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  1. Yeah, running as administrator makes Windows lie to us about where you're running the application from some times and can screw with our ability to tell where files should be.
  2. Never need to run any of our products as administrator to make them work and in fact typically it causes issues. If you look at your second image the Windows.xml file would be located in the Platforms folder, could you look in there and see if it is, and if so can copy it over to your LaunchBox\Data\Platforms directory to see if it resolves your issue.
  3. That is required to make a playlist visible in "Platform Category" view inside of LaunchBox and Big Box. To place the playlist in the "Platforms" view you need to check the bottom most check box on the "Details" page "Include this Playlist with Platforms"
  4. It doesn't. That feature only looks in the platform you are importing when comparing names. It will only look in your entire collection when seeing if the exact file has already been imported or not.
  5. Typically if the roms are listed on the last page it's because they are already imported. If you check the "Force import duplicate roms" checkbox in the options page and they suddenly appear in the import list then the games have already been imported.
  6. You can go to the alternate names tab of the edit game window and select which title you want to use from there but we don't have any en masse tool to do that for all titles.
  7. Yeah, what you're wanting to utilize is called a "Resource". To define them add the following block where you typically put your root element(s). The Root elements then go under this block. <UserControl.Resources> </UserControl.Resources> Any item in that block needs a x:Key defined (string) and then when you make a binding you just bind to StaticResource of the same name you put in the key. Wall2GamesView.xaml uses this functionality if you want to look at an example.
  8. We honor your Marquee Image Type settings in our default marquees. If you want to utilize a banner image AS a marquee simply add them to your image priorities (it is already added by default) and it should be utilized by the Default Marquee View
  9. Can't even begin to guess the cause for what you're seeing without you posting the error message you are seeing.
  10. This can be done via Platform Category. You'd need to delete the auto-generated "Consoles" and "Handheld" categories (which will move all those platforms to the root), but after you do that it should be pretty close to your requested set up already.
  11. The data is located in the bottom of that platforms xml file. The easiest way to get rid of the field across your whole library is to select a sidebar filter that selects all the games in your library, then select all items in the content grid (Ctrl-A works) then right click and select Edit (can also press Ctrl-E) to open the Bulk Edit Wizard. When you get to the page that asks you to pick the field select your custom field then leave the "Value" box blank and apply the changes. This will remove the field from your library without the need to manually alter xml files.
  12. Pretty much EVERY time I've seen it's because if you look in Task Manager you have a service called "nahimic" running which has know issues with WPF. Can you see if it's running and disable it if it is, should solve the issue.
  13. C-Beats


    The download IS an .apk but some browsers for some stupid reason change it to bin to match your operating system. Try a different browser and you should see it as APK.
  14. Could use the star rating field to make a playlist of items with 4+ stars, should be a pretty good starting point for you.
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