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  1. Thanx neil. I would appreciate if you could post your theme XML. It has the screenshots exactly as I want
  2. You maybe right... But I would like you to consider, raising the screenshots, putting them under the Ratings because you have a preview in a glance. Scrolling for Description is more natural IMHO
  3. You are right I will combine them Should I need anything in the Additional App tab other than the order? Thank you for your prompt assistance!
  4. But shouldn't I chase the default theme whenever it changes to keep up with the improvements?
  5. ...without needing to modify the XML everytime and everytime to gets overwritten with the new version of the Default theme XML? Something like a checkbox Screenshot Under Rating Thanx
  6. Hi, Launchbox is importing multi-disk games with the same name although in Disk column of the Import wizard the Disk numbers are set. Also it sorts them completely wrong! So e.g you have four Panzer Dragoon Saga boxes and the first one is Disk 4. You need to go to each title details on the right to see what the disk # is in order to srat playing. Bigbox is even worst Can these 2 be rectifies? Either with auto appending the disk in the bottom title, or by badges and then sort taking it into account Thanx Screenshot of Launchbox with an example attached
  7. Whatever helps searching (which is Launchbox weakest part) would be appreciated
  8. Thank you. What is an arcade carpet and what about the non arcade platforms? thanx!
  9. The most awesome theme. One question though: I never understood what this grabled graphic on the bottom left, supposed to be.
  10. I think 8.3 was the snappiest. Major difference in response and re-drawing compared to the 9.x and 10.x
  11. Thank you. I have done all these but the performance is still bad. Maybe modern graphic cards cannot handle DirectDraw games (I have an Nvidia 750ti)
  12. Hi, I cannot have them run in decent speed in Win10. They are ruuning <20 fps Is there a way to do so? Thank you
  13. Thank you. I have indeed read that. I want a way to "rename" an existing Badge or add new...called Homebew IMHO needing a plugin (that does not even exist) to achieve the above is a bit over the top. It is not something uber difficult that could not be added in Options. I hope Jason can include the modification of this dropdown in later version...
  14. Hi, Can I set Custom Badges? How? If not, can you add a Homebrew badge please? With this badge, I wont need to create extra categories (Atari 2600 Homebrew, Commodore 64 Homebrew etc) Thanx
  15. Launchbox is really cheap for what it offers. Best launcher, regular updates, DB, passionate team that listens carefully to a great community...
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