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  1. depends how much they'd want haha at least with reddit gold, if it's not done or i get scammed etc, it's only about £2.40 I've got box art for the following hacks at the moment if anyone needs them: Pokemon Liquid Crystal, Mario Adventure, Super Mario 64 Star Road, Sonic 3 Complete and Sonic 2 retro remix.
  2. i should have thought of that, been doing that for my ps1 rpgs haha. Managed to find a few fan made covers for hacks so far. What i'm thinking of doing is, if there's any hacks i desperately want to keep and can't find art work, i'll make a list of them then go on to the photoshop requests subreddit and pay someone some reddit gold to knock them up for me haha. Yes i really am that anal about it!
  3. should be doable although i haven't used dropbox before so i'm not sure :/
  4. That's what i've been doing, made a couple myself so far. Perhaps we should have a thread for sharing them?
  5. i was wondering how you guys get/make covers for rom hacks in your collection? is there a database of them somewhere perhaps?
  6. that did it thank you very much :) is it possible for us to add custom music to games that dont have any? EDIT: nevermind, i figured out how to!
  7. Theres a load of other stuff after that, anyone know a fix?
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