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  1. DOS76 said To fix your issue with the game for Double Dribble rev a right click it select edit and then in the edit form go to the path and change it to the game you have and that should fix the issue with that. Thanks.. Yea, I know I can do that.. But that's a PITA.. Sure, it's a fix for this.. But what happens when I have 100 possible (or more, or less, who knows) games that have this issue.. I don't want to be going through and manually fixing..
  2. I've been playing with roms/romsets/etc for weeks now trying to get everything the way I want it.. I have imported rom's in LaunchBox, imported all the details (art, videos, etc) for them etc.. I then realized I had duplicates of tons of games so I went through using the program "Everything" and started searching for "(Japan)" and the like.. I deleted a bunch of roms that way.. Today I want into my NES collection and tried to play a game.. It said Rom file not found.. I go into LB and view the details.. Sure enough, it's pointing to Double Dribble (USA) (Rev A).zip and my current collection does not have that file.. It has Double Dribble (USA).zip My question / issue is kinda two fold.. 1.. It would be nice if there was an audit / update / similar function in LB that would go through your library and remove any entries for files that are no longer there.. 2. What I did was I added the same rom path into the import roms in LB and wanted to see if it would correct itself.. What happened doesn't make sense to me.. It added 55 games.. However, it did not add Double Dribble (USA).zip?? Any help is appreciated.. Thanks
  3. nyny77 said https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agcbwMZ5qMo&feature=youtu.be Dayummmm!! This is amazing! Great stuff!!
  4. imdavid555 said The Cover Flow with Details view is very similar: I bet you can switch the location of the video and details around to get an even more similar look. Jason so far posted two tutorial videos about how to edit/create your own themes so you maybe to do this yourself : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYBvzuvtZ3k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iB3IbhGiHws BTW that pic you posted is the Aeon MQ6 theme for Hyperspin incase you didn't know. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/13804-aeon-mq6-unified-16x9-wip-branch-of-dark13s-aeon-nox-xiii-htpc-kodi-style/ Thanks.. Coverflow is too resource intensive IMO and doesn't look nice.. I like the poster look as you can see more games.. Yes, I posted in the one thread and quoted the guy who created it: https://www.launchbox-app.com/forum/big-box-custom-themes/bigbox-user-create-theme-mega-thread-share-your-custom-made-themes/page-7#p24214 Thanks for the reply.
  5. I really want a view similar to this one below but curious how hard it would be to make.. It would be great if a view similar to this would be included by default.. I'm a long time Kodi user and used to the poster look on the bottom but that video in the middle makes it perfect!
  6. imdavid555 said What are you trying to do? You asked earlier where the enable/disable "Show favorites games" and "Show Recent games" options are and there they are in your second picture highlighted in green. I'm trying to get my view to look like OPs.. His: Mine: The readme/directions for the them: - disable "show Favorite Games" and "Show Recent Games" in Option > Filters List in BigBox - You have to change manually every image for every plateform in Launchbox or directly in "LaunchBox\Images\Platforms\{plateform_name}\Banner\". I'm not referring to the background difference.. Just how his is a large NES and mine is smaller with that text..
  7. imdavid555 said options have been organized better in the last update. Should be now in Options>Views What am I doing wrong here?? Thanks
  8. disable "show Favorite Games" and "Show Recent Games" in Option > Filters List in BigBox I can't find these.. Unless I'm blind maybe something has changed and these options are somewhere else?
  9. NewYears1978 said SentaiBrad said NewYears1978 said Wondering if at some point I can port my HTPC/Kodi style theme that I was making for HyperSpin (you can see it here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/13804-aeon-mq6-unified-16x9-wip-branch-of-dark13s-aeon-nox-xiii-htpc-kodi-style/) I hope so as LaunchBox is far more user friendly for the unexperienced user. Since this looks very close to one of the BigBox views as is, then yes. BigBox was made in the same theming engine we are allowing users to use to create their themes. Yah I know it's possible, what I meant by my post is more like inner thinking. Was wondering to myself if it was possible for me to accomplish my theme... If that makes sense lol. It was a crap ton of work and since this themeing engine is new..would have to learn it..looks similar to HTML though ;) (Just in messing with Big Box last night though I am not so sure..I installed the Beta and the Box art's keep disappearing..they work then after using app a few mins they all turn grey (or some of them do)) I love how far Launchbox has come for sure :) A view similar to this here below is exactly what I'm wanting and kinda shocked it's not there by default.. Posters on the bottom and video above it.. Perfect!! Anyone know how to make this? Thanks!
  10. I have an issue when browsing my games in BigBox where my posters will go all gray and if I wait long enough (stop flipping through games) the images will eventually catch up.. I am running it on an HP Laptop - Core I5-2540M @ 2.6Ghz, 16GB of Ram, 256GB SSD, and AMD Radeon HD 6470M graphics card.. I'm thinking it's the amount of games but I was hoping that once it did this and built a cache or similar it wouldn't happen anymore.. Any thoughts? Thanks!!
  11. I subscribed to emu today so I can scrape videos.. How do I rescrape all my games so I get the video previews now? Thanks! Great software!
  12. So in the attachment below.. I just took the first one that is "broken".. All those red files that I'm assuming are missing.. Are those missing from one of the zip files that should be in a mame romset?
  13. From a CLRmamepro scan: Missing ·Sets 215/11617 ·ROMs 826/160053 ·CHDs 647/869 ·Samples -/2832 ·Bytes 1gb/127gb Fixed Wrong Case ·Sets 0/0 ·ROMs 0/0 ·CHDs 0/0 ·Samples -/- Fixed Unneeded ·Sets 3/3 ·ROMs 0/0 ·CHDs 0/0 ·Samples -/- Fixed Wrong Name ·Sets 0/0 ·ROMs 0/0 ·CHDs 0/0 Fixed Wrong Size ·ROMs 0/0 Fixed Wrong Date Time ·ROMs 0/0 Wrong Hashes ·Wrong CRC32 ROMs 0 ·Wrong SHA1 ROMs 0 ·Wrong MD5 ROMs 0 ·Wrong SHA1 CHDs 0 ·Wrong MD5 CHDs 0 Corrupt Containers 0 --------------------------------------- Active Sets 11617/11617 ·Parents 2165/2165 ·Clones 5540/5540 ·Others 3850/3850 ·BIOS 62/62 Active ROMs 160053/160053 ·Parents 33169/33169 ·Clones 88383/88383 ·Others 35337/35337 ·bad dumps 998/998 ·no dumps 1832/1832 ·verified dumps 0/0 ·BIOS 334/334 Active CHDs 869/869 ·Parents 105/105 ·Clones 159/159 ·Others 302/302 ·bad dumps 172/172 ·no dumps 130/130 ·verified dumps 0/0 ·BIOS 1/1 Active Samples 2832/2832 ·Parents 595/595 ·Clones 2037/2037 Active Bytes 127gb/127gb Good? Bad? Who knows!!
  14. GetBelgarath said I would have thought they would be, but I suppose it depends on the source where you downloaded them from. just google mame bios sets and you should find what you're looking for straight away Getting closer.. Now I just missing: mslug : v2.bin (131072 bytes) - NOT FOUND (neogeo) Sigh.. So much for "complete"..
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