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  1. I have the same issue. Getting just a black screen when viewing a manual.
  2. But Retroarch and JoyToKey are still recognizing the controller after reconnecting.
  3. I don't know if this has been mentioned before but I have a strange Problem with DS4Windows now. When I disconnect my controller and reconnect it, BigBox doesn't recognize the controller any more. Even if I restart BigBox. I need to restart my computer to get it work again. Despite that, everything is working fine so far. I am using an standard PS4 controller.
  4. @Jason Carr Can you add MAME4droid for Arcade games?
  5. @Jason Carr If you are in the boxes view, the last games are shown very big if there are no other games to fill the row. Is it possible to fix that? I know the app ist still in beta phase. I just wanted to mention it.
  6. Is it only me or why can I only find MAME 2000, MAME 2003 and MAME 2003-Plus in the Retroarch core updater?
  7. @Jason Carr Could you add support for the Dolphin emulator for GameCube games in the next beta?
  8. Ok, thanks. I will test it when the new version is out.
  9. Retroarch for example. I exiting from the Retroarch menu. But this happens also with PPSSPP and DraStic (NDS Emulator).
  10. I'm using a Huawei P20 Pro with a BEBENCOOL (Saitake 7007F1) Controller. This happens since the addition of the loading screen.
  11. I have another problem. Since the game loading screen has been added launchbox is loosing focus after returning back to LB from a game and I can not control it with my controller. In need to go out of the platform per touchscreen and go back in. Then I can control it again with the controller.
  12. @Jason Carr Could you hinder that zipped games are extracted before loading? Because on my computer the zip files are loaded directly and the save files are named after the zip file and not the game file in the archive. I want to synchronize my save folder on the computer with my folder on my android device. But the save files are not compatible at the moment because Retroarch is looking for the game file name and not the zip file. I think that this has nothing to do with retroarch on android because in retroarch i can load the games without extracting. EDIT: Nevermind, I did not see that there is a new version that solved my problem. Thanks.
  13. You need to keep the cue files in the folder. Just add the bin files to the same folder. Than it should work.
  14. @Jason Carr Would it not be possible that LB/BB takes a screenshot of the game after choosing "save state"and put it in a separate folder? I don't think that it is really nessessary for LB/BB to check if there is already a save file or not.
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