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  1. Oh no, don't get me wrong Jason, i wanted just to setup different batch files like Run.bat and RunWindowed.bat so i could choose with the right click to launch the windowed batch file, and double click on it and play it in fullscreen as default... I think that as an easier way to launch a game because if it's a native windows application there could be command line parameters, and if it's a dosbox environment could just run another batch which points to another config file that has for example fullscreen=false... I didn't want to change that from launchbox I was just in search for a way to launch the same game with different batch files and different configs, or just the same game with different command line parameters Thank you i'll search for that particular function
  2. Hi, i'm a long time launchbox user I just write here to know if someone else is having this "issue"... When i use launchbox, and i'm in my desktop PC, i would be able to choose if i want to run the game fullscreen or not... Here is the matter: Would have helped if other than Configure, there was another entrypoint linkable to the game. For example dosbox games, i generally use my own bat files which is good for pathing purposes, but i would like to have other than GAME.bat which loads GAME.CONF another one which is GAME_FS.bat (fs for fullscreen) which loads GAME_FS.CONF but i only see 2 fixed entrypoints: Game (CTRL+P) and Configure (CTRL+G)... Let's take for granted that "Game" runs it fullscreen then (because it would be simpler that way since bigbox maybe only launch the first entrypoint), it would be nice to have another entrypoint for launching a "Game Windowed" version... (It could be also handled in bigbox with a popup, but anyway that's not the major point ) Dunno if all of this makes senses to you... i hope so Just in case it is already doable, and i missed it, please show me the way p.s.: Thank you for your app Jason, it really shows how much do you care for it, and how much do you care for your customers
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