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  1. I'm having this exact same issue above, where everything displays as normal in Launchbox, all cover images are displayed, but in BigBox they all show as empty.
  2. Well, i guess there isn't a way to do this. I just need to import all the steam videos for steam games that are already added. Going through them one by one just isn't feasible as there are too many.
  3. @CriticalCid Thank you for making that so easy. I've created a theme and voila, instantly what i'm looking for. @Jason Carr I continue to be impressed by the flexibility of this system of yours. Hats off to you and your team, this software and community is top-notch! I know for sure that this multi-faceted front-end absolutely meets my needs. Thank you!
  4. Hi everyone. Within the Coverflow with Details View, on the screen it displays the following: Title in top left Details in top middle Video in top left Flow of games along bottom Is there a way to replace the 'details in top middle' with the game outline that explains what the game is about? I don't need the details listed, but would love to read a game overview. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone. I've already previously imported all of my Steam games, quite a hefty amount of them too. I see with the latest update we can no import Steam Trailer Videos which is amazing! I see exactly how to do this by manually editing each Steam game and then downloading the Steam video, however how can i do this automatically? If i go to 'import > Steam games' and connect to my Steam ID, none of my games come up on the listing because i've already previously imported them. How can i get it to list all of my games again and give me the option to automatically download all of the Steam videos? Thanks!
  6. Disregard. I realized it didn't actually choose the controller from the list.
  7. Hi everyone. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so apologies if it is not. I have an xbox 360 wireless controller that is connected to my system via a small wireless controller device. In the LaunchBox options i set it to controller and it works fine, but when i set it to controller in BigBox the screen choices keep scrolling up forever, and i cannot get back to options to turn off controller. Is there a manual way to edit BigBox controller options? An ini file somewhere?
  8. Thanks everyone. I've purchased premium.
  9. Thanks for the responses. That's what i wanted to know. To be honest, the features of this software so far look amazing so there is a very good chance i'll shift over to the $50.00 lifetime license, but i want to test it out first and get the full feeling. The $20.00 option is just perfect for this. On a side note, i'm impressed that my questions have already been answered in under 5 minutes. Holy cow! Great community already!
  10. Thanks, i do understand that information. However i still don't know if the BigBox no longer allows access at the end of the year. The overview of Premium states that you lose access to updates. I'm not worried so much about updates, i just wish to continue access to the BigBox after the year.
  11. Hi everyone. So far, LB and BB look exactly like what I'm looking for, so i want to buy the $20.00 premium, however i have one question first. I understand that premium allows you to have access to BB as well as a year of updates. What happens at the end of the year? Obviously no more updates, however do I continue to have access to BigBox? Thanks!
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