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  1. Awesome! I'll try as soon i get home
  2. Can you also leave that as option? The one where the updater "only updates the cores currently installed"
  3. Retroarch 1.6.3 is OUT !

    Just done it
  4. Just want to say thanks for making this awesome tool! @wyzrd
  5. RetroArch and Xenogears

    Wow, i had it set on memory+CPU! It worked with just memory, thanks a lot!
  6. RetroArch and Xenogears

    Hi guys. I recently installed RetroArch and set it all up with LaunchBox to work with the PSX. I wanted to re-play Xenogears with all the enhanced feature RA offers but when i start the game, apart some minor glitches than i can fly over, right at the beginning, as soon i move the character, he goes all over the place, it's almost impossible to control like it doesn't respect the graphics and the poligons in the game, i can even go into the walls for whatever reason and then i can't re-enter the rooms so it makes it unplayable. Anybody has ever experienced this on other games and found a fix? Thanks in advance
  7. Retroarch 1.6.3 is OUT !

    Amazing stuff. Thanks for letting us know about Stellar!
  8. 6.9 issue

    Hey guys Any of you tried if with the 6.11 the voice is working now? I didn't had time to test it yet.
  9. 6.9 issue

    Hi @Jason Carr Thanks to be on the matter. I did try other things like disabling Cortana, changing sliders etc but still no luck. On my case not even "Computer" works like on @Rincewind case. Not sure whats the difference. I got installed the last update for Win10 (Anniversary) Maybe is that? You got that installed @Rincewind ? Hopefully it can be fixed, I will be waiting to hear from you
  10. 6.9 issue

  11. 6.9 issue

    @Rincewind Hi mate. Yeah I tried how you said, but still not working, I tried all the 4 keywords Big Box, Computer, Arcade and LaunchBox but still no luck. Do you think is a setting with the region of Windows? Like if I put United States will work lol?
  12. 6.9 issue

    @Jason Carr Any news?
  13. 6.9 issue

    @Jason Carr English UK
  14. 6.9 issue

    Hi. I've been looking forward to this release for the voice-recognition system but I'm not able to get it working. My mic is plugged in, working perfectly fine when I use Cortana on my Win10. I setup LaunchBox voice-recognition settings but it still not working or showing commands like it does on the YouTube preview video. Anything i'm missing? Is there a setting/setup I missed somewhere? edit: sorry, I just realized I should have posted this into the other troubleshooting section