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  1. Ok thanks for the help guys. Still new to Launchbox so its good to know i can ask for help here if needed.
  2. Right I understand now, i just assumed that when it says parsing files it is checking which roms you have and imports only those roms, not the complete full set. So in future it is better to just import roms and not mame full set if you don't actually have a full set.
  3. I told Launchbox to leave them where they were.
  4. So it looks like I've got to the bottom of it, your suggestion CDBlue got me on the right path, i looked at the edit page for the roms that aren't working, checked the Rom name and checked my Rom folder and the Rom isn't there, that's why they aren't playing. What i can't understand, is when i imported the Roms, Launchbox parsed the files so i thought it would just have imported the games that were in the folder, not games that aren't there!
  5. Sorry for the late reply, don't get much time to mess around with this due to work commitments. So i deleted everything and started again from scratch, with a fresh install of Launchbox 10.9. I'll explain my setup a bit better to see if that sheds any more light on the problem. I have my main C drive which has 2 partitions, C for Windows and D for Launchbox. I then have an external usb 3 hdd which has all my roms on it. When i imported the roms i kept them on the usb drive and i left the settings as recommended by Launchbox to create the lists for the Arcade Category, i.e. Capcom classics etc. And again the same thing is happening some are launching and some aren't, what i have found out is that if i double click a game, take 1941 as an example then it wont play, but if i right click on it there is a list of different revisions of the same game and one of those does work, but this doesn't work on every Rom with different revisions and some haven't got any revisions at all. Thanks for your help guys
  6. Sorry 1942 works, 1941 doesn't
  7. Hi Yes some games are working, 1941, 720 degrees, and ABC cop work, those I have quickly tried yet 1942, 1944 etc don't.
  8. Thanks for the reply guys, every rom works in mame outside Launchbox and the ini file is in the root directory, so at a lose why it doesn't work in Launchbox, I did a clean install of windows, updated windows before i installed Launchbox but still the same problem.
  9. Hi Firstly would just like to say that Launchbox is a fantastic front end and hopefully will be able to use it in my bartop arcade machine, i say hopefully because i am having a hard time getting Mame to run in Launchbox. I have Mame 0.199 with a matching romset and every rom loads and runs perfectly outside Launchbox, but i just can not for the life of me get all of them to run in Launchbox, some do but the majority of them don't, I've scoured this forum and followed every suggestion but to no avail, I've tried this on two pc's now with the same results. i was hoping to replace my Raspberry pie 3 with this new PC build and Launchbox but at the minute it looks like i'll be sticking with the pie. Can anybody shed any new light on this? Thanks
  10. Hi guys First post on this forum, just wanted to thank you for this script as it solved my problem i was having, when i launched BigBox in Kodi it would only give about 10 seconds use before it focused back to Kodi, but your script has solved that and it is working perfectly.
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