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  1. @lordmonkus I remember not too long ago you would blame performance issues on peoples collection sizes, not LB itself. But its fixed now right? So it was a LB programming issue the whole time not our collection sizes? Who would of thought... @ALIE I have no idea what your issues are beside thinking i was talking to/about you. I was letting a newcomer from Hyperspin know what he was in for. @Kmoney I have not touched LB in months because i got sick of waiting for fixes. Figured id give it a break and see what it was like after a heap of updates. Alphabet wheel still scrolls
  2. Doesn't matter what you do Launchbox will always fail to perform correctly. I haven't touched it in months, just had a play with the most recent build and no problems have been fixed. Using the alphabet wheel in bigbox still has delayed input and goes past selection. If collection size is an issue like the mods are always saying/blaming then there should be a method in place to reduce the number of files per folder by making multiple rom/picture/video folders that all link to the same console. Seriously tho finger pointing at people's collection size is an utter joke.
  3. Do not expect any support from me anymore with regards to these imports. I don't use launchbox anymore and the EXO import feature should of been finished by now. I have no idea what has changed or if my tutorial is even still valid. I made this over a weekend because Jason cannot do it in nearly 2 years. Pray for Launchbox...
  4. Been months since I even touched launchbox. If you can't get it working they may of changed something. Seriously Jason should have exodos and Win3exo integrated by now. EXO put a lot of time and effort in on his end of integration and has waited well over a year for Jason to do his part. Let me know when things have changed.
  5. Your letting lunchbox scrape your collection and wondering why stuffs getting renamed? The instructions were pretty clear. Do not connect to the launchbox database. Do not download ANY meta untill the import is complete. That includes searching for game info.
  6. You missed this step: backup your eXoDOS.xml in launchbox data. Best to make it a .zip right there as you will need to use it to replace your eXoDOS.xml after each metadata update. (Sometimes when you search the LB database for game information it renames the games to incorrect names. This means the entire collection will never be tied to a LB DB number but if you have the images/videos present it will all still work. So go and delete your dos xml file and reimport the collection then backup that xml straight after the import. youll need it if this ever happen
  7. You get the discount code in your susbcription email from LaunchBox, and you have to MANUALLY type it into EmuMovies, Copy paste does not work.
  8. Did you just not assume my gender??
  9. Exo has released a Dos collection and a Win3x collection. Soon a Win9x.
  10. Should work with the images in my tutorial, and also should work with the Win3x0 collection as the file structure is the same. Will test tonight and if it's ok with you ill swap the first half of the tutorial for your plugin. Nice work getting the game info imported, now we have a complete import!
  11. One of the most competent and active moderators let go... I guess at this point all we can do is "Pray for Launchbox"
  12. or add this AHK script to every emulator you use/need to. It will force close the currently open process with esc. Map back in bigbox to ESC also. $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  13. You can do that with an AHK script and focus. #IfWinActive, LaunchBox Big Box !f4::c should work It will make alt+F4 only return C and only when bigbox is in focus. if not try !f4:: Send c or !{f4}::c
  14. Ive changed the dosbox one to include scummvm and separate flashes to suit. Dosbox likes to minimise if you don't get a flash in fast so I made it do that first. Also included is one I use for FS-UAE Please edit the paths in the .bats to suit your winipac.exe and .ipc files. Ipac flasher stuff.zip
  15. 1. Allow Bigbox search keyboard to have unrestricted movement 2. Make Launchbox search reset to the top of the page on each new search 3. Give the audit system a media selection menu before auditing. 4. Stop the audit system from consolidating images into the wrong column (background images, clear logos and box - back currently count as box front. 5. Add all image folders to audit (currently box -back and a few others are missing/consolidated.) (if the above issue with audit are due to view priority settings then I suggest separating the two as its confusing to have imag
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