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  1. I use both, with the same results. Running LB anything above version 9.1 will not let most MAME roms run.
  2. Thanks for your input but that didn’t correct the problem.
  3. Yes, un-checking the boxes does not prevent the screens from loading.
  4. If you’re referring to the startup screens, I tried turning them off, same issue. What exactly is in unchecking the startup screens supposed to do? If it’s remove the full screen LOADING or the GAME OVER, that is not the case. Also I am now running the latest MAME update.
  5. Getting no help with this problem, not feeling any love. Anyway for those who are following me and my issue, I noticed right clicking the mouse takes me from the black screen to the “ GAME OVER “ screen. After I go back to LB I see that MAME is running, as I see it’s icon at the bottom of the screen. I can click on it and MAME comes up with the ROM that I picked to play and it’s running fine. Hmm interesting........ Input anyone?
  6. Yes, the sound plays, I also ran Robotron and it ran ok for some strange reason ,but most quit after a few seconds
  7. I just verified LB V9.1 works V9.2 doesn’t
  8. No that didn’t correct the problem either.
  9. Preventing the update is a not the issue issue, I just don’t understand why I can’t get 9.2 working correctly! Thanks for your response though.
  10. Update, today I reinstalled LB using version 8.6, everything worked fine until I went to load BigBox. The latest version (9.2) of LB installed automatically and BB launched, back to the same problem. What do you think? Anybody have an idea what my next step should be?
  11. Hey Guy’s, When I recently installed a Windows 7 critical update, LaunchBox quit working correctly. When I run a MAME mod within the LaunchBox app, it begins with NOW LOADING ( I don’t recall ever seeing the large NOW LOADING or GAME OVER before updating), the game begins, but only for a few seconds then goes to a black screen with the mouse arrow. I press the game escape button and get a large GAME OVER then back to LaunchBox. MAME runs fine out of LB but not in conjunction. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dave
  12. Everyone, thanks for your help, I found the problem. The MAME64 I was running was located on a different drive. For some reason LB didn't like it. Once I directed LB to the copy on the same drive as LB, I no longer had a problem. Case closed. Thanks again.
  13. I can run the rom from inside MAME64. Do you want me to run the audit inside MAME? Also, what is the best way to run MAME when using LB, split or non-merged?
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