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  1. What do you mean by its resetting itself?
  2. Not a problem, send it when you can and we can go from there.
  3. I doubt it is the cause of the issue but can you see if \\LaunchBox\LBThemes\ is readonly, and if so remove that flag and tell me if that helps at all?
  4. The errors the exact same? What theme are you trying to load when you get them? Can you post one just so I can see the message, some times the key is hidden in the nasty wall of text, may prove to be useful.
  5. Yeah, that is intentional. Those links or shortcuts are created on start up and then cleaned up on close. Now that you are seeing that can you try to apply a theme and tell me if you continue to see the errors you were having?
  6. Can you open LaunchBox and then look in your Core folder, is there a LBThemes or Themes folder in there and is it a folder or a shortcut?
  7. As I stated it isn't the only cause, but is nice that you can confirm it isn't the cause this time around. Some other things you can check are: Ensure the folders in your Core folder are NOT read only for any reason Ensure you don't have any sync software that could be locking the folder Can also be helpful that you delete the following folders from the Core directory while LaunchBox and Big Box are closed then attempt to open LaunchBox after to see if the symlinks are then created appropriately: \\LaunchBox\Core\Data \\LaunchBox\Core\Images \\LaunchBox\Core\LBThemes \\La
  8. Most of these errors are caused because the symlink creation process that occurs on start up fails. The most common reason is the drive LaunchBox is on is not NFTS but there are other causes. You should be able to turn on debug logging and then try to start up into the theme to get the error, then just close LaunchBox (or Big Box) and look in the log to see whether that process failed or not, and any information as to why it failed. Another easy way to tell if this process happened correctly is to open LaunchBox, then go to the \\LaunchBox\Core\ folder and look for a LBThemes or Themes folder.
  9. Hey @BadServo was trying to look into this but having a hard time replicating. Could you zip up your data folder and PM it to me? I'd like to take a look at your settings and see if I can use them to track down the cause of what you're seeing. Also is there anyway for you to get a few screen grabs pasted here so I can make sure what exactly you're seeing so I do my best to replicate and confirm the issue? @lotus if you are still experiencing the issue (only mentioned because of the linked forum thread). Could you perhaps do the same?
  10. Are you using any third party scraping tools? The way LaunchBox is programmed, when saving to file we overwrite, not append, and save the properties directly to file which would make duplicate tags like that impossible. I suspect you have something else touching or modifying your files.
  11. We use their API to check whether the credentials you entered are valid or not so either your computer is having issues hitting their API and getting the response back, or their API is telling us the credentials are wrong.
  12. Just do a fresh LaunchBox install to a new location and import what you want to that install. The two installs (if both using defaults) won't interact/conflict with each other at all. They are both self contained.
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