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  1. I saw that, it looked like I would have to download a whole bunch of games that I don't want and wouldn't run the games I do want. But they have a discord so I can ask them if it will run specific games.
  2. I have been trying to emulate windows 3.x for some time but every time I try to set it up I get confused and give up. Do I need to set up a computer emulator for windows 3 or can dosbox run any game? They are coming out with a windows 11 and I don't want to have to set up an emulator every time I try to play a game for a new computer system, I already have 3 different computer emulators for mac games.
  3. I don't know that much about Window's Defender as I have never had that problem with it, but I know Norton usually has a way for someone to tell it that a program is safe and to leave it alone. Sometimes anti-virus software gets a little trigger happy with non-commercial software, you may just need to have to tell it that LB is okay.
  4. Ok, I will figure it out, thank you for your help.
  5. What I mean is "is there an emulator launchbox can use so I can play the games through launchbox." Launchbox can play super nintendo games through a program called snes9x just like it uses dosbox for dosgames. Is there anything for windows 3? Or do I need a program that is a self contained operating system like 90's macintosh emulators that I have to open separate from Launchbox.
  6. So is it possible to play windows 3 games in LaunchBox? Or do I need a separate computer emulator like I do with Macintosh through things like MiniVMac, Basilisk II, and Sheepshaver. I do believe there are things like that for windows 3. By the way, thanks for responding so quickly.
  7. I want to start emulating window's 3 and I understand LaunchBox supports the window's 3 software eXoWin3x but when I research that emulator it sounds like it has a specific set of games in it. 1. Can I download the emulator and choose my own games? I don't want over a thousand games that may or may not include the one's I want. 2. Is there any instructions as to how I can integrate the emulator into LaunchBox? I can't find any tutorials.
  8. Have you tried shutting down dropbox with task manager or Uninstalling dropbox? I don't use dropbox but I'm sure you can always reinstall dropbox. Also it sounds like you moved Launchbox to dropbox as opposed to maybe your c-drive or hard disk. Have you tried moving Launchbox out of dropbox into your hard drive or onto an external?
  9. I recently bought a new computer and moved Launchbox to that new computer but the images in the game media seem to have shrunk. 1. Is there a way to unshrink them without losing the quality of the image like when you blow up a 100 x 150 to 1000 x 1500? 2. If I download metadata and media for all my games will it replace the images with newer, larger images? If so then all I have to worry about are the freeware windows games which I had to take screenshots of to add to my collection since they are freeware and not known enough to have images in whatever website Launchbox looks fore pictures at. EDIT: I tried removing images and re-downloading media but those images are also of a small resolution. Is there some kind of setting for pictures that makes them small? It would be nice to have larger, more higher quality images for my games.
  10. I used the directx and .net core from the link in the video, is there a better Link? Is there any other reason Launchbox might not open? If I update it will that fix it and how do I update it if it won't open? Wait, what graphics drivers other than directx and .net does it need?
  11. I recently tried uninstalling a bunch of programs I felt my computer didn't need and now Launchbox won't open. I have followed this guide to making Launchbox portable but it still doesn't open. I have installed both sets of dependencies, what more does Launchbox need?
  12. This Black Friday or Cyber Monday I am going to try and get a new computer and I want to move launch-box to that new computer. I assume I have to install launch-box on the new computer first, then do I copy my old Launch-box folder onto an external hard drive and then copy my old folder over my Launch-box folder in my new computer? Will this keep Launch-box exactly as it is on my old computer complete with not just all the games and emulators but any setup necessary? I know dos games sometimes require VERY specific installation. I saw this post and I'm not so much interested in making it portable as just moving it so I'm sure I don't need to do as much as is in the video. Plus I didn't know if I should continue another persons topic.
  13. Non-installed Windows games are easy, like neil9000 said you can just drag the .exe file into LaunchBox. I am more concerned with Windows games that require installation and usually install files and folders all over my computer such as in my program files, my program files (x86), my documents sometimes for game saves, and any other place. I am going to need a new computer real soon and I was hoping I can just move LaunchBox into my new computer and everything would be good to go, I really don't want to have to reinstall a bunch of programs.
  14. I want to play a game that has an expansion pack, the game is (1) and the expansion is (2), it claims to be an add-on requiring the original game. Do I combine the folders into one? Do I import the ms-dos original game and select the expansion as "additional apps?" The site comes with comments giving instructions but I am not good with mounting and DosBox. This is why I use LaunchBox. Also can you tell me what an "ISO version" of a game means? When I look it up It sounds like "isometric" but I thought there wasn't any other version of this game. EDIT: I have the same question about patches, just copy into folder?
  15. I got it back, thank you. And I know what I have to do with MAME.
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