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  1. Hi I had a problem a few months ago with big box not working, I tried to go back to a working time as per instructions but it didn't work. I get as far as the play button and press it , screen says please wait and goes back to play screen again. My question is would it be better to back up and remove launch box then start again ? And the best way to do it
  2. Hi I have no games starting they go to the play screen and then go to a screen saying loading then goes back to the play screen
  3. Ok did all that now launch box and big box launch when I go to play a game it says "now loading " (which I never seen before) then it goes back to the play screen
  4. Launbox/data/settings.xml is corrupt
  5. Hi trying to run launch box or big box I get the corrupt xml file have tried most of the back up xml files which only seem to be over 1 month 3 years ago anyhow none of them work
  6. wigan

    Adding roms

    Hi all just moved over to premium and love it. Just downloaded some capcom 2 roms checked on line found an emulator and tested all seemed ok. Went to put them in launchbox and couldn't see capcom 2 in the wizard drop down box so I just called it capcom 2 and loaded in the roms. It stated that it has loaded 36 roms but there is nothing on the screen no games no artwork ect ? Every other one has worked in the past
  7. Hi all first time post, started using Launch box for my build and all was going ok. I then started using Retroarch and it all started to confuse me. When i first added an emulator through Retroarch i picked it in the first drop down menu and then on the second drop down menu i clicked on the destination path of the Retroarch exe file. All seemed to be ok and started on the next one, on the first drop down menu it says Retroarch has already been used ? . So i used the name of the core for the emulator i was using and picked the exe for Retroarch again but it wouldn't work ???. Going through this process i accidentally deleted a working emulator and i cant seem to work out how to add an emulator for all of the roms eg Sega Genesis, i have 30 roms and can work out how to put the emulator on singular roms but not as a batch lot. My 3rd question (if you understand my last 2) is how hard is mame to get working, I obtained some roms and nothing they dont work with any of the emulators. I even tried getting a 164 rom and loading 164 mame but still nothing. thanks for listening i thought that the woodwork wood be the hardest part of the build, it is proving otherwise at this point lol
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