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  1. good point :/ i'll just have to be selective of what ones i get for the time being i guess. Not sure to be honest, i'm still fairly new to rom hacks. I don't think Mario Adventure 2 does and i know there's a lot of Castlevania and Mega Man hacks, i'd imagine there's some good ones there without covers.
  2. depends how much they'd want haha at least with reddit gold, if it's not done or i get scammed etc, it's only about £2.40 I've got box art for the following hacks at the moment if anyone needs them: Pokemon Liquid Crystal, Mario Adventure, Super Mario 64 Star Road, Sonic 3 Complete and Sonic 2 retro remix.
  3. i should have thought of that, been doing that for my ps1 rpgs haha. Managed to find a few fan made covers for hacks so far. What i'm thinking of doing is, if there's any hacks i desperately want to keep and can't find art work, i'll make a list of them then go on to the photoshop requests subreddit and pay someone some reddit gold to knock them up for me haha. Yes i really am that anal about it!
  4. should be doable although i haven't used dropbox before so i'm not sure :/
  5. That's what i've been doing, made a couple myself so far. Perhaps we should have a thread for sharing them?
  6. i was wondering how you guys get/make covers for rom hacks in your collection? is there a database of them somewhere perhaps?
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