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  1. go to Options -> View -> Hide Auto-Generated Playlists inside of Big Box and make sure it is unchecked.
  2. The beta build has this functionality
  3. Or you could just tell Big Box to launch to playlist view instead of platform and save yourself the effort
  4. Yes. Big Box can be set up to launch to a list of playlists instead of platforms.
  5. Anyway you can PM me your GOG account name @CadetStimpy. Would love to see if I can take a look at the API call to see if there anything I can do to get these working properly. The platform xml file for whatever platform your demo is in would help as well.
  6. You never have to move files for them to work with LaunchBox. Can leave them where they are and still change the platform for them.
  7. Sending you PM to see if we can't figure out what's going on
  8. Any game imported via the Steam, GOG, or Epic Games wizard will auto-update your install state for you. Epic Games Launcher DOES save your credentials but the token given isn't a lifetime token, if not refreshed within a certain time window it expires and requires your login again. I believe that window is 24 hours.
  9. No need to manually import. Pull down the beta build, it has an Epic Games import wizard to do it all for you. To answer the question though those fields mean the following: Unique Name: This is the name that the playlist is saved as in the back end. It needs to be unique since two files can't have the same name. (ie, "bestofN64") Nested Name: This is the name the playlist appears as in LaunchBox and Big Box (ie "The Best EVER!") Sort Title: This is the name used for sorting the playlists by name in LaunchBox and Big Box (ie "000Best", because of COURSE you want the BEST at the TOP)
  10. Both things are done by hitting a web service that can take a while (at least in computer time) to grab information for. It is why neither feature shows in the detail screen on initial load and only appears once information is gathered. That combined with the fact that both of these items change in real time (making value caches pretty unstable) makes it hard to get a flag set properly for either that would allow those playlists.
  11. Latest official release or the latest beta release? Beta has quite a few changes regarding media downloads and would be curious to know if others are experiencing the same issues in that build.
  12. Anyway you can send a log of a crash on the new install? Also, when is the last time integrity checks were ran on your hard drives?
  13. No not at the same time, but the only thing LB uses your account name and API key is the import, everything else is a public API. Half-Life 2 is play for free weekend right now, wondering if that has something to do with those showing up.
  14. Can you do a fresh install of LaunchBox in a different directory and tell me if you experience the same issue on that install?
  15. Could you run command prompt as administrator and type the following command "sfc /scannow" (without quotations) and see if it finds any missing/corrupt files? Reason I ask is because in that log LaunchBox is failing to hit/read a lot of Windows built in libraries.
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