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  1. Ok thanks. But I think I will have to wait a very long time for that to be implemented. Because even the windows version has still not that feature if I am correct.
  2. Hi Jason, I'm glad to see that the development of the Android app is progressing so well. Very good work. Please keep it up. What I would want to have is that Launchbox recognizes when an external drive (OTG or SD card) is not attached/available and hides the games that are located on that drive. That would be handy for Android handhelds that have not enough space and where you don't want to have an USB stick permanently attached or want to change the SD card. I for example have a jailbroken Switch with Android installed. The android partition has not enaugh space for all of my games so I am using a USB stick that is attached to the Switch dock. When I take of the console the drive is not available any more.
  3. I have not the exe file for the beta 13 any more. I have deleted it. Where can I download it again?
  4. Since the Beta 13 BigBox is crashing/closing when I close a game. It does not matter how I close the game (Pause Menu or button shortcut or ALT+F4). There is no error message or anything. When I go back to Beta 12 everything is fine. This problem still exists in Beta 15.
  5. @Jason Carr Hi Jason. I have no issues so far but a question. It's about the detecting of installed Steam games. Is it possible to let LB/BB detect if there are games ready to stream from another computer. For example, when I am logged in on steam on a second computer where other games are installed, Steam has the ability to stream these games on the first computer. These games are marked as installed in steam on the first computer too. My question is if it is possible to add the ability to check and mark these games as installes in LB/BB too? I hope my question is understandable. ?
  6. This solved the problem. Thanks!
  7. I have discovered an issue. When I start an Origin game over LB/BB it opens the Origin Laucher but not the game that I wand to start. Even though it is installed. I need to click on it in the Laucher manually.
  8. I don't if this is the right place to request. Sorry, if not. Someone had created a plugin that adds the ability to toggle the 'Completed' flag for a game in BigBox, bofore it was inmplemented in the official build. Could someone please make a similar plugin for the 'Installed' flag? I know that LB/BB recognizes that automatically for Steam games. But for other games it can only be done manually in LB. It would be nice if it was possible to toggle in BB too. The reason why I need this desperately is, because I have a batch scripts for installing/uninstalling some larger games like WiiU, PS3 etc.. I don't want to go back to LB every time I do this. It would be nice if someone could create a plugin. Here is the thread of the other plugin I mentioned at the beginning. Maybe someone could use this as reference. On the download page you can find the souce files too.
  9. Thank you for the answers. I have opened a ticket for the "mark as installed" button now. I hope the implementation will not take a long time, because I don't think this is a feature that many people are prioritizing. ?
  10. I mean in the game details view in BigBox. Could you add a "Mark as Installed" Option? I have batch scripts for some non-steam games to install or uninstall them and don't want to go back to Launchbox to check/uncheck them.
  11. Hello Lauchbox crew, I wanted to say, that you do a very great job in adding amazing new features to LB/BB. One of them is the import feature for platforms like Steam, GOG, Epic Games etc. Will you add other platforms like Origin and Uplay too or is it not possible at the moment? I have another question about the MAME highscores. Maybe this has been asked before but I could not find it. Is this feature only working with the standalone MAME program or with Retroarch too? If yes, what do I need to do to get it work? One last question is, can you please add a button in the game details view to mark games as installed manually? Sorry for all this question and sorry if they have been answered already. You guys do an amazing job.
  12. I have the same issue. Getting just a black screen when viewing a manual.
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