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  1. Guys, credits should go to @WallyWonka
  2. Hi Jason, how do we refresh the Cache of LB and BB?
  3. Wally

    Sync backup disk

    Hi all, I have a 2 TB hard disk containing my Launchbox and another 2 TB hard disk as a backup. The backup process is time consuming and it is stressing the disks (I format the backup disk and copy everything from the original disk) I am using Windows 10 64 bit Is there any free software that can manually "sync" the backup disk against the original one? Meaning I plug the backup disk and init a sync process. Thank you
  4. Plain file copy using Total Commander Jason you are doing an excellent job.
  5. The NetCore thing broke the portability. I keep another HDD where I regularly do copy from my master Launchbox HDD for safety reasons. Today I used the copy HDD and it was a bloody mess. Inside the Core folder, instead of the Launchbox folder shortcuts, it has copied the actual folders! Of course Launchbox and BigBox do not start. In the best of cases, it asks for NetCore. I ahve installed it 5 times and still asks for it. One of the main things I liked about BigBox was the portability. Pitty. I hope it gets fixed. Meanwhile, how can I have my safety HDD running BigBox again? Thank you EDIT: Removing all the Launchbox folders from Core directory, allowed me to boot Launchbox and BigBox.
  6. There is a simulator (emulator...) of Epoch TelePong and Electrotennis https://discreteconsoles.blogspot.com/2016/12/entex-gameroom-tele-pong-epoch.html?showComment=1596394828426#c7846421620794224330 It has no roms to import. It just plays the Pong game. How can this be implemented inside Launchbox? Thank you EDIT:Well I found out. I created an empty text file and named it dummy. I did import it under the Epoch Platform I had created. The problem with that emulator is that it has hardcoded keyboard controls. I download the antimicro which is freeware, created a profile and linked it to the emulator executable. https://github.com/AntiMicro/antimicro/releases Then inside Launchbox I added the antimicro as Additional App in the Emulator to run before it. Works like a charm
  7. Oh, sorry. You are absolutly right. Amiga CD32 and Supergrafx do already exist Thank you very much
  8. Excellent theme. Just a request in case someone can produce extra platform banners (I tried but it is beyond my capabilities): AdventureVision NEC SuperGrafX AmigaCD32 Nintendo SatellaView Game.com Wonderswan Colour ZX81 BBC PC 9801 Oric Commodore Plus 4 MSX 2 Thomspn TO8D Thank you
  9. Excellent (as expected) Any chance you can describe the each wheel option? Most of the Horizontal/Vertical options do not seem to change anything Thanx!
  10. Hi all, I have booted my PC and the Launchbox HDD is set as about to die so the bios does not let it boot. I have a backup of a month old. If I can get this disk up for some minutes, what files should I get from Launchbox regarding configuration? Thanx BTW It is the second Toshiba HDD to fail within 4 months time!!
  11. @Jason Carr Dear Jason, any reason that the update is still in version 1.25? Thank you
  12. Has anyone any luck with screenshots with the gamepad combo? I tried while playing with RetroArch cores and no success
  13. great theme. Why cant I update from within BigBox? It says Latest Version is 1.25
  14. I have assigned Button 5 + Button 6 as a screenshot combo in Launchbox. I start RetroArch, start a game (I used the stella Core and an Atari 2600 game), pressed the combo and no screenshot generated. Can you help me find what am I doing wrong? Thank you
  15. The ability to create and store screenshots with a button click, would be awesome for obscure platforms
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