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  1. Launchbox currently can't assign a button on your joypad or keyboard to select a random game. This feature is in Bigbox but it's not entirely random. If you're like me and you have a huge library of games but can't decide what to play, then random select is wonderful. You have several options. If you have a keyboard with macros: - Enter the following combination of keys and assign it to a macro button: ALT, T, S, ENTER. If you navigate via a joypad or joystick - Use a program like Joy2key or anything similar, and assign ALT, T, S, (ENTER). The last key is optional since for me ENTER makes the window smaller. So I just hit my launch game hotkey at the end which solves that problem. One thing to note is that these key sequences do not require any delays since Launchbox is surprisingly snappy and your random game should launch instantly. Enjoy playing games you otherwise wouldn't!
  2. Under edit Emulator, do you have this script listed there? ; This section closes PCSX2 when pressing Escape $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } Also, I've used Joy2key to hotkey F1 to L3 and F3 to R3 since those buttons are used very rarely in PS2 games.
  3. Awesome, that's solved my problems. I'll stay on 8.5 until Launchbox.next is more stable and doesn't have the many problems it currently has. Here are the main issues I experienced so far. - Upon closing a game, controller input does nothing. I have to use my mouse to click on something which restores it. - When I view an image full screen and exit out of it, the image sometimes stays open in the background. I have to click on the Launchbox icon in the taskbar to manually close it. - Hitting right at the far right game does nothing. Old launchbox would go to the next row. Once these issues have been resolved I'll gladly switch over, but for now I'll stick with 8.5.
  4. It should have been clear that the new install would remove the old version of Launchbox though. It wasn't. It just looked like any other update. Not everyone wants to switch over because the new version clearly has issues for some people.
  5. I'm experiencing the same problems. These are my specs: i7 2600k 24gb DDR3 Ram GTX 1070 I think it's because I have around 5000 games indexed through launchbox. However the old version has no slowdown or issues. The new one is slower and has crashed several times. I don't mind that there's a new version of Launchbox that's being focused on in regards to development. It's just very frustrating that there was absolutely no warning that the new update would remove the older version too.
  6. Cheers, I'll give this a try. This is a minor nitpick but I have a pretty wide screen which means my rows of games are about 8 wide and 2 tall. When I hit right at the end of a row in the old launchbox, it goes to the next game on the bottom left row. The new Launchbox doesn't do that. I have to press left 8 times and down once instead of just right once like I could in the old version.
  7. A link to the old version would be nice since there was nothing wrong with it. I'd be perfectly happy with that. benebelt@hotmail.com
  8. As a paid user, this is incredibly frustrating. Big Box has never worked properly for me probably because I have a lot of games indexed. So my only option is the standard Launchbox mode. Controller automation is completely broken at this point. Whenever I exit a game, I have to use my mouse to restore control of Launchbox. My controller is initially completely unresponsive after closing a game. Why weren't we given the option of continuing to use the old version? It worked completely fine. Years ago lots of people asked for a controller hotkey for a random game selection, which still hasn't been added. I have doubts this will be fixed any time soon either. I'm pretty unhappy with the developer right now. Will be seeking a refund if this issue isn't fixed.
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