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  1. Not a problem. You aren't the first to not realize that was possible. May at some point need to change the instructions on that page to make it more clear that it is possible.
  2. Could do is use your plugin to poll the users entire game library and then get the counts on start up, and then use that cached information in the view. Would cause a delay in start up but would be far less detrimental to the user than you trying to brute force it every time the user changes selection.
  3. Several improvements have been made regarding those over the last few beta (and now official) releases. Is there a particular issue you are referring to?
  4. You can select (not check) multiple items using Ctrl (or shift) click as well as Ctrl-A, then right click and choose an option and it will apply to all rows you currently have selected.
  5. This isn't true. You can select any number of games and right click to change the platform name to one of three values OR supply your own custom value. Yes. The GOG importer is only importer that lets you select which platform you wish to import your games to on a PER GAME basis. We did this because GOG is a hodge podge of MS-DOS and Windows games (two separate platforms) and so we wanted to easily give users a way to import their entire library and still give them the flexibility to place each game in the platform that makes most sense to them.
  6. No. You are referring to Additional Apps. In the bottom screen, instead of selecting the "Alternate Names" tab please click "Additional Apps". Notice on that page you now have a list of apps that match the image of the context menu you are showing. Now, notice that the first column ("Name") MATCHES the entries in your context menu. To change them select the entry you wish to change and press "Edit". This will bring up the "Edit Additional Application" screen. On the first page that it loads up to you will see the "Name" text box. Change that value to what ever it is you want to see in the context menu. Now press "OK" in that window, and "OK" in the "Edit Game" window. Now right click the game and you will see the name in that context menu DID indeed change. Edit: Dang ya too quick for me @Retro808 lol
  7. Just so we are clear, LaunchBox and Big Box do NOT use the same cache so clearing the LB cache would have no effect on a Big Box cache issue. Inside of Big Box you can clear cache AND force a cache rebuild both. Can try those two options. The rebuild CAN and WILL take time to complete though so don't do it if you are in a hurry to get gaming.
  8. A LOT of how you set your install up is entirely up to personal preference. I've seen people ecstatic with build setups that would make my skin crawl to use, and I'm sure the opposite could be said as well. My advice would be to think about what specific goals you have for LB/BB to help you achieve. See if you can do it on your own. If you can't, then ask on the forums, "How do I do this?" (and be as specific as possible). Once completed, you can show the forums WHAT you did to achieve your goal and ask, "Was this the easiest way to do this?" and then use the information you are given to make the next goal easier to obtain (or duplicate depending on the goal).
  9. Last I knew IndieDB does NOT have an API so you would have to do a lot of manual URL assigning or crawling/searching to get a scraper to work properly.
  10. In your example @RULLUR, is each version of the game it's own game entity or not?
  11. Take a look at the Default Startup theme and use that as a basis. The first image IS the full screen background you are referring to, overlay would be the same just appear later to draw over the first image. In the middle do something similar to the grid you see and use that as a baseline to get the Clear Logo image the way you want. Should only need a grid with 3 rows and 3 columns with the middle row/column being set up to be the size you want the logo.
  12. Yeah the hope is that users can use the form to more easily perform tasks like consolidate and replace value x (and potential y) for z, or vice versa. Think it will help quite a bit with users that make mass changes to fields like "Genre"
  13. Nice catch on the column name and sorting, both will be resolved in the next beta release. In regards to LB remembering window placement/settings I'm not sure that was ever a thing before so that wouldn't be new. While you all in a solid testing state though could you check out the new functionality for multi strings that has been built into the Bulk Edit and let us know what you think.
  14. This is a manual process of getting images that satisfy your desires. I personally use Steam Posters which are 600x900 images. The import will already pull them for titles that have them, I then use steamgriddb.com to fill in any gaps in my collection. I haven't ran into any games they DON'T have that are on the other clients/storefronts.
  15. It was decided to do this because not ALL additional apps are a different version of the game, some can be apps that are told to run before or after the game to make it work properly. Because of this it only counts apps that have versions on them and only disc 1 (or none) OF those versions.
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