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  1. retrosky said Hey new to launch box and bigBox i have some trouble. i'd like to use a generic baground for each system. but to do that i have to copy and rename my background pic with the exact name of each games.... have u a possibility to use only one picture or must i rename all? thx;) I thought it was just your desktop wallpaper?
  2. Jason Carr said Hi @Deimos, technically all box art is official imagery from the game; official images should be fine. :) Hi, fellow Modestan, what about gameplay images?
  3. Is it acceptable and/or encouraged to upload images from it's official game page/developer's site?
  4. A majority of the images on Games DB isn't actually fanart but official images. "Art" covers every image a user wants to use or upload. Not a big deal but it would be nice!
  5. Would be great and useful for finding games for people who play multiplayer. It would also be nice to see what your friends are playing, share screenshots, stream, etc. It is asking a lot but how do you feel about a online component in the future? Will it be possible?
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