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  1. Do have the LaunchBox logs for those events?
  2. @Kiinkyfoxx may be onto something. I would remove that other file unless it IS for another platform you have in your set up and see if that resolves the issue.
  3. Two of the things throwing errors are DirectX libraries. I would make sure you have your video and audio drivers up to date as well as DirectX
  4. I removed it because as I stated in the thread you linked in it, a user should never run LaunchBox as admin. it WILL create far more issues than it has the potential to fix. If you require admin privileges to run and use LaunchBox you have something set up wrong. Want to keep the misinformation to a minimum and so removed the post.
  5. You can't do the replacements with LaunchBox or Big Box open. Have to close both down and ensure have completely closed via Task Manager before you can update the xml file. Then once you start either application back up you should see the change.
  6. Alright, just wanted the extra information to help narrow down where in the process your image loading is failing.
  7. So no, they aren't for the same file/game entry?
  8. Are all those other Qbert logos for the same game and platform?
  9. That is the reason you are having issues. We can't create the symlinks we use on an ExFat formatted drive. What you can do as a work around is copy your \\LaunchBox\Themes\ folder to \\LaunchBox\Core\Themes\ (there shouldn't be a folder there already by that name) and then mark it as read-only. When adding more themes you will need to make sure they get added to both \\Launchbox\Themes\ as well as \\Launchbox\Core\Themes\ moving forward if using that work around though.
  10. Is the drive LaunchBox is installed on formatted NTFS or ExFat?
  11. Typically that error is caused by bad XAML in the theme you are using. The XAML parser is choking on the file and letting you know and then loads the default theme.
  12. You image is of LaunchBox executable failing to open because of .NET Core requirements, not the installer. Installer should install the .NET Core 3.1 runtime for you but if it does not you can download and install it manually from here (you want the desktop runtime in the middle of the right column). Your log indicates no fatal error so if you are seeing one could you post a screen of that error.
  13. One of the following options was checked which fires logic that verifies what media a game does or does not have and is the cause for your increased CPU usage: Force populate image cache Hide Games Missing Video Hide Games Missing Box Front Hide Games Missing Screenshot Hide Games Missing Background Hide Games Missing Clear Logo
  14. Logs indicate you are force populating your image cache. That process will use as much CPU as it can to cache all your images as quickly as possible. To see large CPU use while performing that task is to be expected. CPU use being high isn't a bad thing, it means the software is utilizing your resources to the best of it's ability.
  15. Curious if the old cache files were corrupted in some way, or Big Box was having issues reading them for some reason. When you open Big Box after the images have re-cached, do you ever have the problem again or does it go away permanently?
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