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  1. Hi guys, I told Jason last year sometime in a YT vid comment if he implemented dual screen (marquee) support I would jump ship and buy a license, well I just got a license Friday and starting my setup on my full size cab now, I have mame almost totally configured and am blown away by how easy it was to setup. I'll be posting pics in the coming days reflecting my transition to bigbox . I look forward to this community
  2. I was wondering why paypal wasnt listed as a payment option...now i know
  3. danwelsh

    New guy questions

    Okay awesome, thanks for the reply :), but what about the marquee support for a second display, Is that difficult to implement for big box, and yes i have a full size cab with joysticks, spinner, trackball and buttons.
  4. danwelsh

    New guy questions

    Hi guys. My name is Dan from Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada. Im about to buy a launchbox license and going to make the jump from HS for my cabinet. I have multiple questions so I figured id put them in one thread. Okay so here goes: 1-I understand there is support now for a dual monitor/dynamic marquee setup, how do I implement this? Right now in HS i use Hypermarquee/EDS and have all the marquees for my games and systems....will i have to rename a bunch of stuff? 2-I have most of the artwork/video snaps from setting up HS, will launchbox find what I already have and download what im missing? 3-Will i need to purchase or setup an account at emumovies again to download missing artwork? 4-For my full size cab am i better off using bigbox?
  5. Hi thinking on trying this out on my cab but wondering if there's the ability to display a marquee on a 2nd monitor?
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