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  1. You can overide the Directory so since the SMS are in a different folder, it wont affect the rest platforms that Pico isused for
  2. Dual RetroArch installations is handy. I have one RetroArch using the Vulkan driver and another one for GL. I know that latest RetroArch changes video driver on core launch but I wont be using it. The dual RetroArch except from enabling you to run the remaining cores that demand OpenGL inside Launchbox while using the better Vulkan for the rest, it helps you with situations like the e.g the Atari800 core. You cannot have it running both Atari 800 AND Atari 5200 on the same RetroArch (at least without having to go through configurations just to launch a game). I am trying to stick with RetroArch and going to dedicated emulators only if there is no core available.
  3. You realize that the update was done on 2017, right?
  4. Sorry but I have an opossite opinion. Money is a great inscentive for content. 60$ (45 for Launchbox users) for lifetime is not a big deal. I am under the impression that last year, the EmuMovies content is a bit static though. I would expect more Manuals, more Platforms artwork supported (eg home micros), more exclusive content (a lot of the content can be found elsewhere) I hope that guys at Emumovies will give a boost on the content
  5. IMHO it is a blessing that Launchbox uploads all the XML on RAM (at least I guess, it does) It will be a great bottleneck to be parsing them on the harddisk. I do not know whether Jason has ever thought of the idea to scrap the XML and adopt JSON. 1)It is a far more smaller footprint implementation 2)The parsers are far more sophisticated and quicker 3)It matches his name hahahahaha
  6. Wally

    Computer specifications

    I think that the hard disk speed is more crucial factor than the CPU/GPU (regarding Lunchbox and its artwork/videos - not the actual emulation) I had opted for a 5400rpm (slooooow) hard disk until I had reached my emulation project to a certain level. I needed a disk that can endure all the tests, the overwrites etc. Now that I have reached that level, I am not sure whether I must go for an SSD or a 7200 hard disk. Will the SSD make a significant difference in loading the artwork and videos?
  7. As an example, an implementation of the games search functionality in Steam
  8. Thank you. I had just started importing Thomson TO8 games and your upload was a merry surpise Any chance of creating a To8 Device image for BigBox? Thanx
  9. I canot find it in the avaolable scrape Platforms Thanx
  10. Thank you for the reply Jason. I do not know how do you handle your data...whether you create some sort of compact database out of the XMLs or you work directly with the XMLs in RAM. If the latter is true, I agree it is more difficult to implement. On the db scenario, the implementation would be far easier Keep up the good work!
  11. Of course. I would not expect a "google" approach. An advanced search popup including PlayersNo, Year, Platform and Genre feeded dropdowns plus a Game keywords column (with exact or like selection) would cover situations like the above example and it is super easy to implement
  12. Couldn't Launchbox integrate with RetroArch's screenshot/video capture feature so that we can grab screenshots/record videos and then automatically these to be put inside the correct Launchbox Platform folders? This will solve problems like eg my Spectrum full homebrew collection for which no artwork exists and it is an overkill to create videos - rename them - put them inside the correct folders. And one step beyond...could the screenshots along with the information be uploaded straight into LaunchDB using API? This will "explode" the LaunchDB content. Thank you
  13. Thanx Jason. It is not the only examples like "Sonic" that fetches all the 3DO games.There are also more "everyday" queries that need to be addressed. Example: a fellow comes to visit you to play retro co-op games and you need something like e.g find 2 player sport games in Sega Genesis
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