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  1. I realise this is a little old but I have this same problem now with both the latest official and beta builds. I also found a work around to the issue. First of all the settings in compatibility mode don't appear to make any difference either way but for the purpose of this report I have them set as suggested above. If I'm running 4k and scaling is set to 200% I will not see the marquees. If I set scaling to 150% then the marquees magically work again. This seems at odds to the disabling of the scaling in the compatibility options. But regardless I can get 4k to work only with 150% scaling. It would be nice to see a fix for this though because 150% scaling is too small for my normal use of the PC so at the moment I have to keep changing it before running BigBox. Hope this helps and hopefully it can be resolved in a future release.
  2. Now that Launchbox has LEDBlinky support you could contact Antos who created the excellent HyperMarquee program here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/7397-hypermarquee/ Having Marquees (and other game information displayed across multiple monitors) as well as the right colored buttons lit up through LEDBlinky makes for a really complete front end for arcade mame cabinets. If you want to see what is possible with HyperMarquee then check out my youtube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl8NABsOtT8 (Skip to 7:55 to see it in action)… HyperMarquee captures Hyperspin ‘events’ and based on those events the program then spawns various Marquee's through their companion program “EDS” (Event Dispatch System). I would imagine that the only thing they would need to do is capture Launchbox events to trigger the EDS events. I’m sure you guys could give Antos the necessary ‘event’ information so that they could provide launchbox support. There shouldn’t be anything further to do as they already use Hyperspin’s ‘call’ to LEDBlinky to run their EDS program which in turn runs the real LEDBlinky and Hypermarquee instances. So the fact that you now support LEDBLinky should mean that they could call it in exactly the same way for Launchbox. Alternatively you might want to provide more ’native’ support, however the existing way works fine and it shouldn't be any immediate work on your part? This would bring Lunchbox yet another step towards being on parity with (and surpassing) Hyperspin features. Keep up the great work!
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