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  1. You could also do this through RocketLauncher. I also use 2 RetroArch builds because after a certain revision, they broke gun support for the Genesis core. Still not fixed to this day and it's been like a year.
  2. Any chance you can share the 9.4 installer so I can test it too? Maybe a mega.co.nz link or something? Since I'm new to LB, I don't have any of the older versions available or know where to find them.
  3. I have no playlists at all and I'm still hit with a 25 or so second startup time. I tried temporarily removing the ZX Spectrum and C64 databases just to test, and a couple seconds were shaved off. That's about it. Those 2 systems alone have around 15k games in my setup. Wonder if it's something else causing this delay.
  4. Hey great to see you too. Yeah I see the process of making themes is a lot more difficult in LB since HS had a simple theme creating tool. Visual Studio is quite more complex to fiddle with. I wish there was a way to even disable the search and filter features as I'd rather have a faster loading time but I understand if that's not something that'll be incorporated. Here's a list of your vids I checked that need updating with the latest HQ system vids: Atari 5200 Atari 7800 Atari Lynx Bandai WonderSwan Color Creatronic Mega Duck Nintendo Entertainment System Nint
  5. Besides the loading time, I think it's great. I love finally having proper widescreen and controller support. It's also nice being able to use a theme that makes it just like HS without the quirks. Only thing I don't like is how Unified relies on videos for platform themes. Especially since Circo and I have updated a lot of the system videos. Like for example the Unified GCE Vectrex theme uses an old video with messed up choppy audio, I redid that a while ago with a much better vid.
  6. Hey what's up, I remember your name too lol. I quit messing with artwork and HS stuff long ago and just focused on doing vids behind the scenes. Yeah I tried a startup vid and that does cover it fine. I was just hoping there was some way to avoid the long loading time altogether. I don't think the ram cache setting exists anymore.
  7. Finally switched over from Hyperspin and got everything setup. I've a fairly large collection because I record vid sets for Circo and Emumovies. I currently have 68 systems and around 54k games. That sounds huge but systems like Commodore 64 alone has around 9k games alone (no dupes). Big Box takes around 25 seconds everytime to load up where as HS started almost instantly. I understand there's some caching going on as you load but is there anything I'm missing? Why such a long loading time for a frontend? I've done all the troubleshooting steps I could find. Manually updated im
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