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  1. Yes I got it, thank you all
  2. I haven't heard back yet but if anyone has launchbox v7.10 please PM me.
  3. Still waiting to hear back, I'm launching my games like a peasant in the meantime lol
  4. the issue came back. I disabled controller automation in launchbox. I set up rocketlauncher and used its exit key. Everything works like is should now
  5. I did that, thanks lordmonkus
  6. I use rocketlauncher and it works fine with i exit cemu, if you don't like that route you use this autohotkey script . it exits when you hold select+start JOY8:: If GetKeyState("JOY7") { Process, Close, Cemu.exe }
  7. hi, i got a new pc and reinstalled launchbox, however I have a 1 year licence thats expired. Where can i download the old version?
  8. I mean its an option to select if you want to exclude an emulator using controller automation. I notice its more reliable when i use xbox 360 controllers because I can add an autohotkey script. but xbox one controllers on windows 7 don't play nice with autohotkey.
  9. Can we add an option to exclude emulators when using joystick Automation's "close the active window"?. I suffer from issues when exiting mameuifx and retroarch games. When i use launchbox's controller automation to exit a game(start and select with xbox 360 joysticks), I get stuck on the bigbox screen, its frozen and unresponsive. i have to log out and log back in to my pc and relaunch bigbox. its not every time. sometimes automation works fine, it works fine every time if I disable controler automation and use the emulators build in exit key.
  10. Whats up my Launchbox buddies, I figured it out. it was an issue with my windows profile. once i created a new profile everything worked like it should.
  11. i use this autohotkey script to exit Cemu JOY8:: If GetKeyState("JOY7") { Process, Close, Cemu.exe }
  12. I'll add that if i open retroarch directly it opens and closes just fine with no issues.
  13. I have an interesting issue. I have Bigbox configured to use controller automation to exit games. bigbox and retroarch are set to run as admin Senario 1 I login to my pc, run bigbox and run an snes game using retroarch. when I exit with select+start retroarch doesn't exit. so I force close retroarch via task manager and after that, if i relaunch any game that uses retroarch and exit with select+start it works fine. Why does it keep failing to exit on the first launch every time I turn on my computer? Senario 2 so i disable controller automation in bigbox and configure retroarch to exit with its own internal settings hotkey and it exits fine each time no problem. the problem is that all all my other emulators will need to be somehow configured to exit without controller automation, if someone knows an easy way to do this please enlighten me. If i leave controler automation on in bigbox, and retroarch configured with its own exit hotkey, both which use select+start, retroarch exits but when it gets back to bigbox, it acts as if it doesn't detect any controler input. is there a fix for retroarch not exiting? I'm trying to look for a solution but i can't find it anywhere after a few hours of digging on google. Thank you all, Joel
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