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  1. Have you tried shutting down dropbox with task manager or Uninstalling dropbox? I don't use dropbox but I'm sure you can always reinstall dropbox. Also it sounds like you moved Launchbox to dropbox as opposed to maybe your c-drive or hard disk. Have you tried moving Launchbox out of dropbox into your hard drive or onto an external?
  2. I recently bought a new computer and moved Launchbox to that new computer but the images in the game media seem to have shrunk. 1. Is there a way to unshrink them without losing the quality of the image like when you blow up a 100 x 150 to 1000 x 1500? 2. If I download metadata and media for all my games will it replace the images with newer, larger images? If so then all I have to worry about are the freeware windows games which I had to take screenshots of to add to my collection since they are freeware and not known enough to have images in whatever website Launchbox looks fore pi
  3. I used the directx and .net core from the link in the video, is there a better Link? Is there any other reason Launchbox might not open? If I update it will that fix it and how do I update it if it won't open? Wait, what graphics drivers other than directx and .net does it need?
  4. I recently tried uninstalling a bunch of programs I felt my computer didn't need and now Launchbox won't open. I have followed this guide to making Launchbox portable but it still doesn't open. I have installed both sets of dependencies, what more does Launchbox need?
  5. This Black Friday or Cyber Monday I am going to try and get a new computer and I want to move launch-box to that new computer. I assume I have to install launch-box on the new computer first, then do I copy my old Launch-box folder onto an external hard drive and then copy my old folder over my Launch-box folder in my new computer? Will this keep Launch-box exactly as it is on my old computer complete with not just all the games and emulators but any setup necessary? I know dos games sometimes require VERY specific installation. I saw this post and I'm not so much interested in making it
  6. Non-installed Windows games are easy, like neil9000 said you can just drag the .exe file into LaunchBox. I am more concerned with Windows games that require installation and usually install files and folders all over my computer such as in my program files, my program files (x86), my documents sometimes for game saves, and any other place. I am going to need a new computer real soon and I was hoping I can just move LaunchBox into my new computer and everything would be good to go, I really don't want to have to reinstall a bunch of programs.
  7. I want to play a game that has an expansion pack, the game is (1) and the expansion is (2), it claims to be an add-on requiring the original game. Do I combine the folders into one? Do I import the ms-dos original game and select the expansion as "additional apps?" The site comes with comments giving instructions but I am not good with mounting and DosBox. This is why I use LaunchBox. Also can you tell me what an "ISO version" of a game means? When I look it up It sounds like "isometric" but I thought there wasn't any other version of this game. EDIT: I have the same question
  8. I got it back, thank you. And I know what I have to do with MAME.
  9. I tried but Norton scared me by calling it a specific malware virus, The only reason I have Norton is because it's free with Comcast. Is there a way to redownload any launchbox files that Norton might have taken? I just updated MAME so I know how to take a folder and copy it's contents into another folder, copying over any files already there and adding any files missing. Do I need to submit a receipt for BigBox and Premium? I should have both.
  10. It's a merged set, what if I just make a list of the few games I like and download them separately and put them in another folder because right now I have thousands of games with lots of them looking like garbage. By the way, LB wanted to update today and I think my Norton anti-virus just removed a file called bigbox.ll something, did I lose something important? It looks like big box isn't working anymore.
  11. So it sounds like it would be easier to just move the games I want, which is just a handful, and delete the whole folder with the rest. By the way how do I set the delete option for a complete delete? I don't see it in tools or options.
  12. When I downloaded M.A.M.E. I downloaded one of those multi packs that was, if I remember correctly, about 40-60 Gigabytes in size and contained around 4,000 games, most junk games. I would like to select multiple games and delete them not just from LB but also from my computer. As it stands I have to individually 1. select a game I don't want 2. Open file location 3. find the file as listed in LB 4. delete the game from LB and 5. delete the file from my computer. This is going to be a lot of work for 4,000 games and I would much rather just 1. select multiple games and 2. delete them from LB a
  13. The metatdata and media finally continued just now after 24 hours. Is there anything else that could be done other than waiting a day for what I guess was an error as that was what it got listed as?
  14. I tried the "download metadata and media" yesterday and since I have over 4 thousand games, mostly from some kind of variety pack from the M.A.M.E. website it takes a while for all that to download media from. After a day it seems to be stuck on a particular game. How do I unstick it? If I hit cancel will I lose all the metadata and media I got from this?
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