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  1. If I wanted to install a windows game in launchbox do I choose the location C:\Users\(myusername)\LaunchBox\Games\Windows as a location? That's where all my windows games that didn't need to be installed are, the ones that are in self contained folders that can easily be moved.
  2. Before I started emulating old games I played and still play a lot of online games. Most online games require adobe flash to run which I hear web browsers are giving up. I downloaded a swf file player as an emulator and have been saving the web pages the games have been hosted on so the games I loved aren't lost forever. However Most of what I save from the web page looks like useless files, such as files intended to run ads. I can recognize the .swf file and can guess which files I don't need but I can't tell if some of the files in the folder are essential for the running of the game. Can Launch box tell if a file is needed for a game to function?
  3. I have been trying to play the game "Master of Magic" for Dos but Launch Box won't run the game. I think it's because there are five different applications in the download, one is the install file which easily goes to the "configure" selection. When I select the application file that runs the game it opens but then immediately closes. Do I need to add the other application files somewhere in the "edit" section? I have the same problem with "Wing Commander: Privateer"
  4. Where is this Taewon build?
  5. I downloaded Wing Commander Privateer but I can't get LB to open it. It came with three files, one LB recognizes as the configuration file which works, another opens but is only 9 KB and it only tries to calibrate the joystick but says the joystick is uncalibrated and closes, the last is what is think is the actual game as it is 903 KB but it won't open. I imported it as an MS-DOS game and yes it is DOS, it is in the location it is supposed to be.
  6. I have been trying to play "Wing Commander: Privateer" however when I try to start the game I get a joystick calibration screen asking me to move the joystick and press buttons. However no matter what I do it ends with it saying "joystick calibration is not correct. Please re-calibrate." How do I do that? Also when I imported the game I noticed there were three files, one an install file that LB adds to the "configure" option when I right click and two other files. One is small (9KB) and is the one that wants a re-calibrated joystick, the other is large (903KB) and doesn't open at all.
  7. So I have always unzipped games I played when I loaded them in LB, however I downloaded a M.A.M.E. emulator and some kind of game collection including thousands of games all zipped. The games play just fine despite this. Is this because of the way M.A.M.E. emulators work and is it possible for LB to do the same?
  8. Hey guys that worked really well. I would have thanked you guys sooner but I didn't know you guys responded. I thought I would get an email if you guys said something, I didn't. But I came back because I was about to do the notepad++ hacking on my own. I don't know if there is a section of the forum for this but you guess really do a great job. I also wanted to thank you guys for how you design the "clean up media" feature (I think it was the clean up media" feature). I wanted LB to go through and get rid of files I wasn't using but I use LB to store other game related files so when I transfer to a new computer all I have to do is move LB and I was worried those would get deleted. I hoped the clean media would find and give me the option to select what I wanted deleted and it turned out it already did. It worked exactly as I hoped it would so I just wanted to tell you guys you are doing an amazing job.
  9. Mainly because LB keeps making the folder so now I have a folder for Super Nintendo Entertainment System and a folder for SNES games. However the LB folder has a nicer title. So I downloaded Notepad++, I assume I need to move all the games to the other folder, open the LaunchBox\data\platforms screen, find Super Nintendo Entertainment System and open with Notepad++, and then find and replace all Games\SNES Games\ with Games\Super Nintendo Entertainment System\. Is this the correct way?
  10. I see this is an old thread but I also have a similar question. I played a lot of Super Nintendo games on an emulator before I added them and the emulator to launch-box so all my Super Nintendo games are in a folder that is not the folder that launch box keeps making for Super Nintendo games. If I move all my SNES games to the preferred folder by launch box and edit the path using the same method will that work just as well?
  11. starfiretbt


    I know platform emulators have save state features, I was hoping somewhere someone would develop one for dos and windows because it would allow games to be beaten faster, allowing for more games to be played. Why can't dos box get save states or someone develop something similar for windows games?
  12. starfiretbt


    Do the save states work for dos and windows games yet?
  13. I like this site https://www.gamesdatabase.org/ if submitting links is okay
  14. I saw that feature but I have only the free version. I'll get premium Launch Box because I believe in supporting emulation. EDIT: It worked, thank you this post is solved.
  15. I have been experimenting with M.A.M.E. and I have noticed some games have box art and others don't, while others might have screen shots and others don't. If I choose one or the other some games are going to look like blank images. Is there a way to show one image and if it's not available skip to the next one? Or better yet, let you see all the art available if you hold your mouse over the game so you can see the game art and then the screen shots without having to go to the edit screen. Also I seem only able to organize my games by specific categories such as by year the game was made or by genre to give two examples, but it would be nice to organize by genre and then order by year it was made combining the two but in different order.
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