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  1. I screen captured ken and ryu from street fighter 4 on my pc. Then gave the pictures to gameongraffix.com to create what I wanted.
  2. I am kind of bummed out I can't run my new monitor at 4k. I spent 800 dollars on a monitor and 450 dollars on a overpriced gtx980 to run hlsl and a config I got here on the forums. I wanted to re-create the crt look on a super high resolution monitor. 8k and 15k is right around the corner for pc monitors. I am about to do something drastic and re-install my operating system. I am going to install windows 10 to see if the problem persists across operating systems. Please stop me if you have any other suggestions, or if I should file a bug report. I am on a deadline to get these things working b
  3. Ok tried each one of the selection one at a time. No marquee at 4k resolution. Tried both of them at the same time, again no marquee when my primary monitor is at 4k. I am open to any other suggestions.
  4. No but I can try that. I assume these settings you are referring to are in the Nvidia control panel menu? I wont be able to do it today as I have to put my daughter to bed, which means I have to go to bed too. sleep training is fun....
  5. Ok I tested this in the following manner. 1. Display port cable connected to primary monitor from Primary graphics card set at 4k resolution 2. Secondary monitor connected to HDMI port on mother board. 3. Ran big box and secondary monitor does not display marquee. 4. Closed big box Second attempt with same cables pluged into the same ports 1. Ran big box and went into option, changed second screen to none 2. exited out of options 3. went back to main selection screen to see games. 4 exited back to the menu 5. selected options and choose second
  6. Since its sunday today, I am going to give it a shot and report back. Just thought it was weird behavior
  7. I started with a version of windows home server, or windows media something or other, then Microsoft canned it. I was then using a synology nas. The cost of the enclosure was ridiculous. I checked out freenas, then openvault media center, then tried to roll my own using windows 7 and a hard drive extender called stablebit. But after trying them all out, I settled on unraid. yes you have to pay and yes you have to read up on what hardware is supported. But at the end of the day Unraid is the clear choice for the following reasons. 1. I do not have to purchase a ridiculous amount of RAM to
  8. There are multiple programs you can use to check if you have a complete set. The problem is there are sometimes multiple "groups" of people that compile a list and what format/naming convention/ file format, they should be in. To start with the programs that will scan your files and audit them according to the "groups list" Programs: clrmamepro,Romulus,Romcenter to name a few Now that we have a program to scan our files we need a database. Please search, rom dat files. This should bring up all the "groups list" or database list of the "groups" that compile list's of "sets" and how th
  9. Impressive wood working skill my friend. Any more pics of the progress? Will watch this thread.
  10. Your attention to detail is amazing. Great job on the build.
  11. I love how you are incorporating that into the build of the room. Cats are hilarious, always love a warm spot. Hey! get out of my laundry! It just came out of the dryer. On a side not I would highly recommend gameongrafix.com. I was able to work with a artist to design and print my graphics.
  12. External enclosure for the PC is sick. Very nice work.
  13. Interesting use of a second monitor. Is it touch screen?
  14. I like the beer/drink holders. This looks like a fun environment you have setup for entertaining. Cheers
  15. I really like your cabinet. It has some really good lines. Almost like how a super car evokes a sexy look. Great cabinet.
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