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  1. Hey I didn't see the private message sorry. Thanks for the reply. The problem was I wasn't using Big Box v7. Its working now. Thanks!
  2. This theme looks amazing, but I keep getting errors any time I activate it and try to navigate.
  3. It's looking better every day. Does the system have to be listed twice? On the top right it says Super Nintendo Entertainment System, then in the game list it says it again in bold at the top of the list. I think it would look better to only have the system listed on the top right.
  4. Oh man this theme will convince me to buy a LB Forever License once it's done. I have always been a huge fan of the simplicity that the EmulationStation default theme offers. Thanks for working on this!
  5. Some other questions on this. Is there a post somewhere where I can read about the import process of LaunchBox in detail? That is, what database does it use for scraping? Why couldn't it use the same DB that other front ends like HyperSpin and EmulationStation use to get good results? I'm pretty sure EmulationStation uses TheGamesDB and it has no issue scraping CPS games. I'm curious as to why I'm having issues wit LaunchBox if it uses the same database.
  6. The files names are obscure xmvsfu.zip mvscu.zip, etc. I used EmulationStation before deciding to try LaunchBox starting last week and while LaunchBox is far superior in terms of UI I feel like LaunchBox's importing and scraping abilities are lacking. That is, EmulationStation has no problem finding metadata for commonly named roms like those mentioned above.
  7. I've added CPS 1 & 2 roms and have tried scraping them as CPS 1 & 2 and Arcade and barely get any results (about 5 games pull in metadata). How can I get proper results for games?
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