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  1. RetroArch and Xenogears

  2. RetroArch and Xenogears

    Right ok. Changing the widescreen hack to "OFF" helps for the writing to get in place. The rendering i prefer vulkan, software works as well. I also had to change the PGXP vertex cache and PGXP perspective texturing both to "OFF". The internal GPU resolution i left it at "8x" and the dithering pattern at the "internal resolution". Thanks so much for the input @lordmonkus
  3. RetroArch and Xenogears

    Hi there. I'm back again with more Xenogears issue and RetroArch. The first problem as we talked above is solved, the second one i now have is in the interface, most specifically the writing, get all very blurry, almost impossible to read and during the combat phases, there are strange artifacts. Is it safe to say that maybe RetroArch isn't the best for this game or is there a fix? As always, thanks in advance!
  4. Awesome! I'll try as soon i get home
  5. Can you also leave that as option? The one where the updater "only updates the cores currently installed"
  6. Retroarch 1.6.3 is OUT !

    Just done it
  7. Just want to say thanks for making this awesome tool! @wyzrd
  8. RetroArch and Xenogears

    Wow, i had it set on memory+CPU! It worked with just memory, thanks a lot!
  9. RetroArch and Xenogears

    Hi guys. I recently installed RetroArch and set it all up with LaunchBox to work with the PSX. I wanted to re-play Xenogears with all the enhanced feature RA offers but when i start the game, apart some minor glitches than i can fly over, right at the beginning, as soon i move the character, he goes all over the place, it's almost impossible to control like it doesn't respect the graphics and the poligons in the game, i can even go into the walls for whatever reason and then i can't re-enter the rooms so it makes it unplayable. Anybody has ever experienced this on other games and found a fix? Thanks in advance
  10. Retroarch 1.6.3 is OUT !

    Amazing stuff. Thanks for letting us know about Stellar!
  11. 6.9 issue

    Hey guys Any of you tried if with the 6.11 the voice is working now? I didn't had time to test it yet.
  12. 6.9 issue

    Hi @Jason Carr Thanks to be on the matter. I did try other things like disabling Cortana, changing sliders etc but still no luck. On my case not even "Computer" works like on @Rincewind case. Not sure whats the difference. I got installed the last update for Win10 (Anniversary) Maybe is that? You got that installed @Rincewind ? Hopefully it can be fixed, I will be waiting to hear from you
  13. 6.9 issue

  14. 6.9 issue

    @Rincewind Hi mate. Yeah I tried how you said, but still not working, I tried all the 4 keywords Big Box, Computer, Arcade and LaunchBox but still no luck. Do you think is a setting with the region of Windows? Like if I put United States will work lol?