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  1. v8.0-beta 9 Crashes When Opening

    both I'm windows 7 as well
  2. v8.0-beta 9 Crashes When Opening

    I downgraded to 7.16 and its still the same. sorry about being off topic at this point.
  3. v8.0-beta 9 Crashes When Opening

    no im sure. It displays most of them. I can't find a difference between the ones that show in bigbox and the ones that don't. I've tried editing via launchbox and deleting and re-adding the boxart, which did nothing. I did an image clean up and updated to the beta 8.0 -8 around the same time so im not sure which cause the issue. I've tried converting all the missing artwork to known working file extensions png and JPG still same. I have recently selected all my games and updated just the metadata because i choose to use a them that used the game details, but i choose the option not to overwrite existing metadata.... I have also went though and made sure all the box art was "box art" and not "advertisement flyer" and vice versa still the same... so at this point i was hoping it was the beta and it was being resolved but its looking like its just me and I don't know what else to try a this point. and its not theme related its the same in every theme i have tried including the default.
  4. v8.0-beta 9 Crashes When Opening

    is anyone else experiencing box art showing in launchbox but not in bigbox in the beta ~8
  5. v8.0-beta 9 Crashes When Opening

    Same here .