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  1. Any chance we can remove the random game in each platform that some times gets the previous video displaying and have the platform image instead? Thanx
  2. Should I enable something so I can have the platform details shown on the right panel? At the moment it shows empty when no game is selected (using Default Plus) Thank you
  3. Not Launchbox related BUT does anyone know if thre MAME Bezel project can handle MAME arcade games playing in TATE mode on a 16:9 monitor (putting bezel on the upper and lower part) instead of right and left? Thank you
  4. Wally

    Big Details

    Thank you! I have an issue though. The badges are cropped. I have attached an example How could I rectify it?
  5. Thank you very much! Attached my Platforms. I want to derive from Mame Fullset subcategory
  6. Thanx! I am getting this error though when I hit Create
  7. Hi, I have a full list MAME imported into Launchbox. I read about the new Filter capabilities where we can have Vertical arcades to be recognised. Since I have a rotating monitor and it would be very handy if I could create a playlist with all Vertical MAME games (BUT without deleting and re-importing everything MAME). Is there a way? Thank you
  8. Wally

    Default Plus

    Could you apply Uniform grid in this theme as well?
  9. Latet Tsugaru build adds support for fullscreen and one button exit Here is my command line
  10. OK. Thanx guys. I may need to look into MAME again
  11. Has anyone had any success using a standalone emulator for Apple II GS? I pretty much dislike the way MAME does the computers emulation (the MESS part) and I am trying to avoid it where doable.
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