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  1. Thanks. I'll see what else I can't dig up.
  2. Yeah so the end point worked and did return data. While we are testing things that shouldn't matter but may, can you go to: Trailer Link and then try again in LaunchBox and tell me if it works.
  3. Would show the raw JSON in your web browser. If your browser formats it for you it will look very similar to an XML data file, otherwise it will just be a wall o' text.
  4. No the code checks that the Application path is a steam path. Doesn't pay attention to platform. When you went to that URL can I assume you saw the JSON response?
  5. For poo and giggles @neil9000 could you go to https://store.steampowered.com/api/appdetails/?appids=220 in your browser, then try again in LaunchBox and let me know the results.
  6. Could you go to a title you know has a trailer video. Right click and hit edit to get the games Edit screen open. Then in the bottom right push the "Download Images/Media" and tell me if you see the "Steam Trailer Video (1)" show in the grid?
  7. Sorry coming late into the party. How are we determining the video didn't download? Is it now showing up in Launchbox or Big Box? Is it not in the Launchbox\Videos\Windows\ directory? Mine is working so I want to get as much information as possible so we can try to get this working for everyone.
  8. In regard to number 2. If the game has a SteamAppID associated to it LaunchBox hit's SteamAPI to download images and trailers. If Steam has a video so will you (though only the first one it gets from the API).
  9. Moved topic as this had nothing to do with Collections or Builds. Yes there is a way in both LaunchBox and Big Box. Both have options called "Show Broken Games". Make sure it is not selected. Then mark any games not working as "Broken" in the edit screen and they will disappear for you.
  10. Also I believe you are referring to "Erotic" or "Adult" games not "NSFW". Even I am not allowed to play a game at work, regardless of content
  11. Just removed the images. Don't think they add to the discussion. Think we all know what a NSFW image is. In regards to if we would do something like that I will need to defer to some one else.
  12. Well then there's your problem. If you can't access those resources via Explorer, we definitely won't be able to in code. I'd run your typical tools to verify your hard drive is in proper working order and maybe run disk defrag. Sounds like either the OS is having issues (which a computer restart should correct) or your drive is going bad.
  13. Could you try the following for me: 1. Make sure LaunchBox and Big Box are both closed. 2. Navigate to your LaunchBox folder 3. Find the folder called "Images" and enter it. 4. Look for the folder named "Cache-LB" 5. Select and delete that folder. 6. Open Launchbox. Then tell me if that resolves your issue.
  14. I have tracked the bug down and squashed it @Krakerman it will be in the next push. This only affects Steam games without trailers available.
  15. What media types from where? Just tried on several games across several platforms and couldn't get it to fail. If "error out" means the bug report screen could you send me a copy of the text inside it?
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