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  1. I got it working, I downloaded the "Duckstation" PS1 emulator for Retroarch, LaunchBox recognizes that. I don't know if it's because LaunchBox doesn't recognize Beetle or if I didn't enter it right in the "associated plateforms" but "Beetle" just didn't work for LaunchBox for me.
  2. OK, I got Retroarch set up by itself (with bios files) and I got it set up in Launchbox. I have the game loaded into Launchbox, with the .cue file selected automatically, but the game doesn't start in launchbox. I have to select it through Retroarch. Is there a way to get the game to launch from Launchbox? EDIT: you were right that I didn't need to add the command line, or do I
  3. I'm trying to set up RetroArch and I have been following the tutorial (1) up to about 5:20 when it goes "associated platforms." I want to emulate PlayStation 1 games but the emulator "Beetle PSX HW" doesn't seem to be on the list of associated platforms. I tried adding a platform by adding "Playstation 1" under [Associated Platfroms] and choosing the file in the Cores folder for [Core] but I don't know what the [Extra Command-Line Parameters] are supposed to be. I assume the [Default Emulator] box should be checked although I hear different PS emulators have different advantages for different games so I might want more than one. Also what is M3U and do I want to check it? 1.
  4. I have been looking at PCem however it sounds like it's a dying emulator (1). Something about nobody working on it, which means as computer OS's keep changing it will become useless. I would have to emulate windows 10 just to emulate windows 95. How do other LaunchBox users play windows 95 games? 1. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/321874-pcem-is-no-longer/ EDIT: Oh, it looks like the game runs just fine on windows 10. Maybe I don't need to emulate windows 95. The game was "The Time Warp of Dr. Brain."
  5. What is the recommended emulator for Window's 95 in Launchbox? Something that will run automatically when I click on a game in Launchbox. I have been looking at what looks like Virtual Box but that looks like a computer emulator in which I would have to access the games outside of Launchbox.
  6. Never mind I figured it out. I set the CD ISO image as an additional app and checked the box that says "Automatically Run Before Main Application." It would be nice if it also ejected but the CD folder remains open after I close the game so that can remind me to eject the ISO image.
  7. I'm playing a windows game that only works if the game cd is in my d-drive. I don't have a cd drive but I have the iso file which I have to click on to mimic a cd in a d-drive (I believe that is what's called mounting) just to play the game. Is there a way for launchbox to automatically mount the cd when I click on the game in launchbox and eject when I'm done? I know dos games have a feature to mount cd's but it doesn't seem to work for windows games. It's not a big deal, just an extra step just to play the game that I'm hoping LB can streamline. My biggest fear is if I forget to "eject" the iso image from my d-drive and leave it in there, I'm worried the file might get corrupted if left in there when I do something such as shut down my computer; although I don't remember being a kid and ruining cd's by leaving them in the computer.
  8. I was able to convert the bin file to a iso using AnyToIso. Thank you guys for your help. I was just wondering if either LaunchBox had the means to run a BIN file, which it looks like it does for DOS games, or if anybody could recommend any third party software that is safe. I see a lot of free antivirus software which I KNOW is dangerous so sometimes I get concerned about free software like that. But AnyToIso seems safe so far.
  9. So then I will need third party software to mount the bin file correct? Do you have any suggestions that are safe?
  10. I get the response "MSCDEX installed. Drive D is mounted as C:\Users\TBTol\Desktop\Games\LaunchBox\Games\MS-DOS\WarCraft II\WarCraft II - Battle.net Edition (USA) .cue Drive C is mounted as local directory C:\Users\TBTol\Desktop\Games\LaunchBox\Games\MS-DOS\WarCraft II_Tides of Darkness\ This program cannont be run in DOS mode. Press any key to continue" and then I get the message "The Installation process did not appear to complete successfully The MS-DOS installation process did not appear to complete successfully, as no executable files could be found in the destination folder.
  11. Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. And yes, it comes with a CUE file. The "follow topic" needs to be blue to get emails notifications correct? Because mine was black but luckily I was notified. I would hate to not hear the answer because I didn't know one was posted.
  12. How do I install a game from a BIN file? It looks like Launchbox won't recognize or mount it. I think they are primitive ISO images. Do I need to download an intermediary? I hear "WinCDEmu" is recommended according to https://www.wikihow.com/Open-BIN-Files but I'm very suspicious about downloading 3rd party software. Does anybody know if it can be trusted or at least can recommend software that is safe?
  13. I changed it, thank you for letting me know.
  14. I finally figured out windows 3x but Launch-box organized it's category under "consoles". Shouldn't it be under "computers?" This next part is just for anybody who knows anything about it, I am emulating windows 3x using "Otvdm." I know everybody seems to like exowin3x however that program seems to want me to download almost EVERY windows 3x game and I only wanted a few. Otvdm seems to work fine so far but if anybody knows something I should know about it I would love to hear it.
  15. I saw that, it looked like I would have to download a whole bunch of games that I don't want and wouldn't run the games I do want. But they have a discord so I can ask them if it will run specific games.
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