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  1. yes, that worked, deleting the config file, will create a new one, all personal configuration is lost though thank you
  2. I sure the issue can be corrected in the retroarch.cfg file, but Im still not sure which line needs to be changed
  3. I am trying to set up light gun games to work with the controller on the sega master system, games like, laser ghost, in which I didn't succeed. And by mistake the controller on Retroarch was disabled and cannot select anything in RA UI.... is there a way to enable it again, maybe from the root folder ? so I don't have to uninstall and install it back again.
  4. Thats exactly what happened
  5. Actually they did, I have never created a playlist in launchbox ever. I was playing in the morning and testing light gun games, I closed it, came back at night, and those playlist showed up. I just found and old post of mine, related to this situation. 2nd time it happens to me. thank you all
  6. Hi all, I just opened launchbox and all these categories showed up for the Arcade platform, does anyone knows how to remove them? Or have it back the way it was before. thanks
  7. djwar

    Mame sound question

    I wonder why the intro sound it s called demo sound and by default disable, as being part of the game... strange I noticed this only happens with games that have Qsound
  8. djwar

    Mame sound question

    Thank you DOS76, demo sounds it is. it's working now
  9. djwar

    Mame sound question

    Only my SNK games have that, my Arcade games dont have dip switches settings
  10. Hi all How do you enable the Qsound for Mame ? I have the zip file, however I get no intro sound in Super Street Fighter II Turbo game, Im pretty sure it must be sound configuration
  11. djwar

    sega cd 32x

    Thank you DOS76, actually I have Kega, however it doesn't seems to have the option to eject disc, only load, boot CD and reset So I downloaded pico drive core, and found the option "Disc cycle tray status" and worked. I m curious about it, this is the first time I see you need to load disc 2 in order to play, why is that? I always thought disc 2 was only for the second half of the game.
  12. djwar

    sega cd 32x

    Hi all Is anyone able to play Fahrenheit on sega cd 32x ? Im not able to start the game and I haven't found any helpful info online.
  13. djwar

    Update Retroarch

    thank you Sir
  14. djwar

    Update Retroarch

    Hi all, Could you please explain how to update RetroArch without loosing my configuration. I have an old build from august last year 1.6.3. Thank you
  15. djwar

    off topic Launchbox

    Thank you LM and Neil9000, for helping me find the issue.. Back to normal the way I like it, simple..
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