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  1. Typically that is caused by some one or thing closing LaunchBox incorrectly and the XML save gets cut off corrupting the file. If it is saying that specific file is the corrupt one you can always delete it. Doing so will revert all settings to default though and you will have to reset everything to the way you had it. That file is LaunchBox settings so your Big Box specific stuff shouldn't be affected for the most part.
  2. I can confirm what you are seeing and will look into the cause. In the meantime as a work around you can simply drag and drop the shortcut you wish to add over to LaunchBox and it will being up an import wizard, follow the steps similar to how you were already importing. When getting to the file list the .lnk files will show up and not their targets.
  3. Can you take me through the steps on how you are adding these? Also are games that were already imported changing or just ones you are importing fresh now don't work like the others did? Also can you confirm what version of LaunchBox you are using and seeing this behavior in?
  4. FilterType is what sort of filter you want and the value string is the Value you want that filter to match. Big Box will then show all the games with a filter value equal to the string you pass it. For example if you wanted all games to show with the Genre of "Fighting" you would pass: ShowGames(FilterTypes.Genre, "Fighting")
  5. Was asking more along the lines of "Where in LaunchBox or Big Box are you not seeing them play correctly?" Add/Edit form? Games Details? If you want send me in a PM one of your platforms xml files (\\Launchbox\Data\Platforms\) that uses the legacy video paths heavily (preferably a data file produced before the beta if possible) and I may be able to get a better understanding what you are seeing.
  6. What dates aren't showing in the correct format in the new form?
  7. Doesn't play where? Just tested and I'm still able to play the video from the AddEdit and within in the Game Details screen.
  8. No, media is not removed when you remove a platform. You will have to rematch anything to the GamesDB but as long as the media is still named correctly after the second import it will automatically associate.
  9. Tools > Download Media downloads the Highest Quality video selected because at the time of selecting media we don't actually know what that game has, just what EmuMovies has to offer. If selecting "Download Media" button from the Add/Edit screen that has already checked what EmuMovies has to offer and so will download whatever you tell it to. If selecting more than one quality via the AddEdit screen you WILL grab multiple videos. Other methods (Tools > Download Metadata/Media and Import options) do not.
  10. @RULLUR You can edit the platform (right click and hit edit or go to Tools > Manage Platforms > Find the the platform and hit edit. Change the video folder to the folder you want the videos saved and they should all save there and not in \\Launchbox\Videos (which is the default value).
  11. @sundogak Both of your reported issues should be corrected in this beta push. Thanks for the detailed report!
  12. https://docs.libretro.com/library/ppsspp/#extensions That core does not have m3u support.
  13. Have confirmed this is happening and will be corrected in the next release. Thanks for the report!
  14. @RULLUR @Gill Figno Looking into your reported issues with the video. Did you set up the platform's video folder to be some where else or did you just previously assign the video path to a file in a folder outside of LaunchBox? With the new video types we put in code to utilize the platforms video folder, which the old path did NOT require the video to be in. I am wondering if that is causing some of the potential issues/confusion.
  15. Fanart - Background typically is a resolution similar to that, or looks good being stretched to that resolution.
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