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  1. I just wanted to make sure to comment on this theme. It is by far my favorite Big Box theme at the moment. I'd love to have more of the platform videos because the 4 that have already been created are fantastic. I may just have to work on some myself...


    edit: It looks like there are a ton of the platform videos that I haven't downloaded. 


    Thanks again for this amazing theme!

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  2. I was messing around with my mednafen configuration for my PS1 games and now I can no longer launch PS1 games from LaunchBox. I get the attached error.

    The odd thing is, if I load Retroarch manually and load the mednafen core I am able to launch PS1 games without any issue.


    Any help is appreciated!



    EDIT: Nevermind. I am not a smart man. It turns out there is an issue with one of my PS1 games that is causing the crash. 

  3. 1 hour ago, jakielee said:

    Had similar performance in Big Box games list and it seemed like the full screen fan art  was slowing things down.  I changed the background image setting in the LaunchBox desktop view options. I unchecked everything under backgrounds. Now the games list displays box art, clear logos, and screenshots and runs  smoother within Big Box. 

    See if that helps. 

    Thanks for the tip. Completely disabling backgrounds seems to have fixed everything, but only after I scrolled through all of the games in the wheel in order to let Big Box cache all of the boxart and screenshots.


    49 minutes ago, Freestate said:

    Voted. I think this would be fantastic.

  4. I have trouble with Big Box stuttering when I navigate through my game lists. I have less than 30 games total in Launchbox at the moment. My computer specs are as follows:

    CPU: i7 4790k @ 4+GHz
    RAM: 16GB DDR3 
    GPU: GTX 980 Ti

    Launchbox is installled on a Samsung EVO SSD. 


    Here is a video of what the stuttering looks like. When navigating the platforms everything runs completely smooth, but when I navigate the game lists there is slowdown. It appears that the slowdown occurs when Launchbox is trying to load the background art. Is there any way to disable background art completely? I'm about to try deleting all but one piece of fanart for each game to see if that helps at all. 


    edit: Deleting all but a single piece of fanart didn't help.

  5. On 12/16/2016 at 1:05 AM, SentaiBrad said:

    Do you have any actively running software? RAM Cleaners, AV Software, Firewall, that sort of thing. Have you run maintenance recently or updated drivers?

    Nothing actively running except for the built-in AV with Windows 10. All of my drivers are up-to-date. I play games all of the time and they run as smooth as can be expected with my specs. 

  6. All,

    I've been tearing my hear out trying to figure this out. When I scroll through my games in Big Box mode I get a ton of lag / skipping as Big Box loads the art for each game. I am running Big Box off of a SSD. I have a fairly beefy rig (4790k processor, 16GB RAM, and 980Ti, not that the video card should affect anything). 

    I am using the CriticalZone theme but I experiencing the poor performance even with the default theme. I do not have any game videos downloaded, but I am using platform videos. I don't seem to experience any lag when browsing the platforms. I have attached images of the relevant options.

    Any help is appreciated!






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