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  1. ton set up doit etre monstrueux!donne moin 1/10eme de tes connaissances ca me va lol.bravo
  2. great stuff thank you have you the covers without the box?if yes can you share please? i like have both
  3. and in the future no possibilities to contribute for different languages?
  4. Hi I wanted to know if it was possible to contribute to the games database by translating the one if? and if at the time of scraping it was possible to choose the language you want?
  5. hey for me it launch automaticaly on gui i must manualy launch the game have u allready had this issue?
  6. ok.... romPath = %1% If A_Hour between 06:59 and 20:59 Run, "RETROARCH\PATH" -L "CORE\PATH\DAY.Dll" -c "CONFIG\PATH\DAY.cfg" "%romPath%", 1 else Run, "RETROARCH\PATH" -L "CORE\PATH\NIGHT.Dll" -c "CONFIG\PATH\NIGHT.cfg" "%romPath%", 1 Here is the final script Just Works Perfectly. Thx to every one! in fact if u wana do that i separate my config files like that: Retroarch Config Sega Saturn Beetle Saturn Sega Saturn.cfg Sega Saturn - Nightly Beetle
  7. i koroth i've test it like that romPath = %1% If A_Hour between 06:59 and 20:59 Run, "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch\retroarch.exe" -L "F:\Emulateurs\Retroarch\cores\Sega Saturn.Dll" -c "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch\config\Sega Saturn\Sega Saturn.cfg" "%romPath%", 1 else Run, "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch\retroarch.exe" -L "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch\cores\Sega Saturn Nightly.Dll" -c "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch\config\Sega Saturn Nightly\Sega Saturn Nightly.cfg" "%romPath%", 1 in my principal set up but it launch a command window 1 sec ant nothing
  8. i found a solution not the easiest but it's ok.creat a retroarch folder per system.we can't ATM point the config file in the config folder so it automaticaly point the co,nfig in the root of retroarch so as example i' create 2 folders Sega Saturn Day and sega Saturn Night.it's preaty cool i can custom my retroachievement sound per system!
  9. Just a last thing. (sorry) how can we point the config file?
  10. Thank you very much my friend.Sincerly!
  11. Ok it dosent' work in the same hour so...i made a test actualy for me it's 23h50. imade different hours for test If A_Hour between 07:01 and 23:48 don't work If A_Hour between 07:01 and 23:00 don't work If A_Hour between 07:01 and 22:59 WORKING So i think we must do If A_Hour between 06:59 and 20:59 for working perfectly. weird bug or just a script can't be precise and see every minutes in the same hour as the absolute same hour.
  12. it switch...sometimes day and other time night.LOL have u test it?maybe i'de made a mistake?
  13. i've try romPath = %1% If A_Hour >= 07 and A_Hour <= 21 Run, "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch - Sega Saturn\Sega Saturn - Jour\retroarch.exe" -L "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch - Sega Saturn\Sega Saturn - Jour\cores\Sega Saturn.Dll" "%romPath%", 1 If A_Hour >= 21 and A_Hour <= 07 Run, "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch - Sega Saturn\Sega Saturn - Nuit\retroarch.exe" -L "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch - Sega Saturn\Sega Saturn - Nuit\cores\Sega Saturn Nightly.dll" "%romPath%", 1 but it launch both configurations lol.nightly is reconized lol...:)
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