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  1. I paided for the android version straight away. I have full version of LB on my pc and my arcade cab I've tried every front end paid a fee and for the development to go stagnant, jason is nuts taking on all these projects, nothing good is free in this world. I love his enthusiasm keep up the good work jason looking forward to the new features in android.
  2. Hey, Just wanted to know if it is something im doing but i have imported a couple of sega cd games as .rar format and when i open them launchbox crashes out after the loading screen. They run in the PC version of launchbox? Thanks
  3. XxiphxX

    Auto Extract .7z

    Thank you so much for the quick response, it worked.
  4. XxiphxX

    Auto Extract .7z

    Hi All I recently purchased the premium version of LaunchBox to replace my Hyperspin arcade cab setup and ran into a problem. All my rom packs are .7z and with my old setup they would just automatically extract into a temp directory for the PSX, Dreamcast, Saturn etc and then mount to Daemon Tools to get around cd file types like .img. Is there such a function within Launchbox as extracting all the rom files for certain systems go from 500gb to 1 - 2tb, I dont have the hard drive space. If this function isn't in LaunchBox will it be likely implemented in the future as at the moment a cant set up my arcade cab because of this? Many thanks in advance
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