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  1. Hi! I got a question I got a little stuck on. I recently put some playlists to my Nintendo Entertainment System platform. I have autogenerated a playlist for genres, one for favorites, one for all games and one I added from the forum called Top 100 games. Now my problem is when I go bigbox, I can go to the NES platform and my platform video will play. I can then enter the NES platform to get my playlist and the video will still continue to play which is what I want. However, when I navigate to the Top 100 playlist, the platform video for nintendo restarts breaking up the continuous play of the platform video. See video for what I mean. The playlists generated from launchbox itself works, but when I play my downloaded playlist the video restarts. I've attached xml from playlist top 100 and one from genres if that is of any help. Do anybody know how I can get the platform to continuously play even when I select my own added playlists? Any help is appreciated example.mp4 Nintendo Entertainment System Action.xml Nintendo Entertainment System Top 100.xml
  2. Hi, I was just wondering something. I am using NeoRaine for my Neo Geo CD games, but whenever I launch my games through Launchbox, I get a window where I have to manually push "Start game" to play the game. I tried the -g -nogui but then the emulator don't launch at all. Is there a command line to get straight to the game istead of having to push "Start game" or am I missing something? Never mind I removed the -g and now it's all good
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