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  1. Greetings, Jason. Nive to see you're already on top of it. Looking forward for a final fix to this. Thanks for bearing with us and our requests.
  2. Ok, Jason, now we're geting somewhere, since I can replicate the problem (a different problem) everytime. First time I launch the app, the platform selection works. I press the right ou down arrow in any of the controllers (the small one or the game controller), and it works. If I exit the app in the menu, it will never work again, unless 1) restart the shield; 2) force-close the app in the shield applications settings. I tried to exit the app and get back in 20 times and it never worked, while previously (in the .21 version), it randomly would work (after 8, 10, 12 times, maybe). Now it will always work the 1st time the app is run, and will never work again if you exit the app in the menu, until you force-close it. Maybe now you'll be able to replicate it in your system too, hopefully. Either way, now I know how to solve it on my own, so, even if you can't debug it, I will know what to do to solve it. Many thanks for this new version (.22). Cheers!
  3. Thanks for your help. I'm at work now, but in a few hours I'll have a test drive at it. About the other question, I think it has always showed a splash screen at startup, but now I'm not sure. Anyway, I'll have a go at it later today and let you know how it went.
  4. No, thank you! I know you have this covered. I just don't understand how is it that this happens sometimes almost a dozen times in a row, and then out of a sudden, it works ok for 2, 3 times.
  5. Hello Jason. I'm sorry, but I guess you misunderstood my problem (or probably I didn't explain it the best I could). The problem I have now is that I can't navigate the platforms list, not that they're not there. What I mean is that nVidia Shield TV isn't a phone with touch screen support, the controllers have to work on their own. When the app starts, there's no platform pre-selected, and the controller buttons/stick doesn't select neither go down/up on the platforms list, only the left button allows to access the menu. Even if I select "Platforms" on the menu, it still doesn't select any platform, and the buttons/stick still can't go up/down to select any.
  6. Hello Jason. I have the latest version provided by nVidia. And it is the same hardware as the one you have. I use an external USB pen. The thing is... it works sometimes. But sometimes I have to close the application (in the menu) and restart the app about 10 times before it works as normal. I also had the problem with white and black screens as others pointed out before, but that is all sorted out by now, only this problem remains (since the first beta available).
  7. I'm not sure about this, but the shield tv doesn't work correctly. Many times when the app is launched, it doesn't navigate to the platforms section. It only allows me to enter the menu, select anything, but not the platforms/games. This isn't a problem of the controller, as mentioned before, since it happens even if the controller is offline. Sometimes the app functions properlly, but most of the time it doesn't. I have the shield tv newest version, not pro. It is in the most current version, as is the LBA version (.21)
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