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  1. absolutely amazing! any plans to make a matching pause theme?
  2. yeah i think so, should i jump back a version
  3. i've tried all of the above and BB still isn't launching
  4. I'd like to see a scraper for rom hacks personally
  5. Thought we could have a thread where people can request videos for rom hacks if they're struggling to find any! Personally, i'm looking for Pokemon Pink (Hack of Blue) and Peaches Winter Adventure (SMB nes hack)
  6. is there anyway around this? this is the only theme i've found that i like but the black videos are annoying as hell
  7. that's swell, thanks a lot! hopefully they'll include it soon!
  8. sorry but i can't seem to find it at all would you be kind enough to send me a screenshot?
  9. Hi was wondering if you have any logos available for the following Rom Hacks? Knuckles in Sonic The Hedgehog Knuckles in Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Sonic 2 Retro Remix Sonic 3 Complete Sonic Crackers Sonic The Hedgehog The S Factor
  10. awesome collection! i am so jealous of the tales of destiny and lunar ones...I have collectors editions of tales of xillia 2 and tales of symphonias ps release Yeah Koudelka's a good un. Haven't played it in a couple of years actually, i should sort that. I think i'd appreciate it even more now since i got into H.P Lovecraft etc. I'd forgotten about Future Cop, haven't played it since about 2001ish. Never noticed before but you're right - it is an ED-209 knock off lmao (incidentally- why did OCP program 209 to squeal?) and speaking of Robocop... Robocop VS Terminator
  11. mine too! I've never understood how the N64 was considered serious competition for it. I mean, look at the sheer amount of games in each genre the PSX has compared to N64 then look how many of them were best sellers and still considered must plays today. You've got final fantasy 7-9, metal gear solid, tekken, tomb raider, resident evil 1-survivor, wipeout, suikoden, star ocean,soul reaver and dozens more. N64 has ocarina of time, majoras mask, mario 64, mario kart and golden eye lol. 300 physical? bloody hell! i probably have about 30 or so haha. i'll recommend Koudel
  12. Yeah i actually have a physical copy of it in here somewhere! haven't played it for a long time though! I might do recs' for a few ps1 games when i get off work later
  13. lol you're welcome! it's not an easy game by any means but getting good at it feels pretty rewarding. I'm going to cheat slightly with my next rec. This game IS well known but i think most people wont have played it solely because it comes across as a kids game. World of Illusion for Sega Genesis The game is pretty much your standard platformer when you play alone. Mickey and Donald are pretty much the same character, since both can use their magic cape to attack the enemies, but it doesn't work to jump on the enemies in this game. They can
  14. I'm going to recommend Atomic Runner for Sega Genesis. I'll concede that the gameplay is an acquired taste: the continuously scrolling screen makes for a steep learning curve and the unique controls get in the way at first. It definitely pays to find out which control layout - there are as many as nine - suits you best and then stick with it until both moving and shooting become second nature. This is when the fun begins as the seemingly cumbersome and counterintuitive controls prove very responsive and extremely accurate. Chelnov does exactly what you tell him to and does it with unmistakeabl
  15. Where do you guys get your openbor games from? I've found a couple i like but i'm looking to build up a collection of them!
  16. edit: never mind i've decided to stop using it, not worth the hassle.
  17. There's images in there and i refreshed but i've still got black backgrounds on the console screen in big box :(
  18. Thats cool, went there and voted it up! fingers crossed
  19. Is this possible at the moment? some of my games have quite long note sections and it would be nice to have it automatically scroll down through all of the note section
  20. so i'm trying to get backgrounds for my consoles to look like this https://www.launchbox-app.com/forum/big-box-custom-themes/cleanhardware#p20479 I've done the "tools-manage-platforms-edit-images" and added the necessary ones but they won't show up! What have i done wrong? Cheers!
  21. has anybody got any more of those game cover mosaics to share? i'm looking for ps1,snes, gameboy color, arcade, gamecube, ps2, master system and atari 2600 cheers!
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