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  1. Rad! cheers for the info. It clears a lot of things up for me and explains why my PSX games weren't working. Probably will keep them as 7zip for the time being as I'm building a new computer next year just for emulation and everything will get moved over onto that. So 7zip will keep everthing organized for when I do the move.
  2. lordmonkus said This is a setting for people who like to keep their roms in a compressed format like zip, 7z or rar to save hard drive space. It gets problematic for emulators like Mame which requires its roms in a zip or 7z file because there are more than one rom image in the zip / 7z file. It's only recommended to be on if you keep your roms in a compressed format for a system that is not Mame or some other emulator that requires that type of format for the same reasons. I am assuming you have your PSX games in a zip or 7z file ? Oh ok. Yeah I've got them all zipped up as 7z. For
  3. SentaiBrad said Then go back a version, or the the version you were using previously that worked until there is a new version. I don't know what causes this error, but like I said it did go away when I changed RA versions, but you may have to wait, or try nightlies till it works. I'd also head on over to their forums and ask them if they know what can cause this issue as well. I went back and had another look at this and in Launch Box I selected the 'Extract ROM archives before running' option and then tried launching it and it worked! From memory I don't remember having this option sele
  4. SentaiBrad said Try updating your RetroArch install (you can carry over your config, system folder and config folder), and see if that resolves it. I've had this come up randomly with very specific versions of RetroArch and I don't know where it's coming from, but it's only happened twice. It was usually a new version, so I had to go backwards in each case, but a week or two later I would update again and I wouldn't get the error. I updated everything to the latest version of Retroarch, updating everything, re-added the cores. However I'm still having the same error. I got 1 game to work
  5. Hi everyone. I'm running retroarch through Launchbox. I've been playing PSX games using the Medafan core and it's been working fine the last couple of months. However I just did the new Launchbox update and now when I try my PSX roms I get a run time error. I tried my SNES and mame roms and they're running fine but it seems the PSX roms aren't working. Not sure if it was the Launchbox new update?
  6. SentaiBrad said No. I didn't link to anything. You can certainly use that but it's completely optional. The option I am talking about is already built in to LaunchBox. Like I said, all you need to do is call the platform Arcade and it will automatically pop up in the wizard. It should be called Arcade for the best possible scraping as well. If you name your system Arcade during import it will automatically show you this screen: Cheers SentaiBrad. I used the importer and loaded in my Roms in. I used the filters to block out all the gambling ect games. Been testing out a lot of things an
  7. If you did have the full folder on drop box and your hardrive died, how hard is it to re-set up everything on a new machine? Is just dragging the folder off drop box back onto your desktop and everything works fine? or is there more to it?
  8. Is this the arcade importer you were talking about Brad? https://www.launchbox-app.com/forum/emulation/lightspeed-ultra-fast-mame-importer-tool
  9. SentaiBrad said Arcade importer for LaunchBox? No, what's the arcade importer?
  10. SentaiBrad said Well first, use the "mame_libretro.dll" instead, the 2014 core uses a very outdated version of MAME. If you have a 174 pack you should be using mame_libretro as that is now 174. Past that, did you use the Arcade importer for LaunchBox? It's a special importer for games that will give you the proper files to launch for the games based on your preferences. Past that, if you didn't download a mame split pack, I would greatly suggest you do so as it includes all the files you need to run MAME. Generally when RetroArch does that, it's usually a bad file or missing BIOS. MAME
  11. DOS76 said Make sure the Extract ROM archive before running checkbox isn't checked. Cheers dude. I went and checked and actually had this ticked. I turned it off and I've actually got a couple of roms to work now. What did that option do? As you can tell I'm a bit new to all this.
  12. Hi guys. I'm using MAME (using Mame2014 core specifically) in Retroarch. Now I've been able to run Mame Roms in Retroarch fine. I've got Launchbox set up and running Snes, Genisis, PSX perfectly via Retroarch. However I've tried to bring some Mame roms over into Launchbox and I just can't get it working at all... When I click on a game to start it, the Retroarch appears in my task bar for a second, then disappears and nothing loads up. Anyone have any idea what could be wrong?
  13. SentaiBrad said Check all the paths and make sure they are correct. Check the associated platforms list and make sure the name of the system here matches the name on the left hand side of LaunchBox, so if you imported the systems not as the default name you'd either need to change the platform or the associated platforms list. The default command line parameters on that same window needs to be correct. Make sure you're just using the -L command and it's pointing towards the right path and core. Gambatte for GameBoy and GameBoy Color, and mGBA for GBA is generally recommended. Double check
  14. Hi. I'm using Retroarch with LaunchBox as my frontend. I've ran a few emulators through it and it's worked great. I tried adding a Gameboy and GBA emulator (core) in retroarch and then setup a bunch of games in Launch Box to play them. However they won't start in Launch Box. I click a game and nothing happens. If I go into Retroarch and go through the directories and launch the game via Retroarch it works but it doesn't seem to work in LaunchBox. Any ideas what could be wrong?
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