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  1. I have more info on my issue after fiddling around. It turns out only the playlists do not display the cover arts in coverflow view. As if bigbox do not pull the cover art when a playlist is displayed. Is the cache different for playlists?
  2. Yup I have i set up similar to that but wont load images in cover flow views in big box. They load fine in launchbox.
  3. Hey guys, been having this issue for a while and I can't figure how to fix it. As the title say, the box images will not load when I go in the cover flow views of any theme (tried to change the image type like logo, front box 3d box but nothing loads). I can see the box images when not in cover flow. I tried the cache all images option but it does not work. Would be very thankful for any help you guys can provide on my issue, Cheers!
  4. I use a steam link to stream my PC to my living room TV. I have a keyboard with track pad plugged into the steam link that I use to control the PC remotely. Whenever I start Launchbox (not bigbox), all keyboard and mouse inputs stop working. I can still move the mouse cursor but I cannot click anywhere, I cannot use the keyboard and shortcuts like win+D. As soon as I close Launchbox on the PC, everything comes back to normal.
  5. Script that removes the windows top Frame, making older games run in borderless windowed. The Hotkey is F12 to activate it once the game is running and the script is loaded. ToggleFakeFullscreen() { CoordMode Screen, Window static WINDOW_STYLE_UNDECORATED := -0xC40000 static savedInfo := Object() ;; Associative array! WinGet, id, ID, A if (savedInfo[id]) { inf := savedInfo[id] WinSet, Style, % inf["style"], ahk_id %id% WinMove, ahk_id %id%,, % inf["x"], % inf["y"], % inf["width"], % inf["height"] savedInfo[id] := "" } else { savedInfo[id] := inf := Object() WinGet, ltmp, Style, A inf["style"] := ltmp WinGetPos, ltmpX, ltmpY, ltmpWidth, ltmpHeight, ahk_id %id% inf["x"] := ltmpX inf["y"] := ltmpY inf["width"] := ltmpWidth inf["height"] := ltmpHeight WinSet, Style, %WINDOW_STYLE_UNDECORATED%, ahk_id %id% mon := GetMonitorActiveWindow() SysGet, mon, Monitor, %mon% WinMove, A,, %monLeft%, %monTop%, % monRight-monLeft, % monBottom-monTop } } GetMonitorAtPos(x,y) { ;; Monitor number at position x,y or -1 if x,y outside monitors. SysGet monitorCount, MonitorCount i := 0 while(i < monitorCount) { SysGet area, Monitor, %i% if ( areaLeft <= x && x <= areaRight && areaTop <= y && y <= areaBottom ) { return i } i := i+1 } return -1 } GetMonitorActiveWindow(){ ;; Get Monitor number at the center position of the Active window. WinGetPos x,y,width,height, A return GetMonitorAtPos(x+width/2, y+height/2) } F12:: ToggleFakeFullscreen() Return
  6. In the game list in the importer, select and press delete on your keyboard to remove unwanted games from the list.
  7. Damn, grabbing this right now, thanks a bunch.
  8. Really really like v4 new view with the wheel that sows the description on top. Favorite game view on launchbox for sure. Great work.
  9. An option to dsplay a clock in bigbox would be nice.
  10. Klamp

    Cave Mame Bezel

    Cave Mame Bezel View File Couple of mame bezels for Cave games I made. Submitter Klamp Submitted 01/01/17 Category Game Media  
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Couple of mame bezels for Cave games I made.
  12. I have the same problem with both versions. Just tested with both cores and same input problem. Really weird. Figured it out. I had both A and Y buttons configured to the A button in RA's input binds for some reason. Thanks for the reply.
  13. I am getting a weird behavior when trying to map my xbox 360 wireless controller in the mame2014 core. I hit tab to map the controls in the mame overlay but here is my problem: -I cant map the Y button of my controller (JOYCODE_1_BUTTON3), its not picked up by mame. Did a test outside of mame and it is functional. -When I map button 1 in mame to any controller button, mame adds the Y button to it. Here is an example of a config file xml with the problem. I tried to edit the file manually but JOYCODE_1_BUTTON3 does not do anything in game. <?xml version="1.0"?> <!-- This file is autogenerated; comments and unknown tags will be stripped --> <mameconfig version="10"> <system name="default"> <input> <port type="P1_BUTTON1"> <newseq type="standard"> JOYCODE_1_BUTTON2 JOYCODE_1_BUTTON3 </newseq> </port> <port type="P1_BUTTON2"> <newseq type="standard"> JOYCODE_1_BUTTON1 </newseq> </port> <port type="P1_BUTTON3"> <newseq type="standard"> JOYCODE_1_BUTTON4 </newseq> </port> <port type="P1_BUTTON4"> <newseq type="standard"> JOYCODE_1_BUTTON6 </newseq> </port> Any help or hints would be appreciated. Thanks!
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