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  1. It's ok. I must do some clean roms work because i wanna do a single wheel platform. So i wait for this feature Thx for help
  2. Ok it's works but all games from capcom goes to arcade. And now everything will combine with mame roms.
  3. I use 6.9 beta so i choose CPS2 system. So maybe this is a problem. I know i can select all and download all images and metadata but it not work. No launch db id added, no images.
  4. Hi. How work scrap metadata and images when adding rom to collection. Today i added cps2 rom folder. All names of roms is ok, but no images download. On edit screen no Launchbox db id is added. So i must click search for metadata, choose LOCALDB or Wikipedia and then click for images. Is any chance to get it in bulk all roms? Maybe is this an error? Sorry for my English Ed
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