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  1. The fabric is to help waterproof the images behind the plexiglasses . Since it’s to be used as a coffee table I had to expect occasional spills . I used thick foam tape around the glass so it can sit snug and flush with the plexiglass sides . I will gladly post more pictures of this build if anyone is Interested . Like i mentioned I am in the process of planing a new one with aluminum rods to make the build lighter and easier to put together ! If anyone is interested In a detailed log please also let me know !
  2. Any thoughts would be appreciated ! This was more of a prototype , I am in the process of building another one with aluminum rods left over from a CNC machine project . Intel i5 6600k Asus Z97 Pro 16gb Ddr4 GTX 960 tUrbo 4gb Intel PCIE solid state 500GB 4tb Seagate Intel wifi AC Dual + bt 4.0 (7260) 1000w power supply 30” DELL Ulatrasharp 2560 x 1600 2x USB 3.0 out HDMI 1.4 out (to connect Ext tv or projector) Cat6 out 6871C6F9-4185-4497-B2B9-F351BD617965.MOV
  3. boom bang pow just like that everything is now working ! great help thank you very much .
  4. Hi everyone ! So im trying to find the option as described in all tutorials to delay minimum startup video duration located in General options but i cant find it . i renamed the video "startup" and placed the video in my video folder but when i start bigbox only the default logo shows up. please help
  5. hey i was thinking that it could be good to have some the customizations built with a simple wizard with a live preview of what the different mods affect but in a separate window . im probably saying this all wrong but im sure you can envision the instant gratification of simply using a wizard explaining what this category of mod change and seeing the immediate result for a perfect custom theme
  6. is it me or copying the the link to dropbox with the entire address and opening it is just not functional , and opening to a dropbox blank page . Dont want to sound needy but Could you package that up or a simple link to that box ? thx chrome failed but MS EDGE sadly opened the link without any bumps
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