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  1. @Jason Carr Would it not be possible that LB/BB takes a screenshot of the game after choosing "save state"and put it in a separate folder? I don't think that it is really nessessary for LB/BB to check if there is already a save file or not.
  2. It's still not working. Neither with keyboard nor with controller.
  3. In the current beta the zoom in and zoom out buttons in the pdf viewer don't work anymore.
  4. SSF Startup: Works Pause: Emulator closes after opening the pause screen. Tried it with every option. I have the same issue. Have tested both options.
  5. I have managed to "solve" my problem with a workaround. I was experimenting with AHK commands to solve my problem. I had an syntax error in my code, but this was the solution for my problem. The syntax error message is appearing only for 1 millisecond between the transition from the emulator to the pause screen. But somehow this causes the pause screen to work with retroarch now. 😅 It is not an elegant solution but at least now I can use the pause screen with retroarch.
  6. Windows 10. My Launchbox and Retroarch are on a external hard drive. Maybe that is also the issue. But on my internal SSD drive is not enaugh space to move them there. EDIT: When the pause screen does not appear, but the game pauses, I can still hear the menu sound if I press down. I can even save and load states. So the screen is there but not visible. 😕
  7. As I said, my system is not high end (Microsoft Surface Pro). Even the loading of the manuals is taking 5 times longer than in your video.
  8. I've already tried that. And I'm shure my drivers are all up to date. It is not a high end system but until now I had no problems with Launchbox/Bigbox and Retroarch. I think I have to wait and hope that the problem will be solve itself with future updates and optimisations. Until then pause screens are dead for me.
  9. I have no experiance in plugin programming. Without a fix, the pause screens are unusable for me in Retroarch and maybe some other emulators. Unfortunately I'm using Retroarch for most of the platforms. This pause screen feature was something I was looking forward to a long time and now I can not use it.
  10. I have found the cause of the problem. It is the DPI scaling of my windows. I'm using 150% scaling, because I am using my PC on my TV. If I set the scaling to 100% the issue is gone and the pause screen is working fine. But then my desktop and everything else is to small. The Retroarch menu is than small too. Could you find a solution for this? I think there will be more people that will have the same problem in the future.
  11. I still have the problem in Retroarch, that the pause screen is not working some times. Sometimes the screen does not show up but the game pauses. After a few tries it shows up again. Sometimes I get a black screen and can't close it. I need to press the "Windows" Button on the keyboard an click on the emulator on the task bar to get it work again. Sometimes the pause screen does not work any more and I need to restart BB. I have not tried it with the new beta, because I am not at home. Dolphin seems to have similar problems. But I have not tested it extensively. EDIT: The same issues remain in the newest beta. The black screen can be closed by pushing the "back" button now. I have testet it with some pc games and there the pause screen works fine.
  12. Support for EXEs are not nessesary. It was only an example because I have converted some BAT files to exe files. But it would be nice, if you could add at least support for BAT files.
  13. Great job Jason. Thank you for adding the exit button. What also would be nice is to be able to decide what file types to show in the pause screen. For now it's only PDF I assume. You could maybe add a option to specify file types to show in the pause screen. For example: File types to show in pause screens: pdf; exe; ahk; bat; mp4 One reason is, that I have created batch files that are opening the exact page in a pdf file where a magazine article or a guide for the game is. I also specified another application for PDF files, just like an amulator, but in the pause screen they are opening with the included pdf reader.
  14. Yes, it is possible to use automation but I am already using too many combinations for other functions and thought, it would come handy if it would be implemented in the pause screen instead. I actually was sure that this would be the first thing jason would add. 😅 For me, it would be an obvious option to have in a pause screen. And it woud be nice to have access to the achievements list.
  15. That is what I was hoping to be added too actually. 😞
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