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  1. Sorry, I know that this is a beta debug post but I am lost with all new terminology Flow,Wall etc and I think I am not the only one. Could there be a simple tutorial explaining these things with some screenshots along? Thank you
  2. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/5965/scrollbar-with-letter-indication Launchbox gets over the time and featurs less snappy. I think that if a Letter indicator was added when we scolldown, it would be a nice convinience. Also, at least in my case, the scrollbar displays games only when I stop it. Older Launchbox version were having the games list scroll along with the scrollbar. Is this the case or I have something wrong in my setup? thanx
  3. I did a full import with 229 romset and Starforce was not imported...it imported Megaforce though. I have posted the problem in a thread. I guess it misses much more.
  4. Hi, I want to buy a Launchbox license as a surpise present to my brother along with a Launchbox setup. If I use his email, he will notice. If I use mine, he may be restricted. I want to buy the license, build the setup and give them to him as a surpise present. What is the best way? Thank you
  5. Hi guys, I have a strange issue. While Arcade 64 displays the shader OK (CRT GEOM HQ), running the games using the regular mame.exe (229) does not! Everything is in the same folder I have a vertical.ini and horizont.ini Both Arcade64 and mame.exe TATE the vertical games OK (so mame.exe does indeed process the both ini files). The problem is the shader Here is my vertical.ini in case someone spots something Thank you # # CORE ROTATION OPTIONS # rotate 1 ror 0 rol 1 autoror
  6. I do not know if it helps, but I did a full import from a full 229 rom pack and I found out by chance that it was missing games. E.g I could not find StarForce (one of my favorites) BTW what is the best way to go in order to get the missing maes imported without creating chaos? Thanx
  7. I can see High Scores in BigBox but not in Launchbox game details panel. Any clue? Thanx
  8. Thank you neil. Clarification:I do not want the Launchbox functionality, rather than saving my HighScore in game when using the RetroArch MAME core
  9. Hi guys, I have gone through various tutorials and guides on how to setup HighScore functionality in my Retroarch MAME core. No success at all! If someone had any success in it and can offer me some help here, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  10. The Retroarch core misses the "vector" look competely and there is no shader to fix this
  11. Best emulator so far is the VectrexOnline. It is in alpha stage yet. My only concern is the problematic TATE rotation which needs windows rotate. You can find a link in the 9th post here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/300554-ralf-kornmanns-vectrex-emulator/
  12. Thanx. So if we have emumovies account, Launchbox will not download them?
  13. Hi guys, over the time, I have gathered lots of images via Emumovies and LaunchBoxDB. I have come up with eg 4 Box images, 3 back images etc - example attached. I want one or two, the ones with best quality. Especially from EmuMovies I have some very low quality ones. What would be the best way to refresh all my console game images? Can I delete just images (not music,videos,manuals) from within Launchox GUI? If so, should it be then best to download from LaunchBox DB only and then from Emumovies to download whatever does not exist? Is there another way? T
  14. It is hard to scroll all way down the right menu in Launchbox or go to View Achievements on BigBox, just to see if there are any. I do not know if there is another easy way but, couls a RetroAchievement Badge be added in the Badges so in a glance we can check? Thanx
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