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  1. That's not Launchbox finding content, that's Emumovies. Launchbox wouldn't of used the standard naming for the game but Emumovies did and as such downloads images and movies ect. If you check these titles they will not have a LB DB # until you fiddle with the name and recheck.
  2. This is an all too common request/issue. The bread and butter of Launchbox is the fact that you can put your roms in and it finds images automatically for them. But it only does half a job. We desperately need XMLs or DATS to run through programs like CLRMAMEPRO or have a rom auditing system that does crc32 checks and renames the roms to HOW LAUNCHBOX WANTS THEM. I batch import an entire no intro NES collection (0 roms missing) and I know for a fact you guys have every rom in the DB but HUNDREDS are missing LB DB numbers. Until I move a : " La Le Die Disk (I could make a list) or remove the second half of the title ect You guys don't follow the No-intro naming format (which I can't believe), and no one had responded to any of my questions on the matter so I'm just going to assume the Launchbox rom naming system has been slowly built up by the small moderation group. Where it should of been built on-top of complete Dat lists so names didn't get changed to what ever the moderator felt like before it got approved. That way EVERY GAME would be in the LB database and some would only be missing info and pictures till they were updated. At present we have a front end that can batch import roms, batch download metadata but cannot properly batch find all roms DB # if the rom is incorrectly named, and there is no batch option in place to rename them to how Launchbox wants, nor can I even find a text file that lists these names( rather than 1 by 1 check the website vs rom, so backwards) Datomatic has been around for a lot longer than LB they know what they are doing.... IMO it wouldn't be hard to get Launchbox to do a CRC32 check on rom import, and the checks are actually quite fast. Its a solid step everyone having uniform correctly placed metadata and complete collections. I personally cannot think of another batch solution to this major issue.
  3. Unless you merge win3x and dos collections you will not see any dupes. Leave them as separate platforms. Or you could merge and consolidate, and have to right click those few games that have different versions if you wish to play them.
  4. If you want to be the guy that cross references over 7000 games to be sure they are not identical then go for it. Until then they should be kept apart. You can only confirm games you have played with a keen eye. Even if sounds are different. I recently played D/Generation on dos for the first time which is looked at as a win3x dupe, but they are completely different.
  5. Funny, after my first use I did exactly the same thing too. Kind of. I deleted every game from each platform except 1 and reimported each collection. Got sick of having so many Asian titles id never play cluttering up the screen so i've made platforms for each like Famicom, Super Famicom, Mega-Drive ect and given them logos and banners to suit and put them in their own platform categories. I consolidated USA and world Europe ect and use them for the normal platforms. Much more pleasant to use.
  6. Ive noticed its kinda dangerous to use on some platforms. My Sega -CD collection is .cue based but scanning for added roms grabs and imports all the bins...
  7. Ok, understand why the second picture would not be used now, but still missing the choice of forcing dupes ect.
  8. Your probably confused because you have never used the feature Those shots are the screens that are missing, here are the screens you get in order.
  9. Yeah it doesn't act as it should. Someone should defs give it a look over.
  10. I'm just gonna say SEA-GAH and piss you all off
  11. If you try to use this feature to scan for added roms it misses the last 2 option pages you usually get with importing roms. If there is no option then what does it actually do? Replace all meta. leave existing fields or do not update??
  12. Are you trying to remap the dpad to the left stick or are you trying to remap the dpad to arrow keys?
  13. Starting to find that LB doesn't really follow standard Rom renaming tools like clrmamepro with No-Intro Dats. Any plans to release Dats for LB so our roms can match up correctly to LB database numbers? Or change LB to suit the dats / names from ?
  14. Looks like back on your remote is backspace and the clear button is ESC. Check to see if the clear button exits fine.
  15. Remap it with ahk. Make the remote back button report as ESC.