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  1. Hi and thank you for the new theme. I cannot find the RetroAchievement total score which is indeed displayed in the stock theme. Any chance you can have it displayed? Thank you
  2. Thank you. I cannot find decent covers for Binyou Hunter, Corspe Party, Galt Rio Maximun Position, Last Breakers, Net Guardian Any help appreciated
  3. They do not run using Arculator 0.99. It cannot handle this file type
  4. i THINK this is not an LB thing. PCSX2 fresh builds scrapped the plugins
  5. I have the sense that at least LaunchBox does seem to load faster. That's nice!
  6. I am using Stellar to update RetroArch and Cores from the Nightly https://github.com/StellarUpdater/Stellar
  7. Launchbox is the best PC application I have ever bought. The effort and the dedication is tremendous. My only issue with Launchbox (I am registered user but I mostly use Launchbox instead of BigBox) is that its performance is deteriorating. I remember how snappy it was since version 7 (and maybe 8). It is a bit disappointing to choke in scrolling the covers. I do not know if a move from XMLs to a portable DBMS could make a difference. Jason and the rest of the team...keep up the good work!!
  8. Does em128 support commandline for loading games and setting fullscreen? I
  9. Hi, do you know if/how this emulator loads floppy images from command line and how can it be set to start in fullscreen again via command line so I can add it to Launchbox? Thank you
  10. will you upload them to gamesdatabase as well?
  11. i guess it loads the data into RAM to be more quick which is a good thing. RAM is cheap nowdays. I love Launchbox/BigBox but it gets less snappy, far more slow from version to version. Check version 8 against the latest version and you will see
  12. Thank you for your reply. I am attaching 3 of the original clear logos from the ZX Spectrum. Maybe you could do something with those?
  13. Hi, is there a way to filter e.g. shooters that the screen is rotated (TATE) from Launchbox search? I have a monitor with a rotating-enabled base so it would be very handy when I rotate it to get only TATE games. The Genres is not helpfull. The vertical or horizontal is for the action and not about the roration of the monitor (for example see Mard Matrix) Thank you
  14. I would like to request artwork for four recreated ZX Spectrum classics. The author has made an excelent job. Alien83D Exolon3D Highway Encounter 3D Laser Squad 3D https://stephensmith.itch.io/ Thank you
  15. Sorry, I know that this is a beta debug post but I am lost with all new terminology Flow,Wall etc and I think I am not the only one. Could there be a simple tutorial explaining these things with some screenshots along? Thank you
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