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  1. djwar

    bulk edit wizard

    @Retro808 is there a repository for LB old versions ?
  2. djwar

    bulk edit wizard

    Thank you for the advise, I actually have version 7 in my old pc, is not updated as in my laptop. I forgot that it was me who requested it.. silly me https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/1369/bulk-edit-wizard
  3. djwar

    bulk edit wizard

    Thank you Retro808, I also found a great tutorial to do it with notepad++
  4. djwar

    bulk edit wizard

    Hi all, I had to edit the folder for 1 of my emulators, How do I change the rom path for all snes games at once? I cannot find the option in the bulk edit wizard. Thanks
  5. Thanks, that really help me out. Lordmonkus I have a question about Snes9x, it's ok if you help me here to avoid spamming. and you can delete it later to keep it clean?
  6. I never understood this feature. What are the additional apps for ?
  7. Does anyone knows how to stretch it to window size? I cant find it in the video output settings options
  8. I see, right click and download media for all , great. thanks Sir
  9. I got it, then arrange by images. Can I bulk all with 0 images or do I have to go 1 by 1 here?
  10. wheres the audit tool ?
  11. thank you both for the advise, have great week!
  12. Hi all How can I download all the missing images for an specific console without affecting/duplicate the other game images? Thank you
  13. yes, that worked, deleting the config file, will create a new one, all personal configuration is lost though thank you
  14. I sure the issue can be corrected in the retroarch.cfg file, but Im still not sure which line needs to be changed
  15. I am trying to set up light gun games to work with the controller on the sega master system, games like, laser ghost, in which I didn't succeed. And by mistake the controller on Retroarch was disabled and cannot select anything in RA UI.... is there a way to enable it again, maybe from the root folder ? so I don't have to uninstall and install it back again.
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