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  1. Found here: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/contact/
  2. This will be corrected in next beta release. If you turn off "Skip GamesDetailView" in Options > General, you should be able to select play from there in the interim.
  3. Yeah, that's fine. I'll do my best to answer in a timely manner.
  4. Nope that's intended for right now. Do it that way because the other images may make the Wall Items blend in or harder to see.
  5. Just so we are clear we are talking about having issues recording the gameplay of the game Big Box launched, not of Big Box itself, correct? If yes you may need to make sure that the application in question isn't running in exclusive fullscreen mode. Applications running that way generally are talking to the vid card directly so any software that uses OS functionality to see/record the screen will no longer work. To test this try and set the game you are launching to run in window mode or borderless fullscreen and see if it resolves your issue.
  6. No the support email address is the only one that can resolve this for you. I would resend your email to ensure it didn't get snagged in some filter along the way.
  7. Only way currently is to wait for a new version or manually edit your Settings file.
  8. Windows has built in screen recording capability with the Game Bar, can open it up with Win+G.
  9. Are you changing the theme to do this? The default WallViews in Big Box don' have a background image set and is always black.
  10. Regarding the points you bring up in your video. To make the rows clamp you would need to add a value to the "NavigationRows" (int) property, in your example I believe you want the value of 1. For the increased sizing you would want to either set the "SelectedItemZPosition" (double) with a value that moves your item TOWARDS your camera (generally positive number), or set the "SelectedOffset" (Point3D) with the Z being a number towards your camera (generally positive number)
  11. Do you have an example of how you have your XAML set up where you are seeing this?
  12. If it's not listed as a correction in the posts Jason makes that list what we have touched the answer is "likely not". I've not heard of this issue before, and I don't believe we have touched any input code on this beta, so I would assume that it still would act the same as the current version.
  13. Nahimic negatively interferes with Microsoft WPF product that we use to display 99% of the application. We would effectively have to start over to do this, so unfortunately the answer is no we cannot.
  14. What is being done in OnBeforeGameLaunching, that can't simply be done in the OnAfterGameLaunched call (which is only called if the game DOES indeed launch)?
  15. Rough Image match can cause the media import process to take quite a bit of time. It is best to keep it turn off until you have a good baseline established and are only using the media download tools to fetch a few new images from the database.
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