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  1. now that I know what is going on is there a way to group all my other muli-disc games the same way? and while I'm at it how do I switch disc's when asked to now that they are not displayed separately?
  2. THANK YOU! I was looking in the rom path to see if they were all listed but they weren't and I wasn't sure I would be able to launch each disk as needed if they weren't displayed separately I had not considered re-naming them 1of2/3/4 etc but a good idea if I run into problems later. I had tried the force duplicate but that didn't work either. thank you so much for explaining how to find the rest of my discs when everything else failed
  3. as you can see in the image I have both the FF 7 and 8 files done just a little differently for FF 7 I thought the issue might be that I originally had them in all separate folders so I combined them into one folder as you can see each disk is named for the game with the game disk number (disk1, disk2, disk3) for the FF 8 games I left them in the separate folders my preferred organization method again with each disk named for the disk number (disc1, disc2, disc3, disc4) as you can also see in the shot of my launchbox FF 7 and 8 are only showing one disc while FF 9 which was imported before the upgrade has all four discs in separate files. perhaps I'm being dense or just missing something but as far as I can tell I've done what you said and its not working
  4. tried with both FF7 and FF8 removed the () from the (disc 1,2,3) so the file names were Final Fantasy 7/8 Disc 1 (2,3,4 respectively) still not importing I no longer get an error message it just says "0 games were imported" I already have ALL the other FF multi disc games imported before the Launchbox upgrade (also legend of Dragoon and Dragon Warrior 7) but can not get it to work for the 2 FF titles....
  5. thank you for your help. in the interest of not having to open a new thread is there an option for 3D games that works? and just out of curiosity is virtualbox just for games or does it also run programs such as word or photoshop?
  6. I have a few older PC games that I have started having problems playing since the forced upgrade to window's 10 (Diablo 1 and the expansion Hellfire in particular) is there some way to use Launchbox to play these games as if I was on a computer running XP? is there an emulator that I should have but just haven't found?
  7. I tried this by adding the disk number to the game name i.e Final Fantasy VII (Disc 1) Final Fantasy VII (Disc 2) Final Fantasy VII (Disc 3) and it is still not importing discs 2&3 am I doing something wrong? the discs work in the emulator when launched without Launchbox so I know its not an issue with the game files.
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