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  1. Amazing!! Thanks so much for this Any chance to create the video platform SNK NEO GEO CD please?
  2. Hey there Just tested it, works perfectly!! Thanks again for this great tool @wyzrd
  3. Its such an amazing program, isn't it Retroarch and the updating of the cores was such a chore before Stellar!
  4. Awesome update as always @wyzrd ! Getting better and better The file .ini sounds like a great idea 👍
    Beautiful theme @CriticalCid Just came back to LaunchBox after a while of being busy with rl. I'm enjoying Next so much and I was in the need of a fresh new Big Box theme for my collection! This is incredible, it adds so much to Big Box, plus I was looking to a theme that supported all those platforms I would give 6 stars if it was possible and the weather plugin with the time its such a nice touch! Thank you so much!
    Beautiful! Short, simple and very classy! My new startup video! Thanks so much
  5. Will do. I always do RA + Cores and no issue so far Update: updated from within Stellar to and re-run "RA+Cores". All perfect
  6. @wyzrd So far so good! Thanks as always for your great work and quick response!
  7. Right ok. Changing the widescreen hack to "OFF" helps for the writing to get in place. The rendering i prefer vulkan, software works as well. I also had to change the PGXP vertex cache and PGXP perspective texturing both to "OFF". The internal GPU resolution i left it at "8x" and the dithering pattern at the "internal resolution". Thanks so much for the input @lordmonkus
  8. Hi there. I'm back again with more Xenogears issue and RetroArch. The first problem as we talked above is solved, the second one i now have is in the interface, most specifically the writing, get all very blurry, almost impossible to read and during the combat phases, there are strange artifacts. Is it safe to say that maybe RetroArch isn't the best for this game or is there a fix? As always, thanks in advance!
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