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  1. I've never heard of an update doing anything like what you are referring to. Can you give me the following information: The location your LB install The location of your images The location of your games Where LB is looking for the images (or you believe it to be looking) Where LB is looking for the games (or you believe it to be looking)
  2. If you turn on debug logs, then try to play the game there should be a message in there as to why it wasn't opened correctly.
  3. No, for some reason some games don't report back correctly via Steam API. I know some games are removed from the API (or pulled from Steam Store) for one reason or another but I don't know where to find any list that we could check against to see if that is why. If you know what game is missing you can manually add the game and put the right Steam path in the game's application path, then all the Steam features should work with it. Not ideal, but gives you something to work with in the interim.
  4. Yeah sounds like attract mode is starting up. Just turn that off.
  5. Try to manually go to that directory/file and make sure that you can open them and that they aren't set to Read-Only
  6. I'm not real familiar with the theme to point you to the exact lines it it but if you look at the default themes GameDetailsView.xaml, lines 650-656 drive the achievement logic. Should just be putting them in (if you have some of the legacy retro achievement stuff still in there that references "HardcoreEarned" and "Earned" achievements, those can/should be taking out and replaced with the lines given).
  7. Ran the importer last night and tonight and I am getting results. Are the games you expect to see ones your have purchased or are they games you have access to through their subscription plan?
  8. C-Beats

    Any Updates?

    You answer is stickied at the top of this forum category.
  9. The Cleanup media tool doesn't actually delete anything unless you tell it to. Once it scans for unused files and duplicates it lists them out for you and you can pick and choose which files you wish to delete or quarantine. A duplicate means one of two things with that tool. Two files with the same hash value (meaning it is EXACTLY the same file) is in two places, or the rough image match thinks they are the same (only applies to images). That being said, this tool wasn't touched this version and we would appreciate if any concerns/discussion related to this tool could be moved to another thread. This is for the beta release and we want to make sure any genuine reports don't get lost in the back and forth of an unrelated issue.
  10. Thanks again for the log. I was able to track down a few potential issues with the Epic importer and have made some code changes that should appear in the next beta release. Once that happens I'd love if you could update to the beta and see if it corrects your issues.
  11. Awesome thanks for that. I was able to track down the cause of this and get some changes made in the code. Should be in the next beta release.
  12. Not seen that error before. I will have to take a look and see what I can find out. Thanks for that.
  13. Anyway I can get you to post a screenshot of the error, or at the very least copy/paste the error message here so I can see it?
  14. Does it crash with an error or just appear to be hanging?
  15. There are two ways to achieve this (that I can think of off the top of my head): 1. Use a theme that displays the static image you want as the background instead of the one LB chooses 2. Remove all image types from the background images priority
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