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  1. Hey buddy ill take a stab at a couple for you. Edit: For the Ambulance game logo, do you want me to keep the ambulance in it?
  2. Here is "Gameboy Gallery 2" for Gameboy this is the Australian Clear Logo Added to Database
  3. Missed one Here is Evil Dead Regeneration for Ps2 Added to Database
  4. Here is the last of the Ps2 Logos that i needed completed. An obscure Ps2 Game "Great Battles of Rome" Added to database
  5. I use Photoshop, and export as .png
  6. Hey man, There is a lot there, I will have to pick and choose a few to do, After a quick look ill do Overboard 3 of the Army men games Eswat Grand Slam Soleil Sonic the hedghog I'll see how i go with the rest. But can't promise i'll do the lot. EDIT- Here is a few.
  7. Here is two for Raptor will any of these do? And with the Space quest one, Do you just want it to say Space Quest 1?
  8. No worries, Zork Nemesis is posted above with the others. Not the one your after?
  9. No worries, Glad i could help.
  10. Do you only need Space quest and Raptor?
  11. Here you go. Added to Database
  12. Hi Buddy, I'll do these ones for you now.
  13. Hi everyone I see there is a lot of requests, I am busy this weekend, I'll get to them on Monday.
  14. Here is the Logo for Yugioh Capsule Monster Coliseium for the Ps2 Added To database
  15. Cheers man, What you said should be an obvious thing to do first before asking for one to be made, I'm not gonna make one that already exists. I'm aiming to make ones that don't exist or that do and are in poor quality.
  16. Here is the Clear Logo for the Ps2/Xbox Game "Run Like Hell" Added To Database. The Ps2 Version Does not even appear in the database, So added to Xbox for now
  17. Here is the Clear Logo for the PC Indie Game "To The Moon" Added To Database. I will be working on a few Ps2 Logos as i have just finished importing my Ps2 games and some have missing or crappy clear logos.
  18. Thanks man , No worries ill see what i can do.
  19. No Worries man, It's comments like this that make me want to do these. Enjoy
  20. Here You go man, Hope you like it. Lupin III - Densetsu no Hihou wo Oe! I think it turned out rather well, Also my first Japanese Logo Added to Database
  21. Here is Tombi! 2 Logo Added To Database
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