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  1. Hi, when we import games the far right column is the index column which sometimes we need to move the horizontal scrollbar to see it. When i first imported games I did not notice it. Where can I go to change or add Disk Indexes in already imported games?
  2. What is the additional application? I have Launchbox, RetroArch.
  3. Sorry to bump an ancient thread but will there be a native solution for WHDLoad games (especially the RetroPLay's one)? File renaming cannot be performed since it may broke the emulator compatibility. And this leads me to another request that may solve issues like that. In the screen that Launchbox gathers the roms and has the import name on the left, I would love to have a selection for a very elementary renaming process with basic choices and the order of appliance E.g Put a Space between capitaliazed letters ( so e.g AdventuresOfWillyBeamish_v1.2_1814 will become The Adventures of Willy Beamish_v1.2_1814 ) Remove extensions (so The Adventures of Willy Beamish_v1.2_1814 will become The Adventures of Willy Beamish_v1) Replace _ with Space (so The Adventures of Willy Beamish_v1 will become The Adventures of Willy Beamish v1) The game is scrapable now
  4. Thanx Jason! Can you clarify it a bit more? Does it mean that we can select a 4 disc game and have a selection to create the m3u?
  5. Something must be a bit wrong even with the "light" versions of the new theme My system: Windows 10 Pro (Genuine and updated) the new i3 9100f 3.6-4.2 Nvidia 750 Ti (latest drivers) 16GB DDR4 Licensed Launchbox 10.9 I attach 2 screenshots on idle Launchbox. Old Default Theme (GPU usage 0%) New Default No Shadows Theme - with Texts On (GPU usage spikes between 40% and 61%) I am concerned because a launcher app must be light enough to launch heavier emulation apps BUT I trust that Jason will find the way to solve it as always does Edit: I highly suspect the Blurred Backround functionality
  6. Hi, can I move some roms (e.g the Atari 2600 Homebrew roms) from their Platform (Atari 2600) to a new one (Atari 2600 Homebrews) using the Launchbox gui? thanx
  7. .tap and .tzx are the most popular formats. I would go by .tap All Spectrum emulators have the option to load .tap files instantly. If you miss the good old days , you can have the .tap load slow (just like the cassete did)
  8. I would prefer the title showing. Not-showing titles will make all Homebrew games unreadable (without the Ctrl+A trick)
  9. You could use Retroarch Vice core along with m3u
  10. And if I then click on one, will it default to run the Disk 1 instance?
  11. I am running the Latest Launchbox/BigBox version I see nothing like that on my Right Click Menu
  12. Lets say we try to import these: The Importer window wizely sets them as Unfortunately when imported they all show as and most of the times not sorted by Disk Is there any chance to show the Disk information on Title? It would be more practical and look more professional (until we get the auto m3u creator ) thanx
  13. Using there inside retroarch core options did the trick Unfortunately it needs the Don't use quotes that breaks the mame core So I need to check/uncheck depending the core I want to use
  14. Hi all, I am trying to run the Astrocade using the old lr_mess retroarch core I only get a No items screen in RetroARch Any help appreciated
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