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  1. Is Big Box worth it?

    You get the discount code in your susbcription email from LaunchBox, and you have to MANUALLY type it into EmuMovies, Copy paste does not work.
  2. Exo has released a Dos collection and a Win3x collection. Soon a Win9x.
  3. Should work with the images in my tutorial, and also should work with the Win3x0 collection as the file structure is the same. Will test tonight and if it's ok with you ill swap the first half of the tutorial for your plugin. Nice work getting the game info imported, now we have a complete import!
  4. I am leaving LaunchBox effective... well right now

    One of the most competent and active moderators let go... I guess at this point all we can do is "Pray for Launchbox"
  5. MS-Dos AHK script wont run

    or add this AHK script to every emulator you use/need to. It will force close the currently open process with esc. Map back in bigbox to ESC also. $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  6. MS-Dos AHK script wont run

    You can do that with an AHK script and focus. #IfWinActive, LaunchBox Big Box !f4::c should work It will make alt+F4 only return C and only when bigbox is in focus. if not try !f4:: Send c or !{f4}::c
  7. MS-Dos AHK script wont run

    Ive changed the dosbox one to include scummvm and separate flashes to suit. Dosbox likes to minimise if you don't get a flash in fast so I made it do that first. Also included is one I use for FS-UAE Please edit the paths in the .bats to suit your winipac.exe and .ipc files. Ipac flasher stuff.zip
  8. Your List of Small Things

    1. Allow Bigbox search keyboard to have unrestricted movement 2. Make Launchbox search reset to the top of the page on each new search 3. Give the audit system a media selection menu before auditing. 4. Stop the audit system from consolidating images into the wrong column (background images, clear logos and box - back currently count as box front. 5. Add all image folders to audit (currently box -back and a few others are missing/consolidated.) (if the above issue with audit are due to view priority settings then I suggest separating the two as its confusing to have image priorities control which column(s) an image will be in the audit window. 6. Fully editable controller and keyboard functionality in BigBox. 7. Platform/LB/BB/null emulators level ahk tab 8. This is a really good idea > "my biggest wish: i want to drag and drop pc game exe or shortcuts and roms to the platform pane that is displayed and have those imported to that platform with default emulator (for non PC games) and my preset import settings (from Lordmonkus #3) without asking or prompting me with anything. just do it. " 9. Change Launchbox scraper to allow European titles to have Le, La,Die at the start or end of a rom name 10. Add a user defined timed control lockout during the loading game screen in Bigbox to help avoid multiple selection of games. 11. Bulk Edit additional apps 12. Allow platform level additional apps 13. Allow additional apps to be executed on emulator exit/shutdown 14. Fix consolidated roms stacking their additional apps into the primary rom. 15. Fix Bigbox losing focus when exiting emulators from time to time(requires left mouse click to fix) 16. I know we are not supposed to talk about things we would like added but a crc32/sha1 based rom checker that renames roms to the Launchbox Database format would be sweet. 17. Right click on a game and have the option to play same named games from other systems
  9. Making the rom audit system much faster

    It is stupid to audit a clear logo as a box front. If you think otherwise then wow. Credit given when credit due this thing needs to be fixed. Youve spent a lot of time in the audit system and hasn't even realized it's flaws, you think you have full images and meta for each individual game you audited? Lol. You could have background images instead of box fronts and audit couldn't tell the difference. Having an audit system that consolidates fields is stupid in my eyes. It's obvious that Jason consolidated the fields to speed up the Audit scan where he should of added a user selection page for fields to be scanned,skipping unwanted media altogether. How many of those games you audited had launchbox database numbers after you fiddled with their names?? (Going back to how long the end user has to SPEND renaming roms to the unknown LB convention because Launchbox database was never built on crc32 check sums) @Lordmonkus all my suggestions are solid improvements but they get nowhere, people here don't seem to care about functionality at all. I'm still sitting here with Bigbox occasionally losing focus and I have to get my mouse and click to refocus. Can multi select game titles before they start (or even browse to different games and start them) Arcade Maximus is more reliable when selecting titles and that's saying something... And never goes out of focus. That was built how long ago? Still random crashes even after I suggested removing or changing the way LB BB handles 0 byte corrupt files (which we all got credit for lol) I'm super keen to help out and get launchbox polished up but it's just not happening.
  10. I can not be sure of the correct way to write HID548. You will need to research that yourself sorry. Please post your findings.
  11. Ah I see the confusion now. HID should be a gamepad/joystick. Shame that script didn't detect it. For now just try LAlt::What ever back is mapped to in BigBox for the keyboard.
  12. All joystick syntax as follows. Joystick number JOY joystick hid. Last example I'll give. Running circles here. 1joy11 Refers to the 1st joystick and it's 11th hid input.
  13. I just copy ahk into another folder for testing ect. I have multiple copies running separately
  14. 72 is not a key... 1Joy72 would refer to the first joystick and its 72nd HID input. You need to find out what that button your using is reporting as and what joystick number it is, unless you want alt mapped to a key that is not used. Run this script and press some buttons, it will tell you what they are doing and name them in AHK format. JotstickTest.ahk Then again if you just want to kill the LAlt key you could always map it to an unused button. Your HID input should still be seen but alt will be sent elsewhere. Something like LAlt::_ Might work for you