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  1. To echo @Lordmonkus manually build the image cache. Then ensure all drivers are up to date. Then make sure Windows is up to date. Then make sure 3rd party process scan software isn't running that could impact performance (ie MSI Afterburner etc). Then make sure your new PC doesn't have power saving mode on and it is set to "conserve power" on the USB slot your drive is on. Get through those steps and the majority of your issues should go away.
  2. Yeah the option I showed doesn't display the text UNDER the box art, but does always display the text.
  3. Need to have your bottom bar shown (Ctrl-Shift-B). Right next to the add button is a check box that says text. Make sure it is checked and the text will now appear.
  4. This thread came up on my activity feed. Decided to do some testing and can confirm the bug. My apologies to those affected by it. I will make sure it is added to list so we can correct it.
  5. This is the field I am talking about in regard to series (accessed via the edit game button). To then create the auto-generated playlist, set your filter type to "Platform Category" and go to the place you want the playlist. Right click, hover over add, select "Add Playlist". Then in the third tab ("Auto-Populate") check the box and do something like this: Then moving forward when you edit a game's series or add a game to than series it automatically is pushed to that playlist. To easily find games without the series filled in, turn on the "None" filter option, then select the "Series" filter and select "None" and you will only see games that are missing that data point. Can then use the search bar to help find key words to make finding the titles in question easier.
  6. This doesn't answer your question but out of curiosity, why are you creating playlists for Series instead of using the Series field? You could then create an auto-gen playlist where Series contains the value in question if you really needed the playlist.
  7. Keep up the good work. Theme looks beautiful. It reminds me a lot of the "encyclopedia" type reference books that are popping up all over the place. My kid is really into those type of books (loves his Mario and Pokemon reference books) and think he'd appreciate this theme quite a bit. The ease of access this theme provides makes it ideal for me when letting people not as familiar with retro games and my collection play on my rig. I find it provides a lot of good information cleanly without a lot of fluff getting in the way to further confuse the already overwhelmed new user.
  8. Many TV's can now do this automatically. Almost any modern day smart TV does as well as many at home streaming hardware (a Roku for example). To see if you have something available in Windows go to the notification button and then select display. Should see something about projecting your screen. If something on your network is accepting input it will be listed and you can just stream to that monitor directly. This doesn't really address you wireless controller issue but I'm fairly certain they make USB dongles that act as a receiver that you could use to help bridge the distance.
  9. Just don't get so good you can replace me, kinda liking it here.
  10. Important to note that the filter uses image groups, not types. To best see what I am talking about open LaunchBox. Go to Tools -> Options. Go to Legacy tab (should be there when you open the options). In the middle section find Images/3D Box Priorities. Click on that option and you will see a list of image TYPES for the 3D Box GROUP. If your game has ANY image of those types it will NOT appear in the 3D Box Missing filter.
  11. My mistake. This process runs after editing a single title, or download metadata across several titles. Bulk edit doesn't change image information so it isn't called on multi edits. That is why single edit takes longer. I will take a look at the code before next beta push and see what we can't do to make that call a bit more intelligent and faster. Thanks for the report.
  12. I was referring more to the slow down after pushing the ok button of the edit screen. The time delay you noted from the time you push OK to the time it feels like you regain control in the primary window.
  13. I can't speak as much to the navigational issues but the slow down is probably because we check what images you have now after a title is edited. That process may be taking longer than planned. I may be able to streamline that a little bit better so that it feels more responsive, or at least gives you some feedback to let you know what is happening. Out of curiosity, when you notice this how many titles were you editing at once? Want to make sure when I start testing I am doing a proper one.
  14. \Launcbox\Data\Settings.xml or \Launcbox\Data\BigBoxSettings.xml are your setting files. Can delete both without removing information on your library contents. I personally would simply rename those files to something like Settings_OLD.xml until you figure out if that is the issue. That way you can easily revert back if desired.
  15. Could create a pretty simple batch file that sends the CLI command to open the given game/emulator similar to how Launchbox does and then just schedule it in Task Scheduler within your OS.
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