back is that there should have been only one game entry containing additional apps for all its variants or regions. Thank you wirtual82 for your comments. I'll probably create a script or a small app that will merge and eliminate these duplicate titles but I also wanted Jason to be aware of the problem in case he want to address it. Thank you guys!
  3. Pacman56

    8.3-beta-3 and combine ROMs

    Thank you @DOS76. You feedback is much appreciated. All 7 roms are fundamentally the same games for 7 different regions. This is most likely a low priority for Jason but I thought it was worth sharing in case he’d want to tackle it at some point.
  4. Pacman56

    8.3-beta-3 and combine ROMs

    Just imported 7 games with 8.3-beta-3 for the purpose of testing the "Combine ROMs with matching titles into single game" feature introduced with version 7.7. My understanding is that imported roms sharing the same title should appear only once. In the following test, I imported 7 roms (different variants of the same game) but the import process resulted with 4 games sharing the same title. Additionally, when I select "Edit game" to compare the game path and additional apps across these 4 game titles, some of the roms are referenced more than one. For instance, "LEGO Batman 3 - Au-dela de Gotham (France) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Da).rar" is referenced 4 times. See the spoiler below for details. The roms names were created using No-Intro [Nintendo - Nintendo 3DS (20180414-025333).dat] to insure a supported naming convention was utilized.
  5. Pacman56

    8.2-beta-1 Released

    I just fired up LaunchBox.Next (Beta 10) and noticed a problem which I believed might have been reported in an earlier beta. When viewing by Platforms, the platform names are not sorted alphabetically as they are in LaunchBox (WinForm).
  6. Pacman56

    LaunchBox.Next Now Available

    To the moderators out there, your insane dedication to this community should be applauded. The success of LaunchBox is not only attributed to Jason's work, but is also due to the enormous amount of time you guys spend answering questions on this forum. You people have my greatest respect and appreciation!
  7. Pacman56

    LaunchBox.Next Now Available

    This new LaunchBox.NeXT is gorgeous. Opps! sorry LaunchBox.Next. Can't wait for all menu options to be implemented. I suppose this new iteration of LB is using WPF rather than the old WinForm? The future looks very promising! Great work Jason.
  8. Pacman56

    8.1 taking 5 minutes or more to load

    Good morning @cammelspit, I hope you don't mind but I thought I'd give your Data folder a try against a new installation of LaunchBox 8.1. After installing LB 8.1, I simply replaced the data folder with the one you provided then copied the resulting folder from my workstation (old PC) to my Arcade Cabinet (newer PC). I then started LaunchBox on each PC and monitored the time it took to see the list of games. Here are the results: Workstation (Old PC) Windows 10 (x64) Intel Core i7 CPU 930 @ 2.80GHz / 8GB RAM LaunchBox 8.1 installed on HDD 5400RPM 1TB WD Green drive LaunchBox Startup Time: 52 sec Arcade Cabinet (Newer PC) Windows 10 (x64) Intel Core i5 4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz / 16GB RAM LaunchBox 8.1 installed on 1TB SSD LaunchBox Startup Time: 19 sec Although the startup time was not as bad as what you experienced, I did noticed that interacting within your instance of LaunchBox was lagging and hesitating quite a bit compared to my instance. Keep in mind that my LB settings are mostly set to defaults. Hope this helps a bit.
  9. Pacman56

    Unable to load Colecovision

    hey guys, I just imported my ColecoVision roms today using RetroArch 1.7.0 with the bluemsx_libretro core and the games are working as expected. As instructed in the RetroArchRoot\info\bluemsx_libretro.info file, the libretro port of blueMSX requires the BIOS files from full standalone package inside the System\Machines directory and media database files into System\Databases directory. There is also some good information about button mapping in that info file.
  10. Pacman56

    Lightspeed: Ultra-Fast Mame Importer Tool

    Dan, I am not the author. Lightspeed was developed by @Antropus which can be seen on the top of this page.
  11. Pacman56

    7.15-beta-1 Released

    Can't wait to try the upcoming PDF viewer using my Arcade panel. That will be very nice indeed.
  12. Pacman56

    Lightspeed: Ultra-Fast Mame Importer Tool

    Not sure why you are experiencing these issues Dan. A few weeks ago I imported MAME 0.192 and used most of the default settings in regards to filters and did not combine the roms. This resulted in 7102 games under the Arcade platform (clean LB installation). LB and BB was running without issues. I then migrated the resulting arcade.xml to my arcade cabinet which has something like 50K games and the performance of LB/BB was still exellent. I'm away from home for a few more days but I will repeat this exercise for MAME 0.193 which will be released this Wednesday. Let me get back to you when I return and I can send you my test data folder via PM so you can test it on you PC and see if you are still having issues. Till then, enjoy the holiday.
  13. Pacman56

    Lightspeed: Ultra-Fast Mame Importer Tool

    Good evening Dan MAME supports those packs in zipped format but lightspeed and launchbox requires these images to be extracted.
  14. Pacman56

    Lightspeed: Ultra-Fast Mame Importer Tool

    Hey Dan. Just like @CriticalCid mentioned in his post above, you could try version 0183_Beta9 against a new installation of LB (to avoid problems) and see if your happy with the results. I have personally been using Beta9 ever since @Antropus posted it last march to update my full MAME rom sets every month. If you decide to give it a try, you may want to download and replace the support files (catver.ini, series.ini, languages.ini, nplayers.ini and history.dat) yourself. I've personally had some issues letting Beta9 download those files. This problem started happening a few months ago. You can find the link to those files in the "LightspeedManual.pdf" Where things will become interesting is if you decide to use the generated Arcade.xml file of that new installation of LB to update your existing LB installation. If you are a developer or have some skills with Power Shell, you could write some code that will parse the newly created Arcade.xml (the one created with LightSpeed) to update the Arcade.xml of your existing setup. It is worth automating the process by writing some code if you plan to update your MAME sets every month like I do. If you are interested on having more details about migrating those xml elements from one file to the other, let me know and I could post more information. I hope that will be of some help to you!
  15. Pacman56

    Version of 7-Zip packaged with LaunchBox

    You're the best Jason. Thanks a million!