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  1. Hi Everyone, Happy Thanksgiving! With Christmas approaching, we are excited to be playing Donkey Kong Christmas remix in the household with 4 of us competing for the high score. With HBMAME, I have been able to kind of save high scores with the Save state on exit setting. I'd prefer to do high scores like I do it in MAME - the normal way by adding the hiscore.dat file, adjusting the plugins.ini to enable high score, creating the /hi directory etc. (works great). Is there any way to do a similar approach in HBMame? The issue with save state on exit is that you can't restart the game easily - you have to let all of your mario's die before you can start a new game. Thanks in advance for any tips!!!
  2. Are there separate game roms (for the same game title) for the AES (home console) vs MVS emulation (arcade) - or would a different BIOS change the way the rom works? Reason I ask -> On YouTube I have seen videos of NEO GEO emulators (like Retroarch with the FBNEO core) run the games in arcade mode. That is, during the game it will prompt an option to continue at which point you need to (virtually) add more coins. This would obviously be emulating the arcade version of the title. Can that same game rom be used to emulate the home version or does it require a different rom? Would a different BIOS enable the same rom to be used in arcade or home console mode (i.e. without prompting for coins and whatever other differences there are between the MVS and AES while playing the same game title). Thanks for any feedback!
  3. Yep - that did the trick. Thank you!
  4. Hi - thanks for responding. Yes - definitely the binary. It looks like you have the plugin.ini file in the Mame root directory. My plugin.ini is found here: mame0216->plugins->hiscore Here is my root directory (no plugin.ini file:
  5. Topic revisited for 12/2019... So I downloaded MAME (v.216) from the official MAME site. When I open plugin.ini, I see the following: { "plugin": { "name": "hiscore", "description": "Hiscore support", "version": "1.0.0", "author": "borgar@borgar.net", "type": "plugin", "start": "false" } } Do I manipulate this file in order to activate being able to save high scores? Do I change the "false" to "true"? Thanks for the feedback!
  6. Strange - I can't get my screen to look anything like yours from a configuration perspective. I think the solution is to use my Tankstick only for MAME (which works amazing well) and other emulators where you can easily configure the controller input. Retroarch is giving me nothing but problems with TankStick . It is the only emulator I can't get working with Tankstick - I've really exhausted all options. Thanks again for your help!
  7. Could you check you .png image files - they are not rendering. I don't even know how to do a core override so I don't think that is it. Maybe I will have luck duplicating your controller setup. Thanks.
  8. A little progress but stilI not there. I got my second controller on the tankstick working. The one to the right side. For the Retroarch config, it sees this controller as User 2. In the game, this controller (assigned to User 2) actually controls player 1 in the game. So, I'm good for all single player games. If I try a two player game, all the buttons work for player 2 (User 1 in Retroarch) except the movement (up, down, left, right). I still can get that to work at all. It doesn't seem to matter if I have NumLock on or not - same results.
  9. I was attempting to get my Tankstick working with Retroarch. I can successfully BIND user 1 keys with my tank stick and handheld controller. For example, let's just talk about moving right. The D-Pad Right (hat) setting was made using the D-Pad right button on my PS2 compatible controller. The keypad6 setting was made using my Tankstick controller oriented in the RIGHT direction. The tankstick functions like a keyboard - which is why moving right would be represented by a keypad6 (key). When I start up a game using NES/MESEN core, the handheld controller works 100%. All of the buttons work on the Tankstick (select, start, fire, jump, etc.) but I can\t get any response from the joystick (no up, down, left or right movements). Hope the issue is something simple as I am very close but it is hard playing a game when you can't move your character ? Thanks for any suggestions!
  10. Nevermind - found it. My window was too small. LOL. Thanks again!
  11. Umm - Mesen isn't in the pull down list of cores?
  12. OK figured it out - the core it downloads is the correct one (nestopia_libretro). Got it! THANKS!!!
  13. That worked great! The core it specified (nestopia_libretro) however isn't available for download?Nestopia UE is as close as it gets but that one isn't listed in the Launchbox pull down menu that you show above? Am I missing something - YES - but I can't figure it out.
  14. What are the recommended Retroarch cores for each console? Is there a list someone can point me to? I though this was discussed on the forums recently but I can't find it. I thought Launchbox would identify the correct core and command line options but I am not seeing it. Just trying to get NES working right now. Thanks!
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