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  1. Hey @CoinTos I edited the OP of my thread and put a link to here, maybe a mod could merge the two threads ? (while keeping you owner of the first message) Regards
  2. Hi there, Give me a few days to review and test it edit : updated OP, cheers
  3. Worked for me as well on both my laptop and htpc, so I just updated the OP with the new version of the addon
  4. I tried it and it behaves exactly the same Maybe we should keep it simple and just consider that it doesnt works with the upgrade process ? I mean it's not a deal breaker, and at the same time I don't have the feeling anybody really cares around here
  5. I tried it and kodi opens right away as soon as the LB upgrade window is displayed (setup has detected that launchbox is currently open, blablabla close it then click ok to continue)
  6. Alright I'll update the plugin asap ! edit : updated OP with v1.2, thanks man !
  7. This thread is now outdated, for the most recent versions of the plugin check @CoinTos's thread Here is an addon for launching BigBox from within Kodi. This started as copy/paste version of the Steam addon, and while it was a "quick and dirty" job it somewhat did the job. @CoinTos then vastly contributed by doing a lot of cleanup and improvements in the script NOTE ON UPGRADING: please make sure to go in the options and select "delete and update userdata scripts on next run" script.launchbox.launcher-1.1.zip script.launchbox.launcher-1.2.zip script.launchbox.launcher-1.3.zip script.launchbox.launcher-1.4.zip
  8. ok so here is the plugin v1.1 courtesy of CoinTos, many thanks to him for his much needed modifications ! if you are upgrading from 1.0 please make sure to go in the options and select "delete and update userdata scripts on next run" script.launchbox.launcher-1.1.zip
  9. Tried it and it's working properly, except for the BB upgrade prompt which was not properly detected for me because Kodi was launched again during the upgrade edit : my bad, when the plugin is upgraded instead of freshly installed there's an issue where the autohotkey exe is the one from the old version, currently looking into it edit2 : just needed to scratch the stuff from userdata...
  10. will check it out this weekend ! are you on kodi 16 or 17 ? I still didn't upgrade waiting for a release candidate
  11. awesome, I really love the idea that that its handling bigbox updater properly ! I'll look into it asap, very busy at work for now I'll also make sure to credit you properly in the changelog of the addon ! or you could also repackage it yourself and put your own name in the author field; it's not like I'm the original dev of the plugin or anything
  12. like mentionned above this addon is a really quick and dirty copy/paste of teeedub's steam addon so to be honest I don't know
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